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Comments: As this is probably the last chance to get this racquet at a very good price, so I've decided to clarify some points which were unclear to me after reading all the reviews and feedback. My previous racquet was Head Youtek IG (315 grams unstrung), I have played for 25+ years, started with wooden and metal racquets. The "plush, classic feel" is indeed very nice. Very comfortable and solid, almost no annoying vibrations, but it is not dull at all. It reminded me of the "classic" feel of old Pro Staffs. It's not empty or disconnected like many modern racquets. If you hit the ball properly, it is especially pleasant, if you miss, you will feel it. "Underpowered" -- yes, but this is the quality you probably seek in this racquet. You have to be able to produce full swing at all times, otherwise it will not work for you. I had some problems at doing stop valleys, half volleys, drop volleys -- playing it too softly. "Small sweet spot" and "demanding" -- of your game is off, the racquet will not play for you. The racquet feels smaller than 98 square inches, to me, it feels maybe like a 95 square inch racquet (with Yonex, their 100 square inch racquets feel like 110 square inches). Anyway it's good because it makes you try harder and improve. "Too light" and "not stable" -- to me, this racquet definetely swings heavier than many similiar weighted racquets. My old Head is 5 grams heavier, plus I have leather grip on it, but it feels lighter in hand. This racquet does not have the massive plow through you get with 330-340 gram racquets, but it is certainly very stable and solid. "Not maneuverable -- this is probably true to some extent as I had some problems during fast net exchanges, not able to react and move the racquet place. But after several matches you get used to it. "Handle size goes too big" -- I have grip L4 on my Head and I always felt it a bit too big for me. But Head's L3 felt too small. So my Yonex is L3 and it is perfect. I just put on an overgrip and it works for me. Overall, it is very good racquet if you are good enough to use it. Not too heavy, but very stable. It instantly improved my serve (including kick serves), volleys (once you put the racquet behind the ball properly), and I like hitting slice with it (it feels very pleasant). If my game is off, footwork is lazy or I forget to swing properly, many baseline shots go straight into the net. It will probably get better as I fully adjust to it.
From: KK, 10/16

Comments: Very good at flat first serves and on volleys and slices too. The backhand is awesome, never been better! On the forehand side it's average, in the spin department it's also on the average side. The upper hoop is solid and the throat is very flexy. It has very good control in every shot. I have tried it strung with Dunlop Explosive, Head Lynx 17 and also with the new Yonex Poly Tour Tough 1.25. Next time I will try it withe XC and Poly Tour Pro.
From: Alex, 2/16

Comments: I've posted a few times about this stick. It's the best I've ever used. I've settled on the 4 3/8 grip. I took off the original Yonex replacement grip, put on a Babolat Syntec Pro replacement grip and one Yonex super grap over grip. It feels just right. I love the overall feel of this racquet. In my opinion, it's the best racquet with old school feel on the market today. It's definitely a sleeper. I love the firm feel. I'm a 5.5 player/coach. Keep going for your shots!
From: JG, 12/15

Comments: Highly recommended this for single-handed backhand players. It is very good in maneuverability and plow, especially in baseline. 310 grams is perfect, compared to 330 grams, but you need to provide more power. If you want great spin, reduce the tension. I'm using Dunlop Black Widow 16 at 45 lbs. I highly recommend this racquet but still.
From: Von, 11/15

Comments: Good comfort and control. Good balance of maneuverability and plow through. You need to provide the power. A great racquet for players with well developed tennis games -- like strong junior players to college level. Not for some weekend warriors or players that depends on their racquet to make up for what they lack in their tennis game. A not so popular racquet that could appeal to big hitters.
From: Garret, 9/15

Comments: This racquet is fantastic. I removed the base grip and replaced it with a leather grip to make it a little more headlight, and this racquet is perfect. Great blend of maneuverability and plow through. Control is great, feel is great, power is moderately low, spin potential is above average. Strung with Solinco Revolution 17 (for extra spin). I am a Division II player. I highly recommend this racquet.
From: Nick, 9/15

