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String Playtest Comparison:

About the play testerAbout the String

Tester: Alex

Playing Level: 4.5

Regular playing equipment: Babolat Pure Drive Midplus standard with Luxilon ALU Power strung @ 58 lbs.

Game Style: I am mostly a base-liner, with a large back-swing, fast swing speed, a little bit more than average topspin on my forehand, and a pretty normal amount on my one handed backhand, also use a fair amount of slice when hitting my backhand, that is usually were I try and get a lot of spin on my backhand. Strings being tested: Kirschbaum P2 vs. Signum Pro Poly Plasma

Gauge: Kirschbaum P2: 17, Signum Pro Poly Plasma: 17

Racquet(s) string is in: Babolat Pure Drive Midplus Standard

Tension: 58 lbs. for both


Kirschbaum P2 was strung as a two piece. As this is a pretty stiff poly, there was essentially no stretch when pulling tension. There were no problems with the stringing other than the usual characteristics of a typical poly. Signum Pro Poly Plasma was a little more difficult to string as the coil memory was a factor. Power

Kirschbaum P2 had a decent amount of power, though the ball would fall a little short in the court at times. I probably should have dropped the tension down a little more than I did, because the string is pre-stretched. That being said, the power was more than sufficient for the type of game/swing I have. Signum Pro Poly Plasma offered a good amount of power; moreso than the Kirschbaum P2. I noticed good pop on my serve as well and I could hit my groundstrokes deeper with more consistency. Control

Kirschbaum P2 had very good control. I had no problems putting the ball where I wanted to, sometimes it would come a little short, but then again that may be more of a tension issue as stated earlier.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma had good control as well. Though this string has more power, I had no problem with the ball floating deep or any kind of "spraying" effect, which sometimes happens with more powerful string.


Kirschbaum P2 offered good comfort. There was no elbow or wrist pain that is sometimes associated after play with polyester.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma was equally as comfortable.


Kirschbaum P2 had decent spin, yet nothing exceptional. I was able to get as much spin as I needed to or wanted to. However, I never felt like I was able to get the ball to move as much as I like to on my slice backhand.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma on the other hand had a little more bite on the ball. It seemed that it really helped when hitting a slice serve. The string helped to put a little more movement on the ball. This is one of the attributes I like in a poly string.


Kirschbaum P2's weak point is it's feel. The feel seemed a bit dead, with not as much feedback as I like. You can definitely feel the ball, but the feeling was a little numb. By feel alone it would be hard to say sometimes how I hit a shot.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma takes the prize in this category, as the feel of the ball was excellent. You can feel the difference between the types of shots and how they are coming off the racquet, as opposed to the Kirschbaum.

String Movement

For both of these strings, the movement is pretty minimal, the Kirschbaum seeming to slide just a little more out of place.

Tension Maintenance

Both strings held their tension well which is a little surprising as poly’s tend to lose tension pretty quickly.


Both strings offer good durability, and only showed slight signs of notching with the mains sliding a little toward the end of the playtest.


Temperature was in the low sixties and usually breezy.

Court Surface:

I played on hardcourt that was a little bit on the fast side.


Kirschbaum has a good reputation in their string and the P2 is no exception. I was impressed with the control and comfort, but the feel in this string is not what I prefer. Overall, a good playing string. Signum Pro Poly Plasma was impressive with it's control and amount of spin it produces. Being able to get instant feedback with feel on the different types of shots I hit was outstanding. For those who like poly string, I would certainly recommend a test run.

Kirschbaum P2 17g 80
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 80
Kirschbaum P2 17g 85
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 85
Kirschbaum P2 17g 65
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 85
Overall Playability
Kirschbaum P2 17g 75
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 87
Kirschbaum P2 17g 75
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 85
Kirschbaum P2 17g 73
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 85
String Movement
Kirschbaum P2 17g 90
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 90
Tension Maintenance
Kirschbaum P2 17g 90
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 90

Playtest date: April, 2007.
All content copyright 2007 Tennis Warehouse.

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