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Comments: Great stick! Soft feel with plenty of power. Almost impossible to miss a volley due to the large sweet spot. I string it with Gosen Micro Sheep 18 gauge strings at mid tension. Would recommend to any 4.0-5.0 player.
From: Jose, 7/16

Comments: Amazing weapon. I've hit with both this and the DR version and I could tell you that this version is much more muted if you're looking for a better arm-friendly racquet that still maintains the stiffness and control. The DR rocked my arm (almost as much as my former Babolat) even in a hybrid setup, which was surprising but I was able to string up the Ai with full poly (Solinco Hyper-G 16L) without any major issues. It's not a complete arm healing solution like full natural gut, but it's the closest thing to arm euphoria without having to give up poly strings just yet. It's so muted I'm still going back and forth with weather I even want/need a dampener. It has great spin, it's solid at the net and doesn't get pushed around on volleys like the V1 Pro did in stock form, and if you prepare your swing early it's a great point and shoot racquet. Get this one while you can. It's fun to play with and you can't beat the current pricing at $119. The target market for this racquet since Yonex doesn't advertise that well in the USA is most likely current/former Babolat Aero Pro/Pure Aero users. The only thing I'd caution is that if you put a lot of spin on the ball, the launch angle is much lower with the Ai frame so aiming higher over the net takes a few sessions to get used to. It's my new racquet of choice after 5 years of searching.
From: Al, 6/16

Comments: It's a really good stick for intermediate and advanced. I get a lot of control over the racquet while hitting the groundstrokes. I have been using it since September last year. I use a Babolat VS overgrip and Babolat Roland garros dampener. I really like it and would love to try the DR 100.
From: Vasisht, 3/16

Comments: I like the Yonex brand because I believe the quality control is good. I bought three, all of which weighed 316 grams and have similar balance. In stock form they are a little light and caused a lack of power on serve. To cure this I added 8 grams of lead to the head at 3 and 9 o'clock and 2 grams to the handle where the grip begins. Also added a dampener and use Volkl v dry or Pacific X Tack dry grips. They are now 333 grams. They are a great all around racquet, they do everything pretty well and are arm friendly. If there is a standout feature I would say they are on the powerful side. I was stringing them at 52 pounds, have ended up at 57 to get control. I string with Gosen Sidewinder 17 on the mains and Volkl Power Fibre 2 17g on the crosses. I play an all court game, mix up the pace, topspin/slice, singles and doubles.
From: Mike, 2/16

Comments: Love this stick! I feel a wonderful blend of power, spin, control, feel, and comfort. I have been fiddling with different racquets the past few months and have also dealt with some arm issues. This frame seems to give me everything I need. It sort of has that Pure Drive or AeroPro Drive feel with added comfort and touch.
From: Sam, 1/16

Comments: Switched from the APD to the EZONE Ai 100. I get the control I need, and the spin potential is amazing! The ball just can't go long with this one, I'm always finding the court. I love the big sweet spot and stability -- it's very easy on the hand. I used Babolat natural gut hybrid with Black Widow on the APD to help with my elbow problems, but no need for that with the Ai 100. Haven't experimented with too many strings yet, so can't comment. Now using MSV focus HEX 1.18 at 53 lbs and liking it.
From: Laura, 1/16

Comments: This racquet is magic! I'm a 3.5/4.0 player who had been struggling with elbow pain, to the point where I didn't want to play. (Pain; icing; anti inflammatories; braces; etc.). Bought this racquet in July and within 6 weeks the pain and inflammation miraculously disappeared. I now play as frequently as 6 times a week with absolutely no elbow problems. I did find that by abandoning my slightly head heavy racquet for the Ai 100, I lost some "pop" on serves. (Less noticeable with groundstrokes.) Consequently I used 17 gauge string at 50 lbs. and that helped. Yes I lost a little pace on my game. Regained my desire to play. No-brainer trade off. Magic!
From: Dave, 12/15

Comments: No doubt this racquet is powerful and comfortable. I am a flat hitter and due to the open string pattern it is hard to control, lots of balls fly out compared to the racquet I already use. I also agree with the previous post that it is flimsy. Slices are hard to control, as well as drop shots. If you dont generate a full stroke you may have problems with depth. I am not as enthusiastic as other reviewers but admit it has some strong points. A lot depends on game style -- topsin players with full strokes probably are the target group. Short compact stroke players should look elsewhere. I will not switch, as a denser string pattern and more control oriented racquet fits me better.
From: Rafal, 9/15

