ISO (Isometric Square Head Shape)

This exclusive Yonex innovation results in a sweet spot up to 48% larger than a traditional oval head shape. According to Yonex, it ensures more power and control with fewer off-center shots.

Hexagon Cross Section

New "Hexagon Cross Section" is for solid feel and nimble maneuverability. By uniting box and triangular shape sections a solid feeling at impact has been realized by providing better head speed and maneuverability.

F2 ElasticTi

Elastic Ti delivers the performance players have long wanted in a frame - high elasticity and high strength together. Moulded into shaft, Elastic Ti shaft overcomes the limitations of conventional frame material. With its powerful rebound effect, a split second after impact and deflection. Elastic Ti Frame snaps back to its original shape with high accuracy and with the full energy of the swing.

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