Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Women's Shoe Review

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Grey/Orange Women's Shoe
Price: $109.00 MSRP: $140.00


  • Good cushioning
  • Solid support & stability
  • Good traction
  • Good fit for narrow feet


  • 3 of 4 testers went up a half-size
  • Narrow fitting for wide feet
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Yonex has become a real contender in the footwear arena, producing well-constructed, top performing shoes. The Power Cushion Eclipsions continue this trend. They offer plenty of support, stability and comfort, making them a great option for players looking for shoes that will keep them moving confidently on the court. The three layers of Power Cushion technology not only absorb harsh court shock, but they also help return energy into every step you take. Constructed for quickness and featuring substantial midfoot support, these shoes provide security on explosive movements. We did experience some sizing issues, and three of our four playtesters went up a half-size. Our tester with wide feet felt these shoes ran too narrow, while our playtesters with medium to narrow width feet appreciated the snug fit. These shoes played lighter than expected and held up well to extensive wear. Our playtesters loved the support and stability, and they all thought that these shoes had the right levels of traction, even though they all have different preferences. We think Yonex has done a stellar job with this update and believe the Eclipsions are a great option for players looking for the highest levels of performance.

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Women's Shoe Scores

Overall Comfort 3.9
Ventilation 3.8
Arch Support 3.7
Foot Support/Stability 4.5
Overall Sole Durability 4.1
Toe Durability 4.1
Traction 4.2
Weight 4.1
Overall 4.2

Overall Comfort - Score: 3.9

Sizing issues aside, our playtesters found a lot to praise in the Power Cushion Eclipsion shoes in terms of comfort. Our playtester with the widest feet on our team, Tiffani, has historically had issues with Yonex's sizing, so she adjusted accordingly. She explained, "Like my previous experiences with Yonex shoes, I found these Power Cushion Eclipsions to run short. I've gotten wiser and decided to go up a half-size larger for this playtest to make the length fit more true to size for me. However, these shoes fit on the narrow side, and that was a hurdle I couldn't overcome by changing sizes. The shoes squeezed my feet from the midfoot forward to the toes, which caused some discomfort that never went away entirely. The uppers loosened up somewhat, but I could really feel the edge of the shoes beneath my feet, especially on the lateral side. If I had narrower feet I would have enjoyed the cushioned ride even more. My toes sank into the cushioning and my heels were well protected from hard impacts. I also felt that the ventilation was nice. Although I have flat feet, I like to feel well supported through the arch area, and the Eclipsions offered good arch support."

All the Yonex shoes Karly has tried previously fit narrow and had very high arches. She commented, "When I first tried on the Eclipsions they were so narrow that it was painful just trying them on. However, after going up a half-size they fit great. My feet didn't move within the shoes at all. These shoes offered a very secure fit even when wearing a larger size. The arches felt higher than most shoes, but they didn't bother me as much as they have in the past because the arches felt softer. The insoles were extremely cushioned and molded to my feet well. I also appreciated the fast break-in period. It only took about two hours before the Eclipsions loosened up and flexed well."

"It has been a challenging couple of months of shoe playtesting for me," started Michelle, who wore her true size in the Eclipsions. "So when I first put these shoes on and played in them I was crossing my fingers that I would make it through this playtest with my feet still intact! I did need a break-in period that felt very similar to breaking in Asics shoes. I was getting some numbness underfoot and a little rubbing at the heel collars by the upper grommets (even though my socks were high enough). Luckily, after wearing these shoes for two sessions the break-in subsided and I was on my way to a pain-free playtest! I did notice some pressure for the first 20-30 minutes at the ball of my right foot, but it seemed to go away as my time on the court progressed. These shoes fit my medium width feet well, but snugly. They were well cushioned throughout and offered me a comfortable ride. I felt confident moving aggressively since they held my feet in place without any pain. I also have high arches and appreciated the arch support in these shoes. I would say breathability ran about average for me. I didn't feel like my feet were overheating."

Hannah, who also went up a half-size, found a nice fit. She offered, "The actual shape of the Eclipsions, in my opinion, is perfect. The Eclipsions cupped my heels and ankles and offered a streamlined fit from the midfoot to the toe box. This shape, united with a gracious but not excessive amount of cushioning in the midsoles, allowed me to play on the balls of my feet without unnecessary bulk getting in the way. Likewise, the ventilation channels were effective, and I never noticed my feet getting too hot at any point while on the court. I did end up putting my insoles in these shoes after a few on-court sessions because the arch was built up a little bit too much for my flat feet. Without my insoles my feet are more prone to cramp, especially if the shoes have built-in arch supports like these."

