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Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0 Junior 25" Racquet

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No stringing options available - this racquet comes pre-strung from the manufacturer with their brand of synthetic string.

Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0 Junior 25
String Upgrade Specials
Dunlop Black Widow 16 or 17 $7.95. You Save $5.

Black Widow offers a 7 sided shape for more ball bite and better access to spin. This low powered polyester is great for those that demand control.
Dunlop Silk 16 or 17 Black $9.95. You Save $5.

Offering a silky smooth feel, this premium multifilament provides excellent playability while being arm-friendly.
Babolat Xcel Natural 16 or 17 $14.95. You Save $5.

Offering an almost unmatched combination of comfort, touch, feel and power, this newer version of XCel adds a durability upgrade to Babolat's time-tested original recipe.
Gamma Moto 16 or 17 Black $6. You Save $5.

Gamma Moto 16 is a medium firm co-poly offering more than just control and durability. With its 7 sharp edges this one bites hard. The result is massive spin potential. We found this string to have surprisingly good pocketing for a firm monofilament, with very impressive responsiveness and decent comfort at lower tensions.
Tecnifibre NRG2 16 or 17 $12. You Save $4.

With playability so close to natural gut that you'll want to check the packet for hoof prints, NRG2 is a premium quality multifilament synthetic string. The durability benefits of the Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive are complemented with lasting feel and comfort providing continued performance for the discerning player. Excellent touch and feel.
Volkl Cyclone 16 or 17 $3.99. You Save $4.

This gear shaped co-polymer string provides tremendous bite on the ball allowing excellent access to spin. Offers good durability and nice ball pocketing.