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Comfort, power and stability! This classic widebody racquet has an oval shaft that pre-dates the one used in the Babolat Pure Drive. It offers a very solid feel with minimal vibration. The sweetspot is luxurious. This one swings fast from the baseline, making it ideal for players who like to load the ball with spin and power. There is enough mass to keep the racquet steady at impact. A great all- court racquet for players in search of comfort and controllable power.

Comes with a leather grip. Only SEVEN in stock. Six grip size 3 and one grip size 2. Specs include a headsize of 105 square inches, a standard length, a 16x19 string pattern and an unstrung weight of approximately 12.3 ounces.

Please note that due to a lengthy time in storage, racquets may feature minor imperfections. All racquets are sold in "as is" condition and are non-returnable.

Strung Specifications