Mantis 300 Racquet Review

Video Review


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Mantis 300 Scores
Comfort 75
Touch/Feel 80
Serves 78
Groundstrokes 78
Returns 79
Slice 80
Topspin 79
Volleys 80
Overall 79


  • Control
  • Stability
  • Maneuverability


  • Difficult to generate power


The Mantis 300 provides incredible comfort and spin from all areas of the court. Our playtesters enjoyed the control and pace production from the baseline, and it really allowed them to be comfortable from the moment they stepped on the court. Generating their own power was difficult for some, as the racquet was a little underpowered due to its light weight and low swingweight. This carried over to other areas of the court, particularly serve returns. Some of the team couldn't quite get what they wanted on the ball from this light racquet. On serves, most of our playtesters found it easy to hit spin and had great control,too. Volleying with the Mantis 300 was a clear favorite for all our testers, as they found enough stability to go along with the maneuverability. All in all, the Mantis 300 provided great control, and was spin-friendly and maneuverable from all areas of the court.

Groundstrokes - Score: 78

The Mantis 300 really provided control from the baseline, and our playtesters felt confident hitting shots all over the court. Tiffani felt confident from the start. She said, "I felt pretty comfortable with the Mantis 300 after just a few minutes. I like to hit a little high on the stringbed, but I felt the Mantis 300 responded with better feel and more power lower in the stringbed. When I can, I like to take the ball early, and I really liked how fast the Mantis 300 came around and allowed me to hover around the baseline or even hang out just inside it. The power level was also good for my style of play. Because I could take the ball early I could be more aggressive and use my opponent's power more effectively, which really benefited me when I was hitting from the midcourt and trying to hit sharp angles. I had to be cognizant of trying to hit with more spin, though, or I would send the ball slightly wide or long. The Mantis 300 is spin friendly enough, but I wouldn't call it one of those AeroPro Drive type of racquets that is a spin monster."

Karly really appreciated the balance of the racquet, saying, "The swingweight was low enough to where it was easy to swing, but heavy enough to produce good control and enough power for me. The sweetspot also produced really nice pop, and I was able to produce a decent amount of power when I wanted to hit more aggressively. However, for me that sweetspot wasn't very forgiving. The racquet made it quite clear when the ball wasn't hit in the sweetspot. I could see and feel the difference in power when I hit outside of it."

Jason thought the Mantis 300 was a very control-oriented racquet. He said, "I found it very easy to swing, and I was just as happy hitting a shot down the line as I was hitting cross court or inside out. Because it's so low powered I was able to take huge swings at the ball, generating lots of spin to keep shots inside the court. However, I did find that many of my shots landed short because the racquet is so underpowered. It took a lot of energy to consistently get depth on my shots. I did enjoy how the racquet handled slice shots, and I really loved that firm, crisp response."

Brittany liked being able to hit big and steal pace from her opponents. She said, "This racquet was very comfortable to play with right from the start. The specs were right where I wanted them to be. Some of the positives I found when hitting groundstrokes were the maneuverability and stability. The Mantis 300 was very easy to swing, and I found my best results when I hit relaxed, longer strokes. Something that stood out to me was how easily and effectively I could hit my slice with this racquet. Especially on my backhand side, my defensive and offensive slices would stay low. One of things I struggled with was the lack of power on groundstrokes. When I was playing someone who hit the ball hard or with heavy spin, I had no problem using that pace on my own groundstroke. However, when I had to create my own power I struggled to hit with the pace and depth I wanted."