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Ordering racquets: Select from the options below to customize your racquet. We string according to your specifications. Follow the instructions below for selecting a string and be sure to enter tension.

Note about custom hybrid stringing: If you're not familar with hybrid stringing, it's simply using different string for the main and cross strings of your racquet. It's a popular technique on tour and is rapidly gaining popularity with players of all levels. Hybrids can be as simple as a thinner gauge in the cross strings (NXT 16 Mains, NXT 17 Crosses) to mixing natural gut and polyester like many pros. If you're thinking about trying polyester, using a non-poly in the cross strings can give you a bump in performance. If you're interested, select "Build a Custom Hybrid" in this menu.

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*If the string you want is not in the menu, select "String not in this menu" and on the next page type the name of the string into the stringing instructions. The price of the string will be added to your order once processed.


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String Upgrade Specials
Prince Premier Touch 16 & 17 $13. You Save $5!

One of the most comfortable strings available, Premier Touch is great for the player in need of maximum comfort and vibration dampening.
Prince Tour XP 16 & 17 $10. You Save $5!

Great control and spin potential along with decent feel for a firm string. Big hitters should give this one a serious look.
Babolat Xcel Natural 16 or 17 $14.95. You Save $5.

Offering an almost unmatched combination of comfort, touch, feel and power, this newer version of XCel adds a durability upgrade to Babolat's time-tested original recipe.
Gamma iO 17 Orange or Silver $6.50 You Save $5.

Big hitters in search of control will discover a very precise response. This co-poly allows advanced players to swing freely and generate big spin. Available in three colors.
Tecnifibre NRG2 16 or 17 $12. You Save $4.

With playability so close to natural gut that you'll want to check the packet for hoof prints, NRG2 is a premium quality multifilament synthetic string. The durability benefits of the Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive are complemented with lasting feel and comfort providing continued performance for the discerning player. Excellent touch and feel.
Volkl Cyclone 16 or 17 $3.99. You Save $4.

This gear shaped co-polymer string provides tremendous bite on the ball allowing excellent access to spin. Offers good durability and nice ball pocketing.
Solinco Barb Wire 16 or 17 $7.50. You Save $4.

This co-polyester monofilament offers a crisp yet soft feel, while providing tremendous access to spin. A great choice for the control player.