Comments: A bit light and flimsy. Lacks power.
From: Nagan, 8/15

Comments: This is an amazing "light saber!" Groundstrokes, volleys, and serves are right there to match the level of pro playing. However, I had difficulties controlling the drop shots. The feel was just not there on drop shots. Overheads were very difficult. I was framing the ball a lot. I guess it has to do with the shape of the frame. Never had issues with overhead until I used this racquet. I think it is about finding the correct string to flow with the racquet now. Once I do find it, watch out sith lords on the tennis courts! There is a new Jedi Master in the tennis universe.
From: Pocco, 7/15

Comments: Wow. Amazing stick! Very muted feeling and arm friendly. Can really hit hard groundstrokes and the ball goes in. I'm switching over from an APD as it gives me shoulder and elbow pain. Playing with this feels like you are in a virtual reality video game. Very easy to play with and I think my game improved right away.
From: Art, 7/15

Comments: I tried this stick for 6-8 hours of play, and compared to Ai98 it had too much power and less control! This was not a stick for me.
From: Voya, 5/15

Comments: Excellent racquet. I've previously played the APD, Head Graphene Speed Pro and the Yonex Ezone Ai98. This racquet is a nice blend of all those racquets. I've found the spin is equivalent to the APD, but with less power and more maneuverability. It has less control than the Speed Pro, but more spin and more power. It has more spin and power than the Ai98 and I appreciated the additional forgiveness on mishits. For me, the balance/mix works and is what I was looking for. The internal dampending technology is outstanding, which has enabled me to go without a separate dampner.
From: Kevin, 4/15

Comments: This is a super racquet on every shot. Strung with the Volkl Cyclone at 52 lbs, this is a superb racquet with easy spin and is very arm friendly.
From: Rui, 3/15

Comments: Outstanding racquet! After playing for years with the Six One 95, I wanted a lighter racquet. I tried the APD, PS 95 and few others, but all of them were nothing compared to the Ai 100. You can do everything with this racquet - - amazing balance of power and spin. Great on serve; maneuverable for returns, and it really surprised me on slice -- I didn't think it would perform this well since it is on the lighter side. I added a few grams in the head and handle and now it is a beast. Im a 5.0 player.
From: Dave, 3/15

Comments: I have been a VCore 100S user and fan which has been retired and bought a pair of VCore 100Si as the recent iteration of vcore 100. Vcore100si is really great on shots made right at center but highly stiff, uncomfortable and hurting for off center shots. As I read reviews, I decided to give the Ai100 a shot. One word, Ai100 equals comfort and a very nice, forgiving feel on off center shots. Right now I switch between the 100Si and 100Ai. My experience is when switching to a stiffer racquet, it takes some time to adjust to the right tension and your arm also adjusts. I will use the Ai100 as an alternate but stick to Vcore Si because I rarely hit off center shots.
From: Obaid, 2/15

Comments: Was looking for a replacement for the EZone 100. It became too powerful for me as my game changed. Demoed this and it was love at first sight! Very forgiving on the arm and a nice sweet spot. Good control as well. Strung it up with Dunlop Black Widow 17g at 50 lbs.
From: Jackie, 1/15

Comments: I am trying to replace the APD 2013. Unless you take a full fast stroke, the balls are going out one foot or so. Strung 4G at 54 lbs, Cyclone at 56 lbs. The Ai100 has less spin and more power in the sweet spot compared to APD. Comfort is good. Played 4 times/9 hours -- maybe I need more time. I'm a 4.0 level with an eastern forehand.
From: Dean, 12/14

Comments: This is an excellent racquet from the baseline. I got more spin and power on my groundstrokes. It didn't work as well for volleys (not enough touch) and serves (sluggish due to the balance and/or polarization). If you're a baseline basher, definitely give this racquet a try.
From: Eric, 11/14

Comments: Great racquet. Switched to this from the Technifibre Tfight 320 as I needed something lighter, easier on the arm, but still with good power. I'm a baseliner 4.0 player. Offers good power and control on serves and groundstrokes. Strung with Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro at 52 lbs and close to perfect. Now tempted to try the Ai 98. Anyone tried both?
From: JK, 11/14

