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Comments: I have never had problems with shoe durability in my life until I bought the Tubes. They are good for the price in every area except durability.
From: Dan, 9/12

Comments: They are falling apart after 3-4 hours of court time. The front facing outsole started to separate from the rest of the shoe. The build quality is atrocious. Not recommended.
From: Bart, 9/12

Comments: These shoes are wonderful for their price, don't get me wrong. But for the serious national level player, the Tubes are not going to cut it. These babies were done and dusted for me after 3 hours of play, with holes in the sides that ripped through my socks. I highly recommend the Nike Breathe 2k11 for anyone looking for a great shoe. Though they don't last long, they feel like you are wearing clouds on your feet.
From: Sairam, 8/12

Comments: Hello all, these were my first KSWISS shoes (being a long time adidas barricade fan). Out of the box, they are a little stiff but right into the tennis, after the first outing they became very comfortable and also noticed they were SUPER LIGHT! The wear and tear is okay. I like that the toes are NOT LEATHER and so when I do drag my toe a little. It doesn't tear like some of the other poorly designed shoes. So far very good! I'd buy future models of this shoe. unfortunately, I'm not crazy of the logo or color schema of the MONFILS version.
From: Seto, 2/12

Comments: I love the Tubes, but I've had them for a month and I've already worn holes in the toes and the heels are very worn out. I take them off after I play and put them on when I get to the court, so I don't even wear them around.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: I've been playing tennis for a while now and I recently wanted to switch shoes and decided to try these. It was the biggest mistake I've made in a while. I've had these shoes for two weeks and they still feel like I am wearing platforms. This shoe is as stiff as a plank of wood and offer little support. I would not recommend these shoes to anyone. They are terrible and get worn easy.
From: Sam, 11/11

Comments: Out of the box, the shoes felt great. Very comfortable, true to size and the tubes do actually provide cushioning. Fit was perfect in the forefoot and in the heel with just the right amount of arch support in the midfoot area. I do agree with the durability issue, outsole looked pretty worn out after several matches. So probably not designed for the competitive singles player. Price isn't too bad, considering I just spent a fortune on Adidas adizero Feathers and they just gave me extreme blisters and were very uncomfortable. I'd recommend these shoes for the recreational club player any day. So if you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable shoe, then Kswiss Tubes will suit you.
From: Tom, NTRP 4.0. 10/11

Comments: I wore them out in a few weeks. However, they sure did look nice. Even someone in the grocery store asked me where I got these. I think they are cool.
From: Mckenzie, 9/11

Comments: Following up on my first review of the shoe is positive. After removing the insole of the shoe and heating up the inside with a hair dryer and beating on them with a sledgehammer, the shoe began to soften up and are now great! I don't know what the problem was seeing how comfortable they are now. It was very strange.
From: Mike, 9/11

Comments: I really like the feel and look of the KSwiss Tubes Tennis shoe. My big issue is the toe wore out after playing two hours of tennis. I like the BigShot when it comes to KSwiss.
From: Eric, 9/11

Comments: Well I wish I had as good as an experience as the other reviewers but did not. I have had my Tubes since the middle of last week. As far as the Tubes shoe goes, I have a very narrow and somewhat flat foot. This is why I have chosen K-Swiss because of the narrow design. But it seems these shoes are even too narrow for me. It hugs my heel as if my heel is too big for the shoe, digging into the arch and heel. I haven't played any tennis in them and only have done two rehab workouts. No hard use or wear at all and I could not walk down the stairs yesterday because my feet hurt so bad. The so called Tubes technology is bunk for this shoe, plain and simple. The hardest cushion ever. I replaced the insole with a Dr. Scholl's Sport Gel to no avail. Today I have taken out the insole and heated up the inside with a hair dryer and beat on the things with a sledgehammer trying to break down the high points and mold them to my feet some how. Without the insole they feel pretty good. I can still feel the high point in the heel/sole, but feel that they will maybe break in enough to wear during matches. It's too bad also because it is a really handsome shoe. I want to like them, but if I cannot walk after a day of doing nothing in them, whats the point. I'll write another review after some break in time, but proceed with caution if you have a narrow, flat foot. I would not recommend purchasing these things online without trying them on first.
From: Mike, 8/11

Comments: To start, I have been a huge Nike fan over the past 20-30 years. Currently, I wear the Nike Breathe 2K10 shoe. Since developing plantar fasciitis I have looked to different shoes to accommodate my orthotics. I have always wanted to try the K-Swiss BigShot, but I didn't really didn't have a good reason to switch until I found the K-Swiss Tubes shoe. I have played with them six times and have been very pleased with the fit (Nike-like with a narrow fit and true to size), support, and style. Although I've only played six times, and am not hard on shoes by any means, I can tell that these shoes are built to last my game. Only one suggestion, I wish that K-Swiss would go a "little nuts" on the color combinations. I have not been a fan of all black shoes ever, but with the experience that I have thus far with the Tubes, I will continue to buy, regardless of the color!
From: K, 8/11

Comments: My first foray into K-Swiss in over a decade. Tried out my new pair of Tubes last night, and so far so good. The fit was true-to-size. Strangely, the shoes felt heavier than Nike Ballistec 2.3 when holding and wearing at home. However the (perception of) weight was not an issue at all on the court. The fit is very good for my medium-narrow feet w/high arches: no extra volume anywhere but not too tight either. Cushioning somewhat firm but not harsh; good support/padding on the sides and in the heel. The shoes did not feel particularly low-to-the ground, which would have been a minus, except it wasn't a problem: they felt reasonably fast and very precise on the court, no slippage, no problem changing direction, etc. I'd say performance is similar to Ballistec (which is to say very good to excellent), combined with a better comfort. I can't comment on the durability obviously. After 3 hours on the hard court last night, the soles look fine: there is some wear but barely noticeable. Overall, seem to be seriously good shoes, and look pretty sharp to boot.
From: Ian, 8/11

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