Gamma Zo Verve String Review

An Interview with Andy and Mike

Gamma Zo Verve is a medium-firm co-poly made from a blend of stiff and soft materials. The softer material lies in the relatively pliable core, which is made of polyester extruded at a lighter density to achieve a little more elasticity and power. Embedded in the softer core are three firmer sections that protrude to form longitudinal ridges. The result of this combination is a very spin-friendly co-poly with controllable power. We had two of our polyester veterans hit with it for a few weeks. Here is what they said.

What are your initial thoughts on Gamma's Zo Verve?

Andy - "I found Zo Verve to be a crisp and fairly firm co-poly. It has a unique shape that bites the ball extremely well. You can really feel the string grab the ball as it hits the shaped exterior of the string. However, the firmness made it seem like the ball wasn't really sinking into the stringbed all that much, and thus it doesn't have a whole lot of feel. But there is still a good control."

Mike - "When I first received the string I loved the way it looked. I thought right from the get-go that it was going to provide tons of bite and spin. I usually love textured polys because they enhance feel and playability. The double color on the strings also looks awesome."

What strings do you typically use and how does Zo Verve compare?

Mike - "I usually use polyester, so I was excited about this playtest. As soon as I made contact with the ball I loved the way the string felt. The harder I hit it, the more spin I got. I was hitting some angles I've never hit before (ha ha). Consistency is what I really found with this string. I was rallying for longer periods than I'm used to. I definitely felt some power with the spin and bite, so I didn't have to swing as hard and could focus more on controlling the ball."

Andy - "I typically use a shaped co-poly, like Volkl Cyclone or Solinco Tour Bite, both of which give me more ball feel than Zo Verve. Zo Verve's construction and shape are unique, and because of that it has a very interesting feel that is somewhat difficult to describe. There isn't as much connection to the ball as I'm used to. Though I experienced good bite, the ball left the stringbed without much feedback to my hand. However, Zo Verve provided me with as much spin (if not more) as my usual string, along with exceptional control."

Did you have a specific tension strategy with this string?

Mike - "For playtests I usually string my racquet in the middle of the range, 55 lbs. It played comfortably at this tension, with good power. I wouldn't change a thing."

Andy - "I went with my normal tension for a co-poly (50-52 lbs), and it performed great there. It's not abnormally stiff or spongy, which are the typical reasons that make me change the tension for a string. I got the response I was expecting out of my stringbed with this string. I don't think it's going to be a tension sensitive string like some of the super soft polys."

Summarize your likes and dislikes of Zo Verve.

Andy "I really liked the spin and control I could get with it. It plays like a firm poly that really bites the ball hard! It's has a crisp feel, and the ball doesn't always feel like it's sinking into the strings enough. There was just a bit of a detachment between me and the ball."

Mike - "This string has good feel, power, bite and durability. I liked pretty much everything about it, especially the spin and control."

Who would you recommend this string to and why?

Mike - "I would recommend this to anyone looking for good feel, good bite, great durability and, of course, the double sided color. This would probably be ideal for a college player or someone who plays seriously in tournaments (perfect for me, to be honest)."

Andy - "As it's a firmer poly, I would recommend this to players who are already poly users and are used to the firmer feel. I put this string in a number of different racquets and found that it played really well in a more powerful frame (like an AeroPro Drive or a Pure Drive), where I was looking for spin and control rather than feel. It was a tad too firm when I put it in one of my midsize Yonex RDiS 100 Mids, and I didn't get the ball feel I wanted. So, if you're a poly user who uses a powerful racquet and you're looking for a lot of spin and control, give this one a try!"


Gamma Zo Verve 17 String Black/Red
Price: $17.45