Foot Support/Stability - Score: 4.5

Yonex knows a thing or two about craftsmanship, and it was clear to our playtesters that the Power Cushion Eclipsions came loaded with high levels of support and stability. Michelle was really happy with the support and stability. She said, "The way these shoes are constructed really held my feet snugly. I prefer tighter fitting shoes rather than a loose fit (especially since the past few shoes with bigger toe boxes have caused toe jamming). I felt really locked in when wearing these shoes."

Karly agreed and added, "The support and stability were my favorite features of the Eclipsions. I loved how highly the shoes wrapped around my ankles. The uppers held my feet extremely well for a secure fit. The Eclipsions allowed me to plant hard and switch directions quickly. I had no hesitations moving aggressively on the tennis court."

"Just like the cushioning, the built-in support on these shoes was on point," said Hannah. "I never felt hesitant to move or the least bit slowed down. The stability was intact and fluid with my movement, which is exactly what I look for in shoes. The flexible uppers united with the strong layers of Power Cushion technology, and it was a perfect mix."

"Sometimes when shoes are too narrow for me I struggle with support," stated Tiffani. "In those instances, my feet slide off the top of the shoes. I didn't have that issue with the Eclipsions. My feet were held nicely in place during lateral movements, and I didn't have any issues with sliding forward and smashing my toes, either. The ankle supports feel like they come up pretty high, and I always felt stable."

Overall Sole Durability - Score: 4.1

The durability of the Power Cushion Eclipsions was top notch, and they held up to our hours of playtesting. Karly was really impressed with how well her pair of Eclipsions held up, saying, "The durability was outstanding, especially since I wasn't holding back on making hard cuts. At the end of the test there was hardly any damage to the outsoles. They looked practically new after 15-plus hours of play."

"These have been my shoes of choice for about two months now," began Hannah. "I wear them any chance I can get, and to my surprise there are only a few signs of wear. The herringbone pattern on the bottom shows no change, the end of the toe only has a few scuffs and the most wear is directly under my big toe, where the traction has only began to smooth out."

Tiffani was left wishing she could have spent more hours on the court in these shoes. She explained, "Because they were so tight on my feet I wore them sparingly. I have about six hours of playing time in these Eclipsions, and I see just the texture wearing off on the toe and some roughing up of the outsoles at the balls of my feet. The toe bumper comes up high enough, too, so I think these shoes are holding up fine on the hard courts."

Rounding out the positive feedback, Michelle added, "Like the shoes they replace, they're holding up really well for me. These shoes don't come with the outsole guarantee, but I don't think that is a deal breaker here. The outsoles are built up enough to hold up to heavy use."

Traction - Score: 4.2

The traction of the Power Cushion Eclipsions seemed to please all of our playtesters. Hannah summed up the traction of these shoes perfectly, saying, "The blend of traction and tack felt very natural, and one doesn't overpower the other. I knew that I really liked these shoes when I found myself on the run, whether it was for a drop shot or an out wide forehand, and not once was I thinking about my shoes or the consequences of my movement on my feet. I prefer more slide than stick. These shoes moved with me; they stopped when I stopped and exploded with me on my quick, short movements with what felt like minimal impact."

Tiffani agreed, commenting, "I noticed just a slight give to the outsoles, which I liked for smooth transitions and quick pivots. The outsoles aren't super slippery, so it's not like I was sliding out of control. Rather, I thought the traction level allowed me to turn my feet without much effort, so I felt like I could move quickly and aggressively."

"If I don't ever have to think about the traction, it means the traction level is good for me," began Michelle. "That was the case here. I had no issues slipping or getting stuck with the traction of these shoes. If anything, I think the outsoles had more tack than give, which is what I like."

Karly also thought the outsoles were on the tackier side, but she appreciated that. She explained, "I could plant my feet and feel confident that the shoes weren't going to slip out in front of me. There was still enough give that I didn't feel stuck to the ground. I really liked their grippier feel, and the traction held up fairly well throughout the entire playtest. I hardly noticed a drop in traction at the end of the playtest."

