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Prince O3 Original Red Racquets STRUNG Technologies

O3 Technology

O-Ports provide total string freedom
  • Increases sweetspot size by 54%
  • Generates a livelier response across the entire stringbed
  • Dramatically improves play for all player levels
O-Ports reduce drag, producing faster swing speeds
  • Increases power from anywhere on the court
  • Provides maximum maneuverability
Tungsten Triple Threat (Triple Braid)

A weighting system that promotes balance and stability with Triple Braid - woven titanium, copper and carbon that's placed in three critical racquet locations: 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock and in the bottom of the handle. Benefits include an expanded sweet spot with less shock to the arm.

Tungsten is a strong, dense metal used in the production of missiles. By fortifying Triple Braid with this tenacious metal, stability is improved for more power and precision.

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