Volkl Organix 7 (295g) Review

By Chris Edwards

Thanks to its bright green paint the Volkl Organix 7 (295g) is a racquet that immediately gets a lot of attention, and as I found out on court, it is attention that's well deserved. Offering a powerful, yet surprisingly solid, response, its attraction is definitely more than skin deep. A relatively open string pattern offer a lot of grip on the ball for spin. I strung the racquet with various co-poly strings to increase control and spin, but a multifilament or natural gut string would be perfect for the player seeking even more power and comfort. The crisp and precise feel ensured I was connected to his desired target from all areas of the court. At net the Organix 7 295 really surprised with its stability. A racquet this maneuverable has no business being so stable, but somehow Volkl has pulled it off. The power and easy access to spin can be put to good use on serves and returns, making it easy for one to quickly take the offensive. All in al l, this versatile racquet should appeal to a variety of players.

Groundstrokes - Score: 78

First off, the racquet is Kawasaki Green, just like my Ninja motorbike, so I knew this was a racquet I had to try. I resisted the urge to ride around with it strapped to my back, even though it would have tied in my riding colors nicely! Instead, I found myself quickly impressed by the easy power and spin I found on court. I was able to take a full cut at the ball and still find plenty of control thanks to all of the spin I was getting. I strung it at 55 lbs with several co-polys, preferring the feel of the racquet with a firmer playing string such as Volkl Cyclone or Isospeed Black Fire. The racquet felt very light and easy to whip around, yet the balance felt pretty close to even. This racquet still had enough mass to remain stable, even when I was hitting against Andy, who is just a couple of years removed from the pro tour and hits a heavy ball. To sum it up from the baseline, the Organix 7 was solid, fast and crisp, and made it easy to hit with spin.

Volleys - Score: 78

I played a bunch of doubles with this racquet and really enjoyed it. It was just such an easy racquet to maneuver. I was able to snap the ball away quickly, and I found myself really punching through my volleys. On low or stretch volleys, the racquet offered solidity that belied its light and mobile feel. While I usually prefer a more head light balance, the balance of this racquet worked perfectly with its weight. Again, it was just a fast and solid feeling racquet. The power caught me a little off guard in my very first doubles match, but I adjusted and found better touch and feel. While I'll never feel as completely dialed in on a touch volley as I would with the Organix 10 Mid, for instance, I really had a good time knifing volleys away with lots of pace and used my touch volleys a little more sparingly.

Serves - Score: 79

Yes! Some extra power on serve. I'll take it. I liked the spin, too. I was able to start points better thanks to my serve being a little more aggressive. While I wasn't suddenly blasting aces all over the place, I was forcing more return errors and getting weaker returns that I could attack. On first serves I found I could use the added pace both down the middle and out wide with equal control. The level of spin I was getting was solid. I felt confident serving with this racquet, and I found that confidence quickly spilled into other facets of my game. Pretty much every time I stepped up to the line to serve I felt aggressive and felt confident to play aggressively -- that's a good feeling to have when the match is getting tight.

Serve Returns - Score: 80

I found myself praying servers would get their serves in. If my opponent double faulted I was disappointed, that was how much I enjoyed taking a good rip at the ball with this racquet. The power and spin were addictive on returns. I was chomping at the bit to get a forehand that I could unload on. I found myself driving my backhand return more as well, both with topspin and slice. The racquet felt very solid and I liked its crisp feel. It felt very much like a point and shoot racquet -- powerful, yet accurate. Spin was solid and I could roll angles, as well as drive the ball and watch it hook inside the lines with lots of spin and action. I also liked the response of the racquet when chipping and charging. I could float or knife the ball deep, then steal the net from my opponent and punch away the volley.


I liked the power, spin, crisp feel, maneuverability and stability. Oh yeah, and I like the Kawasaki Green color, too!


None. I would add some weight to the handle as I favor heavier, more head light racquets, but that is just me. I thought this racquet played great in stock form.

Compared to other racquets you have tested?

The power and spin was very Babolat Pure Drive like. I felt like I could get more pop, though. Other similar racquets would be the Organix 8, Head Youtek IG Extreme 2.0, Wilson BLX Juice 100 and the Dunlop Biomimetic M 6.0. All of those combine power, maneuverability, spin and a healthy sweetspot. However, I found the Organix 7 (295g) felt faster than most, yet just as stable.

Overall - Score: 78

Volkl Organix 7 (295g) Scores
Comfort 79
Touch/Feel 80
Serves 79
Groundstrokes 78
Returns 80
Slice 78
Topspin 78
Volleys 78
Overall 78