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Delta Core

The composite Carbon Nanotubes design was taken as a basis by the laboratories of the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group, where the arrangement of the molecules was further enhanced. The main innovation of the Delta Core material is the delta-shaped arrangement of the individual molecules, which permits a more finely meshed network. The tube structure is retained; it is simply made more compact and solid. The Delta Core material can be processed very finely, and thanks to optimised racquet production processes, it can be used throughout the racquet frame.
Sensor Tour Handle System

Includes a two part racquet shaft and TechnoGel surrounded by EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). This is visible technology you can actually see through the butt cap of the racquet. Designed to dampen vibration without sacrificing touch, playtests seem to verify that the Sensor Handle System does contribute to a more comfortable and forgiving feel.

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