Racquet Selector // Advanced

What are you looking for from a racquet?

These racquets will help generate power mostly due to the sheer weight of the frame. The majority of these racquets will be around 12 ounces or heavier. Lighter player's racquets in this category will likely feature a stiffer frame, an open string pattern and perhaps some added length for extra power.

These racquets are ideal for players dealing with arm problems or those simply seeking a softer, more forgiving response. Typically, these racquets feature a more flexible frame to provide forgiveness as well as a specific technology to dampen vibration.

Control and feel racquets offer good feedback, providing the player with an instant gauge of depth and placement. Some racquets provide a crisp and clean feel (such as the Wilson Six. One Tour, ProStaff 6.0 85 and Prince Graphite), while others offer a buttery smooth feel (such as the Head Prestige, Volkl 10 Mid, Pacific Vacuum 90). While preference for the kind of feel is down to the player's liking, all of the racquets here offer the feel and control needed for precision play.