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Comments: I have cracked three of these rackets and have rarely ever busted a string. Its a great racquet but believe company is trying to save money by using cheaper materials in construction. The first 2 had problems with enamel chipping.
From: Buzz, 5/12

Comments: This is an excellent racquet. It has power and lots of control. I found it plays like a 105 square inch headsize frame.
From: Arseni, 11/11

Comments: TW reviewers, Chris (5.0) or Brittany (open) gave a suprisingly positive review of what would appear to be a game improvement racquet. As I've gotten slower afoot, I moved to an oversize racquet as I need help with short swings caused by reaching or off-balance. Playing (and happy with) a Volkl V1 OS butt-weighted to 11.6oz. But tried the Silver 115 because of the positive TW review. I came away agreeing with the TW reviewers assesments. My dislikes are that I'm not used to the head-heavy balance. From a playability standpoint, it has all the attributes of a power-oriented OS frame but the characteristic that I noticed most was that the 115 has comfortable feedback & good feel, a characteristic that is usually lacking in power oriented racquets. Thinking about buying one and adding weight to produce a more even balance. Chris & Brittany - what string and tension did you use in your playtest?
From: Will. 10/11
String type and tension: Prince LT Premium, 62lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.0
(The playtest racquet was strung with Prince Premier LT 16 at mid tension + 2 lbs, our standard tension for multifilament strings in playtest racquets. -- TW Staff)

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