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Comments: I stung this in my Yonex Vcore 89 at 52 pounds. When I first started playing with it, I loved it. It was crisp and powerful, however a couple days later as it broke in, it turned into one of my most hated strings. They are loose and fraying after about 4 days of play, 3 hours each day. I was hoping for more. I just wish I had that awesome feeling I had with it on day one. Maybe the humid weather got to it? Maybe I needed a higher tension? I dont know. I'll be ripping this string out sooner than I had hoped.
From: Rob, 5/13

Comments: IIt's unfortunate that Hilario below cut this out. As their stiffest gut, you have to break this one in and string it in the lower ranges, or even at the same tension you string poly or just a few pounds higher (not 9 lbs higher like he had). The first hour or two may feel stiff and not like other guts, but the more you play this string, the better it plays. I'd have to agree with Jimbo it is crisp and cool. The harder you swing the bigger the pocket feels, but with this gut, you can swing full and hard and not have a springy feel. For those coming from poly, this should feel perfect for you, as it did for me. No loss of spin or control as compared to many full polys I had used before, not to mention much better comfort and power. It's a win-win string change for me, in my K blade tour 93.
From: James, 4.5, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 10/09

Comments: Definitely an excellent choice for gut users and non-users alike. I put it on the crosses with Kirschbaum Pro Line II and it has suited me well. The string-bed has excellent feel, when I strike the ball it is crisp, cool, and refreshing like a swimming pool of 7-UP! I am a 5.0 counter-puncher who prefers to end points at net. I had some trouble stringing it up though, I attempted to pre-stretch the gut and it took WAY too long, I would suggest just stringing it as is. Because the tension feels fine. THANKS!
From: Jimbo Slice, Anchorage, AK, USA. 7/08

Comments: I am a fanatic of polys (Signum PPP, Luxilon, Cyber Flash, Hurricane), and to celebrate my birthday I bought 2 sets of natural gut (Pacific Tough Gut 16), to give me a luxury. Before becoming fond of the polys, I was playing with gut, and I remembered the the touch and special control that comes from gut. I put it at 55 lb., in my Dunlop M-Fil 700. Later, on the court, I was totally disappointed. This string is lacking "soul" and does not have the touch and exquisite control for that I was waiting for. It plays as a bad poly, so much it so that I cut it out and replaced it with one of my favorite hybrids (Signum PPP 1,18 mains and Luxilon ALU Rough crosses, both at 46 lb.).I believe that after this disappointment I will never return to gut.
From: Hilario, Sevilla (Spain). 11/07

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