Prince QuikTrac Scream Low Men's Shoe Review

When Prince announced last year that they were replacing the QuikTrac Ti shoes with a "new and improved" model, we were concerned. The QuikTrac Ti. 1.0 and 1.5 shoes had been two of our most popular men's shoes and we felt that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, Prince forged ahead and introduced the QuikTrac Ti. Scream Low and Mid shoes for men. Our initial skepticism was unfounded and we found the QuikTrac Screams were indeed an improvement to the QuikTrac Ti shoes. We playtested the QuikTrac Scream Low shoes on hardcourts for 3 weeks.


The QuikTrac Scream shoes offer comfort and cushioning right out of the box. Dan comments, "a very cushioned ride, which is a trait near the top of my list when testing a new shoe. I didn't feel any pinching or rubbing in the body of the shoe and the last held my foot well, so shifting was held to a minimum. The achilles heel cushion and breathable synthetic leather upper gave my feet an added break on hard courts." John continues, "the QT Screams were comfortable the minute I slipped them on my feet. The synthetic upper is very supple, not stiff at all on or off the court. Cushioning is very good throughout the shoe. At times, I have experienced some discomfort in the heel after being on-court for extended periods; not with the Scream. I found the ShockEraser Cushion very effective in cushioning the heel area."

Mark adds, "I found these shoes very comfortable from the first time I put them on. The shape of Prince shoes fit my feet well. The Screams did seem a little roomier in the toe box than some of the other Prince shoes I've worn." Granville says simply, "this is an exceptionally comfortable shoe with excellent cushioning in the heel." Randy comments, "good comfort, but the toe box kept pinching my feet. I've noticed this with other Prince shoes that aren't NFS (Natural Foot Shape)." Don says, "the Screams fit my feel like a glove. Sizing is right on and cushioning is impressive from heel to toe."

Arch Support

The QuikTrac Screams seem better suited to players with low-arches, although only one of our playtesters complained about lack of support. John comments, "the Scream has a relatively low, unobtrusive last. I had no problems with the arch support." Mark says, "the arch was just right for my foot." Don offers, "although I have a relatively high arch, I never felt there was insufficient arch support. Only when inspecting the shoe and pulling out the sockliner did I realize how low the arch support is on this shoe." Dan adds, "the medium arch support fit well with my foot. It was never an issue and no arch fatigue was evident, even over long periods of play." Randy was our only dissenter, observing, "the arch felt a little low, perhaps too low for my foot. The midsole is soft so I did feel some arch support, but it's minimal."

Foot Support/Stability

Thanks to a 360-degree lacing system and titanium enhanced midfoot shank, the QuikTrac Screams provide above average support for most players. Granville says, "I found this shoe very stable, even with so much cushioning. I had a tight fit all the way around, with no threat of rolling the ankles. Good support side-to-side and with good comfort. I was very impressed with this shoe's level of stability." John comments, "my feet were relatively stable when playing. I did experience some slipping when lunging for a ball in front of me. No problems were experienced maneuvering from side-to-side, only a little forefoot movement when I was forced to run straight ahead and stop suddenly."

Mark had a similar experience, adding, "the Screams felt a little roomier than other Prince shoes I've worn and I didn't feel they held my feet as securely. This was more evident the longer I wore them. The soft uppers are very comfortable but they seem to stretch after awhile and I found it harder to secure my foot in the shoe. I never felt like I was going to roll an ankle but I did feel like my foot was moving around in the shoe when I made quick starts and stops." Dan offers, "my feet didn't slide around when changing direction and ankle support ranks high. I never felt in danger of rolling over on quick stops." Don agreed, saying, "I never felt in danger of my ankle collapsing or rolling over. The lacing system allows for snugging the shoe nice and tight around the foot." Randy was less confident, adding, "these shoes are so soft, I felt like I was walking on a marshmallow. I just didn't feel they provided enough support and was constantly concerned about rolling my ankle. It never happened, but I just wasn't confident with quick direction changes."

Overall Sole Durability

The QuikTrac Screams come with a 6-month outsole warranty. Prince's Infinity Dual Density rubber places denser rubber in high wear areas to enhance durability. A few of our playtesters noticed some wear in the outer sole but most did not.

Toe Durability

The Screams have a mildly built-up toe area, but again, a few of our playtesters noticed some wear after our playtest period. Same 6-month outsole warranty applies.


