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Height 5'5"
Weight 140
Dexterity Right Handed
NTRP Rating 4.0
Favorite Player (All time/Current) Steffi Graf / Roger Federer
Playing Style I use a continental grip, I use a lot of top spin. I have a strong cross court forehand and a two handed back hand (although I started with a back hand slice). My favorite shot is the over head. I really enjoy ground stroke rallies, but since I mostly play doubles I try to come in as soon as I get a short ball and play out the point.
Tennis Background I started playing at the age of 38, my husband gave me a tennis racket and a membership at a tennis club as a birthday gift. Tennis was not a sport I was interested in, but when he told me I received free childcare if I learned to play tennis at the club, I was up for it. I quickly became hooked and I love it. I was a competitive swimmer and a softball player through high school and college, so I had the athleticism and hand eye coordination to aid me in tennis. I have been playing for 14 years now. I recently underwent back surgery at L4, L5 because of a slipped vertebra and cyst between my vertebra. Because of weekly pilates I am back playing competitive league tennis. I look for lightweight shoes that also provide a feeling of stability and allow for agility.
Current Equipment
Racquet Wilson 5.1 Pro Staff Surge
String & Tension Klip X-Plosive 17 gauge @ 56 lbs
Dampner Used Yes - Smiley Face. Because it works and I remember to have fun when I look at it.
Overgrip Used Wilson Pro Overgrip
Shoes New Balance 900
Other None.
Top 3 Favorites
Racquets 1) Wilson
2) Babolat
3) Yonex
Shoes 1) New Balance 900
2) KSwiss Big Shot
3) New Balance 802
Strings 1) Klip X-Plosive
2) Wilson NXT
3) Tecnifibre NRG2
Overgrips 1) Wilson Pro Overgrip
2) Prince DuraTac
3) Prince DuraTred