Weight - Score: 4.1

With such high levels of cushioning and support, one might think these shoes would feel a bit bulky. However, the Power Cushion Eclipsions feature a sleek design and played faster and lighter than expected. Tiffani said, "I didn't feel super low the ground, but I still thought these shoes were speed oriented. I didn't notice the weight of the shoes on my feet, so I moved without any problems. The way these shoes are constructed made me feel like I was on my toes all the time. This could partly be because they fit so tightly in the forefoot area, but it felt almost like I was propelled to move forward."

Michelle wouldn't necessarily put these shoes in the lightweight category, despite weighing less than 12 ounces (size 8.5). She explained, "They have a sleek construction that makes them feel fast, but they are still durable and cushioned. The weight never hindered my movement. I never felt stuck or heavy because of the weight of these shoes, but I also didn't feel as quick as I do when I'm wearing the ultra-light shoes. I would consider the Eclipsions to be around average in terms of weight."

While their actual weight was pretty average, Karly thought they played a lot lighter. She said, "I think their extremely secure fit contributed to the faster feel. With their low-to-the-ground feel and locked-in support, I was moving aggressively and chasing down shots without feeling slowed down at all. The Eclipsions gave me all the confidence to run down shots quickly."

Again, in Hannah's opinion, these shoes feel exactly how tennis shoes should feel, and that included the weight. She explained, "The weight played into the stability comments for me. With the Eclipsions being just under the cutoff for lightweight shoes (11.8 ounces, size 8.5), they are a good middle weight for those who don't have a preference for either end of the spectrum. They are not completely lightweight or minimalist, so they still feel very stable without having extra material that could irritate my calves or feet."

Overall - Score: 4.2


Tiffani - "I thought the support and stability were good, and the traction level was where I like it. I also liked how the Power Cushion Eclipsions felt cushioned but still speedy."

Michelle - "They have a good, snug, comfortable fit, making them perfect for moving aggressively."

Karly - "The excellent support and fast feel."

Hannah - "I like the streamlined, narrow design and the efficient cushioning without added weight. They have my preferred amount of traction and the perfect amount of built-in stability. I also really like the cosmetics of these shoes."


Tiffani - "The Power Cushion Eclipsions are just too narrow for my feet, even after adjusting up a half-size for length."

Michelle - "The slightly tighter fit. No outsole durability guarantee, although the outsoles held up well throughout this playtest."

Karly - "The higher arches dug into my flatter feet, although the insoles were soft enough to prevent any soreness."

Hannah - "Not much. There is a fairly high arch support, but if this is a problem insoles will balance it out."

Comparing the shoe to others they've tried, our testers said:

Tiffani - "Like with other Yonex women's shoes, the Eclipsions run short. The cushioning level is also similar to other Power Cushion models. Outside the Yonex family, I'm reminded of the Lotto Raptor Evo. They are both faster, middleweight shoes with good cushioning. Overall, the Raptor Evo was more comfortable for me just because of the width fit."

Michelle - "The break-in was similar to the Asics Gel Solution Speed for me. The Eclipsions felt quicker and fit better than the version they're replacing."

Karly - "The Power Cushion Eclipsions had a shorter break-in than the last pair of Yonex shoes I wore, the Power Cushion Pros. They were slightly stiff at first, but not nearly as stiff as the Pros. I also thought the Eclipsions played faster and lighter, but the Pros offered better durability."

Hannah - "I have never tried Yonex shoes before. However, they are the same weight as the Nike Lunar Ballistecs, and in many ways feel similar to these because of their narrow shape, slicker feeling outsoles and their ability to adapt to your movement on the court. They are very comfortable and built for on-court performance."


(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores)

Tiffani's Scores
Overall Comfort3.3Overall Sole Durability4
Ventilation3.8Toe Durability4
Arch Support4Traction4
Foot support/Stability4.5Weight3.8
Michelle's Scores
Overall Comfort4Overall Sole Durability4
Ventilation3.8Toe Durability4
Arch Support4Traction4
Foot support/Stability4.5Weight3.5
Karly's Scores
Overall Comfort3.7Overall Sole Durability4.3
Ventilation3.5Toe Durability4.4
Arch Support3Traction4.2
Foot support/Stability4.7Weight4.4
Hannah's Scores
Overall Comfort4.5Overall Sole Durability4
Ventilation4.1Toe Durability4
Arch Support3.7Traction4.7
Foot support/Stability4.4Weight4.6

Playtester Foot Types

Tiffani - Wide width / Low arch

Michelle - Medium width / High arch

Karly - Medium width / Medium-low arch

Hannah - Narrow width / Low arch