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Height 5'9"
Weight 130
Dexterity Right
NTRP Rating 4.0
Favorite Player (All time/Current) Steffi Graf / Roger Federer / My son, Alex
Playing Style The baseline is my favorite spot to hit from. I have a semi-western forehand with a two handed backhand
Tennis Background I picked up a racquet for the first time 14 rs. ago and I havenŐt put it down since. Love at first swing. I play league tennis and local tournaments
Current Equipment
Racquet Boris Becker 11
String & Tension Synthetic gut @ 58 lbs
Dampner Used Becker Dampner
Overgrip Used None
Shoes Asics Gel Resoultion
Other None.
Top 3 Favorites
Racquets 1) Becker 11
2) Prince Speedport White Pro
3) Head Flexpoint Radical
Shoes 1) Adidas Barricade V
2) Asics Gel Resolution
3) Adidas Barricade II
Strings 1) Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex
2) Wilson Stamina
3) Klip Synthetic Gut
Overgrips 1) N/A
2) N/A
3) N/A

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