Wilson Enduro Tour 17 String 10 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: I like this string, and I think it has plenty of potential. The stiffness is great, the power is there, and also great control. I don't believe people who found this string negative. It's great for the advanced player, and if you are one you should try this one for sure, as I think you will love it. I strung it in my Head Youtek Extreme Pro at 60 lbs and I found it very nice.
From: Charles, 11/12

Comments: I bought the Enduro Tour 5 pack for the value and when I was stringing my friend's racquet with a Gamma Progression II with the drop-weight, it was like pulling on a spring when I tensioned it! I didn't pre-stretch it but I don't think I could have pre-stretched it enough it was so bad. Never buy this string!
From: Marc, 11/12

Comments: A warning to anyone considering buying these strings. Don't. They have been out of production for years now and the stock available has degraded and become brittle and really prone to breaking. I've had my last 4 restrings pop on me within 30 minutes of use over the last month. It's sad as they were pretty decent strings when launched (down the softer end of polys).
From: Bobby, 7/12

Comments: The endurance of this string is remarkable. In fact, this is the only string I have ever used that lasted past its functional usefulness. Week after week during prime singles season, it hung in there, and leaves me to evaluate: Is this string still alive? Has it lost enough tension to compromise control? After two months, the answers aren't obvious, which is testimony to the string. It's certainly saved me some cash. With its initial low cost, a player can afford to change it often, even if it ain't broke.
From: Len, Indiana, USA, 10/10

Comments: This string is very durable and can take a lot of abuse. I can practice topspin or slice all day without fear that my set will notch through immediately. I string at 55lbs, which is about equivalent of syngut at 60lbs, but will give much better control, particularly on hard kick serves. Think about this as the string having less ability to stretch before it reaches maximum tension. This string is softer than Babolat pro hurricane, and is more comfortable because has slightly more elongation. I once got tennis elbow two years ago from over stringing Babolat pro hurricane and had to use MFs until I got my resistance back up, and so wanted to get back to poly but needed a softer poly. This was the ticket.
From: Craig, Acton, MA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Decent durability and pretty good soft feel, but this string loses its tension F A S T. Plays like absolute mush after just a few hours.
From: Bob, Findlay, OH, USA, 09/10

Comments: The 17 gauge Enduro lasts a long time, sometimes 10-15 sessions. The string will go dead after 10-20 hours, so it will last until you need to restring. Lot softer than, say, Babolat Hurricane. Have used it in my 6.1 BLX 90s at tensions anywhere between 50-58 pounds and find that feel changes dramatically. Have done 55 mains and used with Syngut in the crosses at 60 pounds with very good results. At 50-52 pounds, I need to slow down speed of my stroke as ball tends to arrive five to ten feet to the left of where I am hitting. Similarly, above 56 pounds, the ball tends to arrive five feet to the right of where I am hitting. On serves, this string has fierce bite and helps big kick serves; and durability of this string gives me confidence that I can really swipe the ball without sawing through the strings too quickly. So whether you are into topspin or slice, this is very economical string for training and practice sessions in which you want to put a lot of energy on the ball and practice your stroke without having to spend money because of frequent string breaking or loss of tension due to notching. I just bought another ten pack at 29.99 because this is such a good deal. I use this to string a pair of 6.1 90s. The string is stiff enough to poke through the hoop at cross-over point (because string gets in the way in the channel on my 6.1s), yet when hitting it seems soft enough to avoid any strain on the elbow, even with my boardy 6.1 frames. I like to swing heavy, and this string provides a lot of control in the center of the racket due to its lack of elongation (high modulus), which is not really possible with using syngut on mains (unless you string about 62 which is conducive to breaking. So durability and control are the predominant characteristics, and yet 17 gauge is soft enough so you don't kill your elbow. With non-stretchy strings like these, it is important to be accurate with your stringing tension, and more so than with synguts or multifilament strings which are much more forgiving. I don't think it is a good idea to hybrid these with MFs, unless you string the MFs at 5-7 pounds tighter than Enduro, and you should probably use the MF at 16 gauge with Enduro at 17 gauge since the MF loses tension much faster.
From: Kimbal, Acton, MA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I string my Wilson BLX90 with this string at 55-56 pounds, and it feels very smooth and lasts 10-15 hours at least. The feeling is very good, particularly on big swings and meeting the ball in the center. Compare this to 16 gauge syn gut at 60 lbs which seems too elastic in center hits. This Enduro string has less to stretch until maximum tension, and this provides better control than syn guts and multifilaments. I have even strung a very flexible racket (96") at 50 pounds and found this string still gave good control.
From: Kmbal, Acton, MA, USA. 07/10

Comments: Great string, nice feel and accurate control. It feels like you are hitting the ball with your hands. Good power. I recommend this string!
From: Yikai, tianjin, china. 5/10

Comments: I've been using the Polylast 17 for just about a year now after a friend had recommended it to me. This string really lasts and it has pretty good control and feel at the same time. Lately though I've been looking a for a durable Polyester string that has even more feel and control while still being amazingly durable. With many new Polyester strings out there, I think I'm going to switch.
From: Alex, Guilderland, NY, USA. 4/03

Comments: I tried both the 16 gauge and the 17 gauge of Polylast. I would have to say that if you string your own racquet, go for the Polylast 17. It has a better feel and much better grab of the tennis balls. I hit better topspin stroke with the 17 gauge compared with the 16 gauge strings. Durability is particularly good on the 16 gauge version. It breaks by average of 16-20 hours of playing. I have played the 17 gauge only for two hours and can't tell how long it would last.
From: Michael, Seattle, WA. USA 10/02

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