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Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT

(1/2) Only. Babolat's ultimate player's racquet, this one provides excellent feel and control. For the advanced level player who supplies his/her own power. Headsize: 95sq. inches.

$129.00, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Core Gold 94

Offering the rare combination of maneuverability, stability and a crisp feel, this is an extremely versatile racquet for advanced level players. Strung weight: 11.5oz. String pattern: 16x19. Standard length.

$178.00, Review, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Gold 99

Offering some additional power but a similar spec to the X-Red 99, this one is perfect for the intermediate through advanced players looking to add both pace and precision to their game. Standard length. String pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 11.5oz.

$178.00, Review, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Platinum 94

Stability, control and impressive power combine in this racquet for advanced level players. Excellent plow through makes this a great choice for attacking from any area of the court. Standard length, 18x20 string pattern, 11.9oz strung weight.

$178.00, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Platinum 99

A rock solid midplus racquet for advanced players. Excellent comfort, controllable power and superb plow through round out this one. Strung weight: 12oz. Standard length.

$99.00, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Silver 99

A very user-friendly player's racquet, this one blends power, control, a crisp feel and excellent maneuverability. A must demo for intermediate players and up. Strung weight: 11.2oz. Standard length.

$178.00, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Extreme MP 2.0

Loaded with comfort and control, players will appreciate the larger sweetspot created by the new S-Tech Grommets. Recommended to 4.0 + players who want a very versatile frame with great stability. Head Size: 100 sq. inches. Strung Weight: 11.5 oz. String Pattern: 16x19.

$169.95, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Ltd. Edition Prestige Midplus

(1/8) Only. Celebrating 25 years of Prestige, this special edition racquet features a limited edition cosmetic with the same great playability as the regular Prestige Midplus. All court players will love the precision they'll find on every shot with this racquet. Best suited to 4.5+ level players. Strung weight: 11.9 oz. Flex: 62 RA. Swingweight: 310 RDC.

$199.95, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Midplus

Best Seller All court players will love the precision they'll find on every shot with this racquet. With a livelier and plusher response at impact, this is perhaps the silkiest feeling Prestige Midplus yet. Best suited to 4.5+ level players. Strung weight: 11.9 oz. Flex: 62 RA. Swingweight: 310 RDC.

$159.95, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK Prestige Midplus

Like its predecessors, the YOUTEK Prestige Midplus offers a nice combination of stability and mobility. Head size: 98 square inches. Standard length.

Used: $75.00, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK Speed 18x20

Sale This Speed 18x20 impresses from the baseline to the net. Offers an excellent blend of feel and control. Standard length. Strung Weight: 11.8 ounces. Balance: 7pts head light.

Used: $55.00 to $79.00, Feedback

PowerAngle PRO

Sale Control, feel, spin, comfort and maneuverability combine to make this an impressive, diagonally-strung offering from PowerAngle. A great choice for advanced level players. Standard length. Headsize: 98sq. in. String pattern: 16/16 diagonals.

$179.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16X18

(3/8) Only. This update to the popular Tour line provides more feel, comfort and control while at the same time feeling more responsive for increased pop and spin. Stiffness: 52 (RA). Strung weight: 11.6oz.

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Tour 100 18X20

Only. Providing exceptional control, this maneuverable racquet also impresses with great access to spin and pace. Intermediate through advanced level player. Standard length. Strung weight: 11.6oz. Swingweight: 322 (RDC).

$119.00, Review, Feedback

ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo Mid

Best Seller A superb control oriented racquet ideally suited to advanced, aggressive players. The Mid offers exceptional feel on shots from all areas of the court. Composition: 100% Graphite. Standard length.

$129.00, Feedback

ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo MP

Best Seller A fantastic feeling control oriented racquet. The Redondo Midplus offers a slightly larger and more forgiving headsize than the mid version. Headsize: 98 sq. in. Weight: 12.1 ounces. Swingweight: 324

$129.00, Feedback

ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE

A hefty player's racquet offering excellent comfort and good power. Features: 100 sq. inch headsize, standard 27 inch length, 16/20 string pattern, 12.9 ounces strung weight.

$129.95, Feedback

ProKennex Ionic Ki 5x

Offers some nice pop, is solid and stable. An excellent choice for players looking for a comfortable, control oriented extended length racquet. Features: 100 sq. inch headsize, 27.5 inch length, 9 points head light balance, 16/20 string pattern.

$149.99, Feedback

Slazenger Pro Braided

Sale Tennis Warehouse Exclusive! Maneuverable and control-oriented, this classic is still an impressive option. A constant beam design and head light balance combine for a high quality response advanced players will love. Standard length. Headsize: 95sq. in.

$99.00, Review, Feedback

Volkl C10 Pro

An updated cosmetic complements the control, feel, and comfort of this popular player's racquet. A favorite among tournament and pro level players who like a flexible feel. 12 ounces, 98 square-inch head.

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 10 (325g)

With a new open string pattern to the 10 325g, Volkl offers up a sublime blend of control, spin, comfort, stability, touch and maneuverability. Headsize: 98sq. in. String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 12.1oz.

$189.99, Review, Feedback

Wilson Blade 93

A plush, rock solid players racquet that strikes a fine balance between stability and maneuverability. Perfect for those who demand maximum precision. Headsize: 93 sq. inches. Strung weight: 12 ounces. Pattern: 18x20.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

Best Seller (3/8), (1/2) Only. The legend returns, exclusively at Tennis Warehouse! A classic player's racquet that was formerly used on tour by Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Stefan Edberg and many more, this is Wilson's most venerable player's racquet. Strung weight: 12.5oz. Balance: 10 pts head light.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX

Sale (3/8), (1/2) Only. Roger Federer's racquet of choice. A staple of the Wilson line, the BLX version of the 90 is slightly faster and more playable than its predecessor. It's still a great racquet for the advanced player looking for the most control, feel, and touch. Strung weight: 12.6oz. Swingweight: 327 RDC.

$129.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 95 BLX

Sale On the lighter side of the player's racquet spec range, this one offers excellent access to spin on groundstrokes and serves. Impressive touch and feel at net makes this one an excellent choice for the all court player. Strung weight: 11.5oz. Swingweight: 306 RDC. Flex: 62 RA.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95 BLX (16x18)

Sale (1/4) Only. Solid, crisp, precise, powerful and now with improved feel, the Six.One 95 legend continues to grow with this version. A classic player's racquet that helps the advanced player maximize his/her potential from all areas of the court.

$109.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95 BLX (18x20)

Sale A tighter, more control oriented stringbed plus improved feel separates this one from the pack. A confidence inspiring racquet for advanced players. 18/20 string pattern, standard length, 95 sq. inch headsize, traditional head light balance.

$109.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Tour 89

Another classic player's frame from Yonex! The 89 sq. inch head provides outstanding control to advanced players with long, fast strokes. Head Size: 89 sq. inch. Strung weight: 12.1 ounces. Flex (RA): 64.

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Tour 97 (330g)

Solid and comfortable, this one offers excellent feel, maximum control, and tons of plow through. Head size: 97 sq. in. Strung Weight: 12.3 ounces. Flex (RA): 64.

$189.00, Review, Feedback