Slazenger Monocoque Construction

Monocoque construction uses a one piece racket construction and provides outstanding structural strength and racket response.

3K Carbon

3K Carbon improves racket stability and allows greater energy transmission through the racket to provide superior feel.

Oviform Head Shape

Features a 15% wider head shape increasing the sweet spot of the racket providing greater power off center hits.

Penta X-Section

This 5 sided pentagonal cross section in the shaft enhances racket resilience and torsional impact control, giving power without compromising control.

Ripple GS

A new grommet system that generates greater grommet compression on ball impact, filters vibrations, and enhances the racket's trampoline effect. Enhanced power with comfort.

Aero Profile

Tapering aerodynamic profile in the hoop allows for greater racquet head speed and maneuverability for superior shot making.

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