Comments: This racquet feels more like a Wilson PS85 than any other racquet I have tried. It is very accurate, with low power. Spin is good, but not extreme. It is very comfortable. Like my old PS85s, I would put some lead at 9 and 3 to add stability and power (I did not have time to try this out). You can feel a little flex and it doesn't have that hollow feel that a lot of modern rackets have. I felt very connected to the ball. If you are looking for a comfortable control frame with an old-school feel, and can generate your own power, or want a good base for customization with added weight, the tour G 310 is well worth a try. If I were to give up my RF97s, this would be one of the few I would consider to replace them.
From: Rob, 9/15

Comments: In my opinion, the best racquet on the market right now. I'm 20 years old and play D1 tennis and futures (qualies). I would say my game is a very, very, very poor mans Nick Kyrgrios without the talent or arrogance and this racquet has made dealing with my competition so much easier then my days using APD And Wilson Blade 98. It's so good at absorbing the ball pros hit, especially when they up their game. It could be a placebo effect, but I can now return their balls with confidence and go baseline to baseline if needed with them. I added some lead tape on the top part of my grip (now it feels more stable on my backhand). Put a Tourna grip and added the Yonex overgrip like everybody else. It feels good. I have been stringing it at 42 lbs with Solinco Tour Bite 16. I tried the 330 recently but It feels better just to buy the 310 and add my lead tape. Once again could be placebo effect, but this setup is what works for my game.
From: Kyle, 8/15

Comments: This racquet is a real sleeper. Like previous posters, I'm not a big fan of the Yonex replacement grip and lack of flare on the butt cap, but despite that it is the best racquet I've played. No racquet does it for you, but this stick doesn't hold you back in any way. Like a previous poster, I put a Babolat Syntec Pro replacement grip on it, but I added two Yonex Super Grap overgrips to my 4 3/8 too. All I can say is that you should try this great racquet. It is one of the few old school feeling racquets left!
From: JG, 8/15

Comments: Just to add to my comments from 6/15, this racquet is a real winner. It plays stiffer than it's 63 RA, but I love that. This one really stands alone in the wide-beamed, light racquet world. It plays best for me with a Babolat Syntec Pro replacement grip and Yonex over grip on a 4 3/8 handle. It has good heft/plow through, but still enables you to swing quickly with the head light balance. I'm playing my best tennis with this racquet. Tennis is much more about you and not the racquet, but this racquet gives me added confidence that few have. With the Tour G (310) in hand, I plan on continuing to attack with controlled aggression for a long time. Go for it!
From: R.G., 7/15

Comments: Rockin' stick! I am surprised at the generally less than favorable TW review comments. The Tour G 310 is probably one of the best frames that I played with and is my current 'go to' racquet. Control and power, what more can you ask for? If you don't have a full swing, you should probably pass on this frame. Big cuts are handsomely rewarded with this frame. The harder you hit, the better this frame reacts. 'Lazy' hits will find their way to your side of the net. My first serves are on the money with this frame, totally dialed in. Right now I perfer this frame over the Ai 98. The Ai doesn't seem to have the firepower that the Tour G has, and the Ai is supposedly a higher power frame? Go figure. Let 'em rip!
From: James, 7/15

Comments: I've played with this racquet for a year now and it's my absolute favorite. I've tried grip sizes 4 1/4, 4 3/8, and 4 1/2. For me, I like the 4 3/8 grip the best, but with a syntec feel replacement grip and Yonex over grip. This one is a rare breed and a real winner at that in this stiffer, thicker, and lighter world of racquets.
From: Reagan, 6/15

Comments: I love that the price dropped on this stick. It's truly a sleeper. Alright, so I think the whole small grip fad is way overdone. I settled on this stick in 4 1/2 grip with a Babolat syntec feel grip and Yonex over grip and it's just right. I wish Yonex and this stick got more love, but I must say I love playing a racquet that is a true underdog, yet a warrior on the court!
From: R.G., 6/15

Comments: I put a Syntec Pro replacement grip on mine (4 3/8) with an overgrip and I'm not looking back. I wish this stick got more love. I used to play the BLX Blade 98 18x20. It was a great stick, but the swingweight was too high to really whip it around. I loved the stiffness but it had a little too much juice at times, particularly because of all the weight in the head. I would equate the Yonex VCORE Tour G 97 (310g) to be a player's racquet version of the older BLX Blade (black and gold), but with a slightly softer feel. Don't get me wrong, the Tour G is slightly softer, but still firm - just firm enough for me. With that said, the Tour G plays great with a full bed of poly. Overall, the racquet gives me a little extra feel, but still remains stiff enough to get the job done. I have been on a racquet journey for years and I can confidently say, "I found it!" Swing away!
From: J.G. 5/15

