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*Woofer Technology from Babolat


A tennis racket is a frame with strings. The frame is basically static and holds the driving force of the racquet - the strings - in place. The strings are attached to both sides of the frame. Only some strings are active when struck by the ball. This means that racquets do not deliver their full potential. Babolat set out to imagine a racquet optimizing the frame and the strings - to invent a frame which permits all the strings to work together to their full potential when striking the ball.


  • The WOOFER eliminates string lock-up: the strings are free to move.
  • The whole surface area reacts on impact: with the WOOFER, more strings work together when striking the ball. The strings are interactive. This increases sweetspot size, improving forgiveness during off-center shots and absorbing much of the shock produced during ball impact.


  • Increase in the Trampoline Effect: The piston function enables greater surface deformation on impact, delivering 10% extra power and ensuring that the strings retain their energy for a longer time.
  • Shock Absorption: The pistons act like a suspension system to dampen unwanted vibration.

The Active Cortex Technology reduces shock and vibration, leaving the player with a cleaner feel at impact.

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