[K]arophite Black

[K]arophite Black is a proprietary next generation structure created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in more feel and a stronger and more stable racquet.

[K]ontour Yoke

[K]ontour Yoke is a new frame engineering technology that enhances stiffness at key stress points on the racquet for improved torsional stability.

[K]ompact Center

[K]ompact Center is a new industrial design innovation that improves handling, maneuverability and provides additional feel. Directly inspired by world #1 Roger Federer.

(K)ompact Center

FX=(K) Factors Multiplied. A Quad Shaft construction in the throat area of the racquet provides 23% more torsional stability and a more evenly distributed mass. The innovative quad shaft frame geometry has been developed to provide greater stability, distributing weight to 4 pillars instead of 2.

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