Comments: I was looking for a lighter racquet than my current one (weighing 12.2 ounces strung) and I think the Yonex Ezone Ai 100 fits the bill. The racquet is maneuverable and yet very stable. There definitely is an adjustment period from my earlier racquet which had a solid smooth swing. The EZONE Ai 100 was less responsive when strung at 55 lbs (Signum Pro Tornado 16) but really came alive with 50 lbs (Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour 16). I found the feel of this racquet similar to Babolat AeroPro Drive.
From: VM, 10/14

Comments: I enjoyed the solid feel -- as solid as I have ever experienced at this weight, and superb volleying this racquet facilitates, along with a comfortably firm feel. Power sometimes seemed a bit too much and hard to control, but there may be a learning curve here that I didn't allow sufficient time for. If you like racquets in the low 11 ounce range, this is definitely one to demo.
From: Mike, 9/14

Comments: I like that it is easy to play like Babolat APD, Wilson Juice 100, etc. but this one is less harsh. Not an arm killer like those. Easy to whip for that extra topspin, and very fast at the net. Big sweet spot. I'm still experimenting to find the perfect string setup, but Black Widow 1.31 mm at 53 lbs is pretty nice. Like all Yonex racquets, this needs one or two extra layers of overgrip on the buttcap to get it right. 4.5 level league player, heavy hitting topspin baseline player. Black Widow 16/Focus hex 1.10 mm at 53/52 lbs.
From: Mathias, 9/14

Comments: After demoing 12 racquets, I didn't love any of them. I watched the Tennis Warehouse racquet review for this racquet and demoed one and fell in love! I got rid of my Babolat APD for this. I love the perfect balance of everything. Not as stiff as a Babolat but still has power, great swing weight, awesome pop on my groundstrokes too! I am using Technifibre NRG2 and it feels plush since I have tendinitis. I am a fan of Yonex now!
From: Lee, 7/14

Comments: This raquet is quite simply the best all around 16x19 stick on the market. Topspin, slices, serves and volleys are all solid. I have demoed the Prince Warrior, Pure Drive, PD Roddick, APD, Head Instict, Wilson Juice, Dunlop M4.0, and Donnay Formula 100 (which was a close second). Not recommended for beginners but for 4.0 and above if the specs look like they suit you go for it you will not be disappointed. I strung it with Cyclone at 54/52 lbs and am a 6.0 level all-courter.
From: Thomas, 5/14

Comments: After switching racquets numerous times over the past 2 years and not really finding the right one, my search is finally over with the Ezone AI 100. I switched to Yonex last year, first playing the VCore 100S and then trying the Ezone XI 100. I liked the Vcore 100s but I had trouble controlling the ball against heavy hitters especially at the net. The AI 100 is just a tad heavier but it's enough to eliminate that problem. Not only can I control heavy balls much easier now but can also create very decent pace and especially enormous spin. The first set I played I was sure so many balls were going out but somehow they all spun into the court, also my opponents were sometimes beyond belief. There is not a single thing I dislike about it. The stability is fantastic, control, spin and pace come very easily. I strung it with Signum Pro Tornado at 51 lbs, same as my other racquets. Long story short, this is the best racquet I have ever played. I'm a singles player between 3.5 and 4.0 and hit with a lot of topspin and extreme slice. Some of my slice balls spun so extremely sideways that my opponents couldn't even reach the ball, unreal.
From: David, 5/14

Comments: I am a current E-zone 100 user and love it. The Ai 100 is a different animal. I find the increase in swing weight very obvious. This feels more like a baseline oriented racquet now versus an all court stick. I will stick to the old frame for now and look elsewhere in the future.
From: Mark, 5/14

Comments: The best and most solid tennis racquet I have experienced in the past 25 years. The racquet has good power but prioritizes control. Excellent in every way, I am very pleased with it. I do not consider a racquet for beginners because a good whip is necessary to achieve good acceleration and spin.
From: Eduardo, 4/14

Comments: I have played with all of the EZONE line of racquets and Yonex somehow managed to make each version better than the previous rendition. The Ai is simply put, a solid stick on all fronts. It is much better than the Xi on groundstrokes without losing anything on the serve or the volley. It is a bit stiifer than previous versions but the lack of vibration makes it a non-issue. A great frame for a wide range of players. Strung with Babalot VS touch gut mains/Babalot excel crosses at 58 lbs.
From: Tony, 4/14

