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PowerAngle Pro Racquet Review

A unique racquet on the market, the PowerAngle Pro features PowerAngle's patented diagonal string pattern.

Instead of having a stringbed made up of main strings and cross strings, all PowerAngle racquets feature equal length strings that run diagonally through the stringbed.

Excluding the string pattern, the rest of the Pro checks out like a regular player's racquet. The 19mm box beam frame is made of 100 percent graphite. The strung weight is around 11.6 ounces. The close to even balance give the racquet a swingweight of 336 on our Babolat RDC.

Hitting impressions

The first thing that jumps out when hitting with the Pro is the power. The ball really jumps off the stringbed with a lot of speed and spin. In fact, I'm on about my fifth string set up trying to reel in some of that power and find some more control. Without the shorter cross strings to deaden the stringbed, the Pro launches the ball. I can only describe it as being like hitting with only main strings. At first I was finding so much power I had to continually hold back on my shots, otherwise I would send the ball long.

The racquet is very spin-friendly, but having to slow down my swing was preventing me from generating maximum spin. With the racquet strung at 67lbs, I was finding more control, but still tons of power. Even with the tension cranked, switching between this and a regular racquet takes quite an adjustment.

Up at net the racquet continues to deliver plenty of power to help get the ball away. I find better feel for the ball when volleying, I think due to the more compact stroke style used at net. There's enough grip from the stringbed to help me find my targets and I feel pretty connected to the ball on touch shots. Mobility is good but the balance feels too even for me. This is a racquet where I would definitely add some weight to the handle for a more headlight balance.

As with volleys, I feel pretty confident returning serve. The power level means I really don't have to do that much to hit returns back with solid pace and depth. For me, using my opponent's pace and the Pro's spin-friendly stringbed is all that's needed to hit an aggressive return.

My favorite shot with the Pro is the serve. The power and spin really come into its own when serving. I don't hit a big kick serve, but with the Pro I get some nice lift on the ball. I also get a ton of pace when hitting flatter serves down the T.


For a player's racquet, the Pro offers a lot of power. However, once I got used to the higher power level, and adjusted my strokes accordingly, I was able to tap into the spin-friendly stringbed. This racquet really makes the ball hop off the court and I found the power to be helpful when pushed into a defensive situation. Probably the toughest thing for me was switching between this racquet and a regular racquet in the same hitting session. Stringing at a high tension is a must for me. The good news is that comfort remains good and the stringbed still actually feels pretty loose at 67lbs. I think this one is well worth a hit and a good match up for intermediate through advanced players.


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