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Comments: Amazing feel. No complaints. Much better stability and maneuverability compared to either of the two long racquets I've used in the past (Classic Pro Staff 6.1 Stretch, then Prince Long body). None of the usual arguments against longer racquets apply to this stick as far as I can tell. I've only hit for a couple hours with it so far and I've played just one competitive set, but a familiar opponent claimed my wide serves have extra slide. That may be, although it's at least partially psychological -- you feel confident serving with this stick, so you're likely to serve better. The pros who tested it in the TW video commented that it took a bit of time to adjust the extra half inch. I guess that goes without saying, but I found the sweet spot in almost no time. Highly recommended.
From: Evan, 12/14

Comments: This racquet is amazing. The extra length gives some extra pop while maintaining stability. The feel is smooth and solid and provides feedback which the other stiff racquets just can't do. Even though it's a 95 square inches with a 18x20 string pattern, the frame swings freely and generates controllable power and generates more than ample spin. The thin beam is a good trade off from the clunky thick-beam frames and generates a high level of racquet head speed. Don't over look this frame, its a worthy competitor.
From: Pete, 10/14

Comments: Awesome racquet! I am a 4.5 all-court player, who loves to smash from the baseline and this racquet is smooth! Great for groundstrokes, great for volleys and awesome serve potential. I was using the Babolat Aeropro Drive +, but this racquet puts that to shame. Strung it with Luxilon ALU Power 16g Blue at 52 lbs and have enjoyed the results.
From: MJO, 7/14

Comments: Great racquet! My demo came strung with Pro Hurricane Tour. The racquet tune showed a stringbed tension around 43 lbs. It felt stiffer than that though, but I am not used to hitting with 18x20 pattern racquets. I found the PC95+ to be a fantastic racquet. Serves were very good. They weren't quite PDR+ level, but they were damn good. I found the Prince Graphite 100 Longbody to be an even better 1st serve racquet though. 2nd serves were very reliable for me. Being a lefty, I live and die by spin serves (slices, tops, kicks, etc.) The PC95+ was solid, and I got better spin than I expected out of such a tight pattern. Granted, it didn't have the crazy spin action of a Tour100 ESP, but I'd say it was well enough. I did notice that I didn't get as many mishits on 2nd serves as I usually do though from my normal racquets. In fact, I think the PCT+ is better at 2nd serves than the PC95+, and I didn't like the PCT+ over all. Groundstrokes: The PC95+ is one smooth machine! I'd probably rate the topspin potential at an 8.5 out of 10. I was hitting deep penetrating groundstrokes and everything seemed to stay within the lines. When hit perfectly, the racquet rewards you with a really crisp feeling. I loved it... especially after playing with Prince tour 100s for a while. Mishits were not jarring at all. the sweetspot seemed fairly open, in my opinion. Backhand slices were one of the sweetest shots with this racquet. you could keep them low and and driving or sweet little droppers. I felt that the backhand slice was a specialty with this racquet. Volleys were up and down. I like the extra reach, but the added length sometimes makes maneuverability an issue. Touch was never an issue though. Great touch on volleys with this stick! Finally, I liked this racquet for returns. It's not the fastest racquet due to the extra length, but the added length is overall an asset to the PC95+. I really liked this racquet a lot, and am considering it for a switch. I think if it were in a 16x18 or 16x19 pattern, it would be a slam dunk for me. Definitely take this racquet out for a test drive!
From: Andrew, 6/14

Comments: This kind of reminds me of an extended version of the Volkl Power Bridge 10 mid or the old Head Liquid Metal Prestige mid -- both great sticks. Nice feel and pinpoint accuracy, only need to bring a developed stroke. Power can be increased if you need by string choice or a tad of lead tape. Recommend stringing at very bottom of range if using all poly.
From: Anon, 5/14

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