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Asics 116 Racquets
Asics 116 Racquets
Price: $95.00
This ultra maneuverable racquet offers a comfortably crisp response. It has a surprising level of control for its robust power level. Ideally suited to beginners and intermediates looking for maximum mobility in an oversize racquet. Headsize: 116 in². Length: 27.25 in. Strung weight: 9.5 oz.
Asics 125 Racquets
Asics 125 Racquets
Price: $95.00
Offering major comfort and impressive power, this super oversize racquet delivers a great combination of speed and stability. Headsize: 125 in². Length: 27.5 in. Strung weight: 9.6 oz.
Babolat Drive 115 Racquets
Babolat Drive 115
Price: $109.00

A great option for anyone who wants a very light oversize racquet that packs a punch. Offers a comfortable and stable ride. Extended Length: 27.6". Headsize: 115in². String Pattern:16x20.

Babolat Drive 115 Racquets
Babolat Drive 115
Price: $159.00

Packed with power and comfort, this stable oversize racquet moves through contact with remarkable ease. A great option for singles or doubles. The extended length with supercharge your serve. Headsize: 115in². String Pattern: 16x20. Length: 27.6"

Babolat Pure Drive 107 Racquets
Babolat Pure Drive 107
Price: $189.00
A nice solid feel blends with great access to pace, spin and comfort thanks to this racquet's forgiving response. Strung weight: 10.5oz. String Pattern: 16x19. Length: 27.2"
Babolat Pure Drive 110 Racquets
Babolat Pure Drive 110
Price: $199.00
This update to the Pure Drive 110 is lightning fast and loaded with pop. The response is crisp and quite accurate for an oversize racquet. Headsize: 110in². String Pattern: 16x19.
Babolat Pure Drive Lite Racquets
Babolat Pure Drive Lite
Price: $189.00
Maneuverable, lively, crisp and precise, the Pure Drive Lite is great for players who want an easier path to pace and spin. String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.
Gamma RZR Bubba 117 Racquets
Gamma RZR Bubba 117 Racquets
Price: $194.99
Gamma delivers a smaller and more surgical Bubba. This one swings fast, but does not skimp on comfort, stability or power.
Gamma RZR Bubba 137 Racquets
Gamma RZR Bubba 137 Racquets
Price: $199.99
An extended length, super oversize racquet offering comfort, power and surprising control. A great choice for beginners looking for easier stroke production or senior players looking to replace some lost power and reach. Headsize: 137 in². Length: 29 inches. Strung weight: 10.4 oz.
Head Graphene Touch Instinct PWR Racquet
Head Graphene Touch Instinct PWR Racquet
Price: $179.95 MSRP: $200.00
Buy 2 or more for $169.95 each.
Retooled with better feel and touch, this light oversize racquet is perfect for any player who places a premium on maneuverability, comfort and power. Headsize: 115in². Length: 27.7”. String Pattern: 16x19. 
Head Graphene Touch Speed PWR Racquet
Head Graphene Touch Speed PWR Racquet
Price: $199.95 MSRP: $225.00
Buy 2 or more for $189.95 each.
Updated with better feel, this racquet is perfect for the player who wants a light racquet with big power and comfort. Headsize: 115 in². Length: 27.3”. String Pattern: 16x19. 
Head Liquidmetal 8 Racquets Strung
Head Liquidmetal 8
Price: $84.95
Best Seller New Low Price! One of the more powerful offerings from HEAD. Offers a surprising amount of control with a solid dose of comfort. Best suited to 2.0-4.0 level players. Strung weight: 10 ounces. Headsize: 112 in².
Head Titanium Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Racquets
Head Titanium Ti.S5 Comfort Zone
Price: $74.95
Twin brother to the original Titanium Ti S5 but with Comfort Zone Technology, (designed to increase sweetspot size). A racquet option with wide appeal. 107 in² head size. Extended length.
Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung Racquets
Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung
Price: $79.95
Best Seller A straight beam, head heavy widebody. The Titanium Ti S6 is an ultra-light (8.9oz.) offering with good torsional stability. 115 in² head size. Extended length.
ProKennex Ki Q30 (260) Racquets
ProKennex Ki Q30 (260)
Price: $169.99

This super over size racquet offers tons of power and amazing comfort. A great option for players with compact strokes or anyone looking for a massive sweetspot in a very light package. Headsize: 119in². Extended Length: 27.5". String Pattern: 16x19.

ProKennex Q15 (260) Racquets
ProKennex Q15 (260)
Price: $159.95

Offering plenty of comfort, this extended length midplus racquet is great for the player who wants a very lively combination of spin and precision. Headsize: 105in². String Pattern: 16x19. Extended Length: 27.5"

Volkl Super G 1 Racquets
Volkl Super G 1
Price: $199.99 MSRP: $249.00
Volkl serves up the perfect tool for the player who wants power and comfort. This update to the Organix 1 comes with Super G technology for an even smoother and more powerful ride. Headsize: 115in². Extended Length: 27.8" String Pattern: 16x17.
Volkl Super G 3 Racquets
Volkl Super G 3
Price: $199.99
This extended length racquet offers an impressive combination of power, comfort and speed. Above average precision for the breed and lethal on the doubles court. Headsize: 110in². Length: 27.8". String Pattern: 16x19.
Volkl V-Sense 1 Racquets
Volkl V-Sense 1
Price: $249.99

Updated with a new beam and extra dampening, the V-Sense 1 continues to be one of Volkl's most powerful and comfortable racquets. Extremely fast and spin friendly. Headsize: 115in². String Pattern: 16x17. Length: 27.8". This racquet is available for pre-sale. Due in stock 2/28/17.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS Racquets
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS
Sale: $89.00 Was: $179.99
Sale One of the most popular selling Hyper Carbon models and now available at a bargain price. Available in a 110 in² oversize head size. Length is 27.5 inches.
Wilson K Factor KZero Racquets
Wilson K Factor KZero
Sale: $99.00 Was: $119.00
Sale A great choice for beginners seeking a game improvement racquet. The KZero is the lightest racquet in the K Factor line. Impressive power and control. Super oversize head: 118 in². Length: 27.5 inches.
Wilson Ultra 108 Racquet
Wilson Ultra 108
Price: $199.00
Crisp, Lively and comfortable, this oversize racquet offers easy access to pace and spin. Headsize: 108inē. String Pattern: 16x19. Length- 27.25".