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Comments: I purchased this racquet with an eye towards modifying it. My belief in this project comes from my ancient appreciation for the original series PB10. What a great stick that was. For whatever reason I never served better than when I hit that thing. I should have bought 10 of them. I've been hitting the Yonex RDTi80 for years now and am finding I'm not able to get around on the ball of late. Age and pizza. I'm looking for some free swing speed without sacrificing stability and control. First thing, this Super 9 frame is useless until weight is added. The leather grip I added gave me some foundation weight but I added an additional 3.5 grams of lead to the handle as well. Then I put 3.5 grams at the 3 position and another 3.5 ounces at 9. The frame now hits without buzzing and the added mass gives it stability and nice plow through. I'm using a medium harsh/stiff full textured 16g poly at 50 pounds. With the weight I find it to be a quick comfortable frame that's stable like a Volkl should be. It is true that the sweet spot is kind of small on this thing. I might hybrid it next time. It feels like I'm working with a 93 square inch frame at times -- like on serve. The power level on this racquet is very low. The comfort and muted nature of this frame however makes it possible to take big rips with a full bed of harsh polly. I'm able to execute reverse and windshield wip forehands on demand but the racket seems to favor driving the ball. Feels great. Leather grip and weight in the hoop is essential to this frame in my opinion. But with this set up I feel free to take huge cuts. My only unresolved aspect of this frame is how my serve is going to evolve with it. The small sweet spot and low power output will require big arcs and lots of racket head velocity. Time will tell.
From: Peter, 10/16

Comments: I have posted a number of reviews on the Tennis Warehouse site, mainly for players spec frames (strung weight of 320+ grams with medium to soft flex) with dense (i.e., 18x20) string patterns. I have been a user of both the Organix 10 mid (93"), one of my favorite hitting frames of all time, and the Organix 9, a great all rounder, jack-of-all trades type of frame. The Super G version of the 9 is a radical departure from the previous 9. It is significantly stiffer than the Organix version, and if you play with a full poly bed in the recommended tension range, this frame might well aggravate tender elbows. Despite the frame's stiffness, Volkl has engineered power out of this frame. As a result, to create pace, you will need full groundstrokes or some added lead tape. This is an odd combo these days in tennis frames (stiffness without easy power). The stiffness and increased thickness of the beam has also reduced the 'feel' of the frame (see Dennis from down-under comment below). The dense string bed doesn't generate easy spin, and the balance makes the frame feel slower through the contact zone for folks hitting western or semi-western off the forehand (also see Anthony's comment below). These characteristics make this frame best suited to big, flat ball hitters from the baseline and flat the on serve where the low power of the frame, but dense string pattern will assist with control and precision. If you are a flat ball hitter, the dense string would allow you to use a multifilament (syn gut) which may assist in getting some feel back in the frame. Big spin hitters who prefer head light frames should steer clear of this one. Two final notes, I bought two of these frames (stock condition) and found them to be 14 grams different in weight (a weight difference that should be unacceptable for major manufacturers these days -- so thumbs down on that Volkl). Secondly, these things can be used to land airplanes on the tarmac, or direct traffic in emergency situations, they are a very neon orange in color. You will definitely be 'noticed' at your club if you take one of these out of your bag for match-play.
From: Geoff, 5/16

Comments: I have represented Australian Seniors in World titles overseas.I have used Volkl racquets for the last 13 years and find them to be a most beautiful balanced racquet. So I bought two Volkl G 9s from the Tennis Warehouse recently, and paid freight to Australia.I am disappointed in these racquets -- they are lumps of a fence paling, terribly weighted in the handle, and the strings are too close for hitting decent strokes. I have tried four different strings to get some feeling in these racquets. If I bought a lump of wood, it might not be any worst.
From: Dennis, 5/16

Comments: If you liked the previous version of the Head Prestige Mid Plus, definitely consider this one. It is what the next model in the Prestige line should have been. Low-powered with some spin potential, this racquet only performs better as you ramp up the swing speed to generate very powerful and precise first strike shots. Nice for taking big cuts at service returns and great feel on volleys.
From: Luxinterna, 3/15

Comments: I added lead tape by wrapping it around the throat of the racquet (just above the grip) and covering it with the rubber band and counter balancing that with more lead at 2 and 10 o'clock on the head. I like the raquet much heavier in the 12.7 ounce range, about 7 points headlight, strung tight with poly, 2 extra overgrips. Definitely worth a try -- custom weighted for manly men. I am hitting a slice backhand that is pushing my opponents back. Drop shots are violent. Demo it with some extra lead in above mentioned spots.
From: Selles, 2/14

Comments: This is a very solid frame. I found that it volleys really well, you just set the racquet out in front with a firm wrist and it can absorb just about any pace. Returns were also very good with a short compact stroke. I really enjoyed this racquet off the backhand side (two hands). Serves were pretty good, not spectacular. The only thing I struggled with was getting the racquet around on the forehand side, but overall I really enjoyed this racket and it's on my short list. It's very orange, but orange is the new black apparently.
From: Anthony, 2/14

Comments: Solid. Stable. Plays better than the specs would suggest. Produces a lot of spin even with the dense string bed. With the extra spin generation and solid racquet face, it has a ton of control. The plow through is also excellent, most likely because of the wrap-around grommet. Serves have a lot of pop. One of the best "9s" in a long time.
From: Shard, 1/14

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