Comments: I would be curious if anyone switched over from a Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid and how this frame feels in comparison. How did the transition feel?
From: Remus, 3/15

Comments: Hands down, the best racquet I've ever played with. Great in every aspect. Serves were precise, feel at net was exceptional (which is very important to my game), yet still enough pop to put away balls. This racquet is also great for absorbing balls, so its a great racquet for a counterpuncher. I could hit my shots as hard as I coulda d they would go in. There's also great spin potential and I could still hit my loopy shots very effectively. If the heavier version is better than this, I'll be amazed.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I just wanted to post one more comment on this racquet. I have a 4 3/8, Babolat Syntec Feel replacement grip, strung with poly, and it's the best stick I've ever played. Keep going for your shots!
From: Johnny, 1/15

Comments: I'm a 5.5 player. I played NCAA Division I in college then went on to coach nationally and internationally ranked juniors. I hit a big ball, heavy forehand with lots of topspin and a biting backhand slice, with an emphasis on moving forward in the court. For seven years I played with the Wilson NCode ProStaff 90 inch Federer racquet. After demoing a variety of racquets, I fell in love with this Yonex VCORE Tour G 310. You have to generate your own pace with this racquet, which allows me to really open up on my forehand with this stick. I'm able to get real bite on my backhand slice. Going from 90 to 97 square inches gives me a larger sweet spot. When you add the isometric shape, which leads to an additional 7% larger sweet spot, has resulted me me having much more consistency. At the net this stick is exquisite! It's solid feel allows me to handle rifle shots coming from baseliners when I'm at the net. If you need a racquet that will generate pace for you, this is not your stick. If you're an accomplished player that can generate your own pace, but want precision and control, than I strongly recommend this stick. I tried the Head Instinct, Head Speed, Wilson 98 Blade, Wilson 97 ProStaff Federer, Yonex VCORE Tour G 330, Babolat Pure Strike 18 x 20, and the Babolat Pure Control 95. For me the Yonex VCORE Tour G 310 beat them all out. I ended up getting three of them with a matching bag, and I could not be happier. I strongly recommend this racquet for players that can generate their own pace, and have an all court advanced game.
From: Juan Carlos, 11/14

Comments: I initially bought this stick in 4 1/4 grip size, but I made a mistake. I typically play 4 3/8 and this racquet plays great at that size with a Babolat Syntec Pro replacement grip and Yonex Supergrap overgrip. It's the best racquet I've ever played with. Cheers!
From: JG, 10/14

Comments: I am a 4.0 aggressive baseline player and I mostly disagree with the TW reviewers. The sweet spot isn't small, due to the head shape, the sweet spot is still big but it's higher up on the frame. It isn't that low powered either, I would rate it around 76, certainly not the 69 that was stated. I do however, agree that it isn't as maneuverable as other sticks in the same weight class, it feels like it swings 5 more and weights 5g heavier. Overall, it's a player's stick more suited to those who hit through the ball than spin hitters. It rewards full swings and you need to bring your own power but it's still more stable, powerful and less demanding than many other player's sticks like the Head Prestige Mp or a Blade 93 and is very comfortable to boot. It's the first Yonex I've used that has a sweet spot that feels like a regular racquet yet is still very forgiving. I'm seriously considering switching over to the VCoreG 310.
From: Dylan, 9/14

Comments: I just wanted to add one last thing to my previous comments. I took my Vcore 97 Tour G (310) for one more spin with a slightly more cushioned grip (Syntec Feel along with a super grap overgrip) and I absolutely loved it again. It was much more maneuverable for me. Maybe I have also gotten more used to the weight distribution, but I know this will be my racquet for a long time since it's probably the best stick I've ever used that meets my needs. Keep going for your shots! Love TW!
From: Johnny, 8/14

