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Hyper Carbon

Hyper Carbon is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry in the construction of satellites and state of the art airplanes. As defined by Wilson, Hyper Carbon is......"the first Ultra High Modulus graphite ever used in tennis racquets." Hyper Carbon is claimed to be 4 time stronger, 4 times stiffer and 65% lighter than titanium.

Hammer Technology

Hammer technology maintains the majority of racquet mass, or weight, in the head of the frame (head heavy balance), with the intention of increasing stability and power. In turn, weight is reduced in the shaft and handle, providing for a higher and larger sweetspot, or Center of Percussion (COP).

A term meaning any Wilson racquet longer than the standard 27inch length.Stretch racquets provide more power (leverage), extend reach, and providebetter angles when serving.
Dual Taper Beam:

Wilson's varying width of a racquet's cross-section. From a side view, the cross-section of a Dual Taper Beam racquet varies from thin-to-thick-to thin in the racquet's head-to-shoulder-to-handle regions respectively. This tapered design concentrates racquet stiffness in the primary area where the racquet bends during ball contact.

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