The QuikTrac Screams scored high marks for traction. John offers, "I experienced superior traction with these shoes. Whether I was digging for a well-placed shot or needed to stop suddenly, I felt comfortable that the Screams would keep me on my feet." Granville adds, "these shoes provided excellent traction. I moved well with them on my feet and they were very responsive from all corners of the court." Dan continues, "the herringbone tread design proved beneficial on hard courts where stopping, starting, and changing directions quickly can take a real beating on my feet. I experienced no slipping or sliding."

Don comments, "I felt like I had those Uniroyal Tiger Paws on my feet. The softer rubber and tread design gripped the court nicely and I never slid out when chasing down wide shots." Randy adds, "with such a soft rubber, it was almost like having glue on my feet on newly resurfaced hard courts. My only concern (as stated before) would be ankle rollover."


At 15.1 ounces (size 10-1/2), the QuikTrac Screams are a medium-weight shoe. As Mark said, "the Screams didn't feel particularly heavy or particularly light." Dan adds, "I didn't feel I was carrying any extra luggage around the court." John observes, "although not as light as some shoes on the market today, the QT Screams are light enough to allow a player to move about the court with ease."


The QuikTrac Screams aren't what you would call flashy or colorful. Like their predecessors, they're fairly conservative but tasteful in combining classic colors. John says, "the look of the Scream is rather plain and non-offensive. It does have a certain "boat-like" shape that makes one's feet look wider than they are." Granville continues, "a bit plain vanilla and nothing flashy, which I like. Mark sums it up best, saying, "they're your basic white tennis shoe with navy blue highlights. You'd think they'd be a little flashier with a name like Scream."


The QuikTrac Screams are a worthy successor to the original QuikTrac Ti. 1.0 shoes. They offer excellent cushioning and provide a comfortable fit for most foot types. A few improvements over the QuikTrac Ti. include the 360 degree lacing system and titanium reinforced midfoot shank for added stability. The 6-month outsole warranty provides assurance of durability (or replacement). Players wanting a soft, cushioned shoe will want to consider the QuikTrac Screams.

Here's what the playtesters had to say:
The "Likes" of the shoe.

Granville - "The primary appeal of these shoes was comfort. They offered the best cushioning, especially in the heel, for the money."

Don - "I liked the soft, cushioned feel the most. I also enjoyed the way the lacing system snugged the shoe around my foot, and the shoes' traction."

Dan - "The overall cushioned ride. This shoe gives without sacrificing too much support.."

Randy - "I loved the weight of these shoes."

John - "I thought the cushioning was well above average. There was no break-in period and the outsole seems to be exceptionally durable."

Mark - "I like the way the Screams fit my feet. They're very comfortable right out of the box."

The "Dislikes" of the shoe.

Granville - "The cosmetics are pretty bland."

Randy - "The outer sole was too soft for me. Many aggressive players on hot, abrasive courts will burn through these shoes fast!"

Don - "A little more arch support would have been nice and the cosmetics could be a bit livelier."

Dan - "Too conservative looking - no 'color' of interest."

John - "I'm not wild about the cosmetics and wonder if the toe area is durable enough to satisfy serial draggers."

Mark - "After wearing the Screams for a few weeks, the uppers stretched out and didn't hold my feet as well as when they were new."

Prince QuikTrac Scream Low Summary Sheet

The Up SideThe Down SidePlay Test Scores
  • Good comfort and excellent cushioning
  • Effective lacing system
  • No break-in period
  • Adequate support and stability
  • Excellent traction
  • 6-months outsole warranty
  • Arch may be a bit low for players with high arches
  • May be too soft for some players
  • Depending on taste, cosmetics may be too bland
Comfort 4.2
Arch Support 4.0
Foot Support/Stability 3.8
Overall Sole Durability 4.0
Toe Durability 3.6
Traction 4.3
Weight 4.2
Looks 3.5
Overall 3.7
Scores (1-Horrible 2-Poor 3-Average 4-Good 5-Tremendous)

Playtesters' Foot Types: Dan - medium width/medium arch, Don - wide/high arch, Granville - narrow/low arch, John - medium width/medium arch, Mark - medium width/low arch, Randy - wide/medium arch.

Review date: June, 2001. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us.

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