Comments: Update to my comments from 7/14. I really love the feel of this racquet. I'm used to stiffer racquets, but I like the pretty direct connection with the ball and increased feel of this racquet, given the slightly added flex. The flex creates a little more dwell time that increases spin on my groundstrokes and kick serve. There's just one thing that slightly bugs me about this stick. It plays a little heavier than it's specs. As the TW review suggests, it can get a little cumbersome as you get deeper into points and matches, but that is pretty relative to the player. If you think the 330 is too heavy, I bet you'll love the 310. My search will continue, but Yonex makes amazing sticks.
From: Johnny, 8/14

Comments: This is a great racquet, very underrated. Try one grip size down than usual because this Yonex grip seems to run big even with the thin replacement grip that it comes with. Cheers!
From: Johnny, 7/14

Comments: My first setup was Babolat vs Team natural gut 1.25 in the mains (55 lbs) and Luxilon ALU Power Rough 1.25 in the crosses (52 lbs). The first impression of this racquet was a lot of control in my shots that I never feel before and loved it But there was not so much power for my gameplay and the racquet became unstable some times when I hit the ball not right in the sweetspot zone. same on my serves where i often hit the ball a Little bit more to the endside of the racket it became unstable some times. The fact is the biggest thing I missed was a lot of power. I lowered the tension to 52/48 lbs (same string hybrid setup i used before). Power was much better and it feels very nice. It could be a little more powerful but before I lower the tension more I decided to put some weight in the head on 2-10 clock position (6g on both sides) to become more powerful in my swings and to set the sweetspot a little bit higher for my serves and to make it more stable when I hit the ball a little bit outside the sweetspot. The result is now a very nice racquet for my game with the power I need and I'm still very much in control. I love it.
From: Sebastian, 7/14

Comments: I did find it cumbersome, but changing the grip to a leather grip was the solution, it added 12 grams to the weight and the maneuverability was totally improved. No lack of power. I strung it at 52/48 lbs with Signum Pro Pure Plasma 1.30 and the strings do not move. I will buy a second one.
From: Alberto, 6/14

Comments: Very comfortable, tons of control, and terrific on serves. I have been playing with it for two months and haven't found any areas I dislike. I have my sticks strung with Isospeed Control Classic at 58-56 lbs and do not find them underpowered at all. Really surprised with the review from TW; however, Karly's review is spot on in my opinion.
From: Oscar, 5/14

Comments: I demoed this racquet after falling in love with Yonex Vcore tour 97 310g. I was utterly disappointed that this Gravity version came nothing close to that racquet. It had no power. Granted that it was strung with a dead feeling poly at 55 lbs, but a similar setup produced plenty of power in the previous version. I come from a Pro Staff 6.0 95 and don't need much free power but this felt like a board and got pushed around. Maybe some lead tape and low tension would help but its still too far into the extreme end.
From: Parth, 5/14

Comments: I started out slightly disliking this racquet with Gosen Micro 17 strung at 53 lbs and 3g lead tape at 10- 2. There was an absolute lack of power. The balls were not effectively going past the service as much as I wanted it to. I took off the lead tape and stepped on the strings a couple times to lower the tension. After leaving the racquet alone for a few days, the strings settled in and the tension was probably in the mid to lower 40s and felt like a miniature rocket launcher that was surprisingly controllable. The feel was no longer like a brick wall but rather a more buttery solid feel. I have a two-handed forehand and the depth and control are exceptionally solid, although the power might be a bit high for my one handed backhand. It seems this racquet is simply very picky on strings and/or string tension, so don't throw it out if it feels like a brick wall. Instead, lower the tension a bit and see how it plays out.
From: Derek, 4/14

Comments: Very maneuverable, very flexible racquet. Lots of feel and potential for spin. Felt like it was an extension of my arm. It just felt little underpowered. Also, felt a little unstable while changing direction of incoming heavy ball. I'm a 5.0 and strung it with Babolat RPM Blast.
From: Ricks, 4/14

Comments: This is a fast swinging racquet! Crisp yet dampened feel, very responsive and large sweet spot. A fantastic racquet for intermediate to advanced players.
From: Mikhail, 3/14

Comments: Demoed the regular 97 (310) version but thought it was worth waiting for the new G option. It's a super comfortable racquet, more flex in the throat than the regular, still plenty of feedback for non-centre hits without a total loss of power but good feedback. Lovely ball pocketing and dwell makes this more spin friendly than the regular one in my opinion.
From: Stuart, 3/14

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