Comments: Received the YONEX Ai 100. Overall impression: Very high quality construction and finish. Excellent plow through rivaling my Babolat PD Roddick plus. Unlike the Babolat though, there are few, if any trade-offs. Comfort is quite high, stability is excellent, great feel. Plenty of spin potential. The only downside was easily remedied: The stock grip is very thin with no cushioning. I had that replaced for $5.99 and the racquet is great in all aspects. I strung it with Volkl 17 Gauge Psycho hybrid, 54 lbs in the mains, 52 lbs in the crosses crosses.
From: Zivko, 3/14

Comments: Great racquet in the same class as the Warrior 100, Wilson Pro Open, Prince Warrior 100 or APD. Softer feeling than it's 68 rating. Nice solid 330 swingweight. Plays nice out of the box. I swapped out the thin Yonex grip for a Wilson Sublime and it added 5 grams. Lots of power but it's easily controllable with the right poly and tension Cyclone at 55 lbs is a great starting point. Really does everything well -- groundies, serve, slice and touch and feel is great for a high stiffness racquet. Headshape on the Ais is less square than in year's past and that's a welcome change IMO. If you like powerful 11-11.5 oz. semi- players frames, you should give this one a try. It really has no downsides.
From: JackB1, 3/14

Comments: I have been deciding on which racquet that would suit my game between the Yonex AI 100 or Head Prestige Graphene MP. The Head racquet is a very good solid control racquet but you have to generate your own power (Players racquet). It hits very nice, good for the arm and shoulder, but it is a heavy racquet. So your reaction time will be a bit slow. The Yonex AI 100 is a very powerful, light racquet, good for the arm and shoulder. It excels in all areas except slicing -- it is very terrible when trying to execute a slice. However, since I play a lot of doubles, the Yonex fits my game style. Very good racquet for doubles.
From: Amett, 3/14

Comments: I've used Yonex for years. I am a bit of a racquet tester and have hit many of the new sticks that are out. I think this one has something for everyone comfort, power, spin, and swingweight. Much better than the AeroPro Drive.
From: Andrew, 3/14

Comments: Big fan. I have been demoing several racquets since November. I tried the new Princes and liked them (100 Tour, orange and yellow/98) and decided to step out of Prince and try Yonex for a while. Just really impressed with the feel/weight of this racquet. Fits me well.
From: Rode, 2/14

Comments: I picked this up because I'm still looking for that 11.2 oz/5 pts headlight stick that I can say is perfect. I take a big cut at the ball, big topspin. And I like Yonex sticks, but they haven't had many in this weight category that could be considered a players racquet. Mine weighs 11.4 oz, added only an overgrip, and is 5 pts headlight. But the balance of this one makes you feel it is lots lighter, and very fast. Which is good. Quickness is really apparent on returns where this is really good. Serves also, while not the most spin I've had, it certainly feels controllable. Groundstrokes are very controllable but I'm still looking for that string that will pull it back about a foot or so. Tourna Big Hitter Blue 17 at 53 lbs is just a little too big hittery. Am going to try Weiss Cannon Black Edge at the same tension and hopefully that edge will grab a bit more and pull the ball down. All in all very happy, my go to stick and I have lots of sticks.
From: Rob, 2/14

Comments: I've been hitting with Yonex raquects now for over a decade and this Ai version of the EZONE is awesome! I just recently switched to this version from the EZONE Xi 100 and couldn't be happier. I did add quite a bit of lead tape around the frame to add more weight. The thinner beam in the throat allowed me to swing faster and therefor added more spin to my ground strokes. I was more accurate with angle shots as well. Strung with Yonex Poly Tour strings. This stick gives me the confidence to go all out with my shots!
From: Carlo, 12/13

Comments: I put 5 grams of lead tape in the head and tried it, it's a real weapon! I tested all the 100s square inch racquets on the market, but this stick beats them all. It's very easy to use, extremly powerful but also very controllable due to the enormous spin. This stick reminds me of a blend of a Pure Drive (power) and an AeroPro Drive (spin), but with much more touch. Also, it is very comfortable on your arm -- I can't find any mistakes! I strung it with Solinco Tour bite at 24/23 kilos.
From: Tom, 12/13

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