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Power Bridge

POWER BRIDGE is an innovative construction that considerably increases the stability of the yoke area of the racquet. This makes the entire racquet more powerful and dynamic. This effect is achieved on the one hand by integrating the high-strength DNX material and on the other hand by increasing the specific material density in the yoke.

DNX is a new unique material structure featuring high-strength micro tube construction that is 25 times stronger than regular carbon fibers. DNX is an entirely new material class whose properties represent the fourth dimension of carbon. DNX has strength characteristics that have never been reached before, a true break-through in material development, now exclusively available in the new DNX Racquet Series by Volkl Tennis.
Sensor Tour Handle System

Includes a two part racquet shaft and TechnoGel surrounded by EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). This is visible technology you can actually see through the butt cap of the racquet. Designed to dampen vibration without sacrificing touch, playtests seem to verify that the Sensor Handle System does contribute to a more comfortable and forgiving feel.

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