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String Playtest Comparison: Tecnifibre E-Matrix vs Dunlop M-Fil Tour

About the play testerAbout the String

Tester: Jason

Playing Level: 4.0

Regular playing equipment: Head Flexpoint Radical Midplus strung with Wilson NXT 16 @ 60 Lbs

Game Style: Baseliner with fast swing speed hitting a topspin forehand and one handed backhand

Strings being tested: Tecnifibre E-Matrix and Dunlop M-Fil Tour 16

Gauge: 16

Racquet(s) string is in: Head Flexpoint Radical Midplus

Tension: 60 Lbs


2 piece string job. When stringing the E-Matrix, the first thing I noticed was the texture of the string. The consistency was that of natural gut. The string seemed kinked and inconsistent. The Dunlop M-Fil Tour string felt and strung up like that of most multi-filament strings. As to be expected with multifilaments, there was a good amount of stretch when pulling tension on the string.

Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 String
A multifilament string offering softer feel and good tension maintenance at a more modest price than other Tecnifibre strings. A Tennis Warehouse exclusive!


Dunlop M-Fil Tour: Between the 2 strings, this was the more powerful string. From the get go, this string felt livelier than what you would expect from a lower end multifilament.

Tecnifibre E-Matrix: This string felt more dead when striking the ball. When hitting the ball, it took a noticeable effort to produce the same amount of power with the E-Matrix compared to the M-Fil Tour. It required some break in time, then the string felt more powerful.


Both had surprisingly ample amount of control. Between the two, the E-Matrix had a bit more control due to the fact that it is a bit stiffer string.


I have had tennis elbow in the past and my arm had no ill effects from playing with these two strings. Being that they are multifilaments, it was no surprise.


Both the E-Matrix and M-Fil Tour offered comparable amounts of spin. It was not exceptional, but adequate. I would recommend something like the Tecnifibre X-One Biphase for someone looking for a multi-filament string that offered a good amount of bite.


From the stringing machine to the court, the M-Fil Tour felt pretty good. The E-Matrix took some time to break in before I started feeling pretty good hitting with it. The E-Matrix just felt a bit stiffer than the M-Fil Tour.

String Movement

There was minimal string movement on both strings. Which is very common for me because of the tight string pattern on my racquets (18 X 20).

Tension Maintenance

After a couple days of hitting, I noticed that there was some tension loss for both strings, but nothing dramatic. I was actually surprised at how well the strings held their tension.


There were no signs of fraying from both strings. I noticed notching, but that was too be expected. I played with both strings for a total of 6 hours, spending about half the time with each string.

Weather/Temperature: The days I hit were typically sunny, around 65-72 degrees.

Court Surface: Hard courts.

Overall Summary:

Both strings offer average playability, average power and above average durability. I was not too impressed with the E-Matrix from the get go. Stringing the E-Matrix was tougher than you would expect from a multi-filament. It took some time hitting with it before I felt some positive feedback from the string. The M-Fil Tour just felt like a better quality string. It offers a softer feel and bit more power than the E-Matrix. Overall, I would recommend the Dunlop M-Fil Tour string over the Tecnifibre E-Matrix because it offers a softer, more forgiving stringbed.

Dunlop M-Fil Tour 85
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 83
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 80
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 78
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 82
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 77
Overall Playability
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 86
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 82
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 76
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 75
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 78
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 78
String Movement
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 93
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 91
Tension Maintenance
Dunlop M-Fil Tour 90
Tecnifibre E-Matrix 90

Playtest date: April, 2007.
All content copyright 2007 Tennis Warehouse.

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