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Developed by the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), LiquidMetal® alloy provides 29% more power than Titanium. Just as its name implies, LiquidMetal® alloy is different from conventional materials because of its liquid (or "amorphous") atomic structure. This means that LiquidMetal® alloy does not deform on impact, resulting in ultimate energy return.

Head places LiquidMetal® at four strategic areas of the racquet's head, integrated in the main layer of the frame's construction. This allows all of the energy from ball impact to be used for a power return - so what a player puts into his or her swing is exactly what they get out. The result is what Head calls Pure Energy. Perfect Power™

Integrated String Dampener (ISD)
Affixed to the grommets at the base of the head, the (ISD) absorbs string vibration. Now even the most powerful racquet is easy on the arm and completely comfortable, no matter what style of play.

Total Sweetspot Construction
Total Sweetspot Construction increases torsional stability in the racquet head and extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head, resulting in ultimate control.

TWINTUBE Technology

The inner hard shell of TwinTube technology is made of pure graphite. The outer shell consists of soft, absorbing polyamide.

Increased ball acceleration combined with better, overall racquet feel.

NoShox Dampening System
A newly developed "memory foam" integrated into the racquet handle reduces vibrations 27 percent better than systems in conventional racquets.

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