ISO (Isometric Square Head Shape)

This exclusive Yonex innovation results in a sweet spot up to 48% larger than a traditional oval head shape. According to Yonex, it ensures more power and control with fewer off-center shots.

IPS (I.P.S. System)

By inserting extra weight at the three and nine o'clock positions, a greater "moment of inertia" is created on the face of the frame, reducing torque (twisting) and increasing overall frame stability.

Flex/Torsion Control Shaft

The new technology in the Flex/Torsion Control Shaft is used to produce more powerful shots with solid stability. Memory Titanium which is loaded into the shaft has twice the force of restitution than that of normal graphite. The result is a superior resiliency which converts the torsion into a higher repulsion power that effectively returns the speed of any ball. Also the front width of the shaft has been wided by 14% compared to conventional racquets. The simultaneous pursuit of greater repulsion power and better maneuverability results in the most solid shots while taking a full swing.

F2 ElasticTi

Elastic Ti delivers the performance players have long wanted in a frame - high elasticity and high strength together. Moulded into shaft, Elastic Ti shaft overcomes the limitations of conventional frame material. With its powerful rebound effect, a split second after impact and deflection. Elastic Ti Frame snaps back to its original shape with high accuracy and with the full energy of the swing.

Soft Grommet

The soft grommets are located at the 4 corners of the frame. These grommets are designed to reduce the shock from any off-centre hits, widening the sweet spot still further.

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