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Comments: I have been using this racquet for 2 weeks now and I have synced with it to an extent to write how I feel about it. I was using the Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0 before this Prince Warrior 100. It is light weight and more powerful than the Dunlop and my backhand power has gona a level up. The only problem or disadvantage is the feel of this racquet. I am currently using Prince Warrior Response 16 string strung at 50 lbs and I don't like the feeling that I get when I hit the ball. Perhaps Luxilon ALU Power Rough will make it a little better in this regard. Overall a great racquet. Definitely worth the money.
From: Omar, 10/16

Comments: This is the first time I have bought a Prince racquet. I really enjoy the fast swing feel resulting from the EXO3 technology. It is animated to swing while hearing the whistle if you know what I mean. I don't know why Prince has eliminated this invention. It is good to keep it as an outstanding label. It is good to have one with you to push yourself while working on your footwork and other techniques in order to stay competitive. This racquet does require me to use my body. Also, it is very arm-friendly and perhaps I will reconsider my string choices. If you add some lead on the 6 o'clock spot it will be more stable in terms of groundstrokes, in my opinion.
From: Jue, 5/16

Comments: This racquet, for me, is one that requires a poly string. I bought it strung with syn gut but it has too muted of a feel without a crisper string. I put Kirschbaum Proline X in and it brings more life into it. I will probably try some Alpha Gut 2000 next to see how that does. It doesn't play like a 66 RA stiffness racquet typically does. I know people compare the power to a Pure Drive, but it seems lower powered for sure. Otherwise, nice racquet.
From: CF, 11/15

Comments: I'm a Pure Drive user and currently have some elbow problems. I demoed this racquet for a week and had mixed feelings about it. Compairing to my PD, this stick produces a lot more topspin (and kick on serve). While I enjoyed a more forgiving sweetspot on defensive shots and long rallies, I found it very difficult to hit a winner when I needed to take the point. Flat shots are rather difficult to execute. Groundstrokes are easier to hit with power and topspin, but tend to remain shorter and less effective; I needed to hit higher balls to keep the shots deep into the opponent's court. Serves where less powerful than with my PD. All in all, a good racquet but a game changer.
From: Fabio, 8/15

Comments: This racquet saves my "tennis elbow" injury. I used to play with a Babolat Pure Drive (2007 model) and suffered the injury that makes me think that i should leave this sport. I am a 4.5 plus player and find this racquet saves my injury. Love the feel of the impacts and the easy way to maneuver this racquet.
From: Alejandro, 6/15

Comments: Bought this as a replacement for my EXO Black Team which came a cropper when I bounced it once too often off the court. Good swingweight, excellent power and very comfortable due to the EXO ports. May not be everyone's cup of tea but I love it.
From: Jon, 2/15

Comments: Sleeper racquet for 4.5 hackers with shoulder problems. Muted feel translates to less vibration to the shoulder due to EXO3 grommet system. Much more predictable than previous Warrior. Reminds me of the Juice, Wilson Pro Open, Babolat Pure Drive, etc. without harsh feeling. Give it a try. By the way, Tennis Warehouse is the best!
From: Jose, 8/14

Comments: I just purchased 2 sticks from TW strung with RPM Blast at 54 lbs. I couldn't be happier with them. I am a 5.0 player with some serious shoulder problems who was using the Wilson Six.One 95S and prior to that, the Blade 16x19. This racquet has surprising stability and plow through, produces either heavy spin or a penetrating flat drive, is very maneuverable, and gets more consistent depth than the former incarnations of the warrior. It has definitely helped me regain the ability to hit through the ball and produce much more pace with excellent directional control with less effort, and no pain. Plaudits to Prince for developing a racquet that feels like a more versatile, maneuverable version of the Aeropro Drive.
From: Rick, 7/14

Comments: Did a TW demo for 3 days. Pretty good, all around racquet. Maybe not as much power as I expected, especially on serves, but stringing it looser should help. I liked it for volleys, especially putting away high volleys. For some reason my overheads were better than usual with this racquet, while my serves were not as fast. That doesn't make sense to me, since serves and overheads go together, but that's what happened. This racquet felt much more solid than it's weight would indicate.
From: Henry, 7/14

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