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Comments: This Prestige has firepower. It is much welcome in the age of power tennis.
From: Jim, 10/15

Comments: After a long time with Wilson I will make the switch to Head. I personally love the modern crisp feel when hitting balls, too. But on the other hand I don't want to suffer under constant arm pain when serving big for 2-3 sets! Why do nowadays most of the racquets have a RA of 68-71? For me, a racquet plays even better with a RA of 63! Plush or crisp! No need to produce them that stiff! I prefer the IG models over the Graphene ones. I played with the Graphene Prestige Pro for 2 weeks now and I have to say that the racquet plays as well as its predecessor, but as soon as you make contact ouside of the sweetspot my arm falls off. That never happend with die IG version. The Youtek IG Prestige Pro is too heavy for me now so I was looking for a slightly lighter racquet and found the Youtek IG Radical Pro being a great players stick. The IG Radical Pro didn't cause any arm pain at all. While the Graphene Radical Pro with 68 RA is too stiff! Hope this helps. I'm an open level player stringing with Gamma Moto at the moment.
From: Matt, 7/15

Comments: I have two Prestige MPs and they are 11.3 ounces unstrung. This Prestige Pro is 11.1 ounces unstrung, it is written on the side of the racquet. Just not what I was expecting. The TW reviews and specs don't show any difference in the weight.
From: Mike, 6/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0/4.5 tournament player currently using the Prince Response 97 modified to 12.2 ounces and 10 pts HL. Prior to the Response 97, I used the Head Youtek Prestige MP and Prestige Pro for a period of 2 years. I hit with the Graphene Prestige Pro for about an hour. If I had to buy a new racquet today to replace mine, this would be it. I was hitting perfectly fine with it immediately upon picking it up. It hits as good or better than the Youtek Prestige Pro. There might be a little more power, but I attribute that to the heavier concentration of overall mass in the hoop. In other words, it is less head light. However, the feel is very different to the Youtek Prestige Pro. It is brassier, and more hollow feeling, which I assume is the "modern feel" or "crisp feel" that the TW reviewers often talk about. So, while this racquet matches my game just as well as my current racquet and the Prestige Pro, I didn't enjoy the sensation as much and I'm not compelled to switch from my Response 97.
From: Schills, 4/15

Comments: I stepped away from the Radical line to try this stick, and I have to say it delivers comfort and control like no other, I wanted something that could balance the Lux string without feeling like I have no control. I'm a big hitter so I wanted something that would level my strokes but not hold me back on putting the ball away and it have to say this racquet is awesome!
From: Calvin, 2/15

Comments: Definitely a new feel for a Prestige. Stiffer, less plush but not necessarily in a bad way. Just different. A bit more of a hollow sound at impact. Still, the racquet played well and offered excellent control with more pop than it's predecessors. Visually, the frame is stunning. I would say this new version is also a little tougher on the arm. A nice frame overall.
From: Jeff, 2/15

Comments: This frame has nothing in common with the Prestige Pro it replaces, apart the name. I was a devoted and loyal Prestige Pro player (MG, YT, YT IG) and the only Prestige that still carries on is the Graphene Prestige MP with the 18x20 string pattern. Very disappointed by Head as I have to switch off to a different frame since I look for an open string pattern.The irony is that Head is introducing frames that have nothing to do with the ones played with by their players. After 15 years I am switching to the new PS97 Federer Autograph or Prince Graphite 100 due to this.
From: Jon, 11/14

Comments: I made the switch to the Graphene Prestige Pro. I was alternating between the Wilson Blade (16x19) and the Graphene Speed Pro (18x20), but the arm friendliness and flex of the Graphene Prestige Pro won me over. The Graphene Prestige Pro gives me great control and spin, and a reasonable amount of power when I need it. I don't get Babolat PD power, but then I don't get any of the PD harshness, either. It's best to have longer strokes with this stick to generate power. It does serve and return serve extremely well. The only change that I made was to replace the leather grip, put on an over grip and add some lead tape at 12 o'clock. I have it strung with Head Sonic Pro Edge at 49 lbs. and it plays great! The spin is good (slice is awesome) and I feel that I can place my shots on a dime, especially my serves. I'll probably sell my Speed Pro's and pick-up a few more of the Prestige Pro's for back-ups.
From: Jim, 9/14

Comments: A really fantastic racquet with no faults (as far as I'm concerned). It has the solidness and plow of a player's frame with the quickness and pop of a lighter tweener. It has a nice flex to it while retaining the crispness found in stiffer racquets. I never played with any of the previous Prestige Pros, but I can't image them being better than this version, at least for my game. For years I have bounced back and forth between frames like a Pure Drive (for power and ease of use) and the likes of a Pure Storm Tour or Six.One 95 (for control), and this Graphene Prestige Pro combines the best of both worlds. I am a 4.5 singles and doubles player, and my favorite string setup is Head Sonic Pro Edge at 53 lbs.
From: Dustin, 9/14

Comments: I demo'd this stick and really enjoyed it. It does serve really well and I enjoyed the flex and the uniform string bed. The sweetspot issue is minimal and corrected with a little well placed lead tape in the head of the racquet. I purchased Djoker's stick instead, but I'm seriously reconsidering this stick. I felt very comfortable playing with it. I'd definitely suggest that anyone demo this stick if you're looking for a more forgiving player's stick as a replacement for a Wilson PS 95, or something similar.
From: Jim, 8/14

Comments: This is the best racquet I've ever played with, but even with that said, it isn't perfect. I was playing with a Head IG Speed 18x20 but wanted something with a more open pattern to get more spin but I didn't want to get rid of any control. I demoed several racquets that included the new Radical Pro and Pro Staff 95, but this took the cake. Its weight (though lighter than previouse models) has helped amp up my serve and ground strokes significantly. One of the best parts of the racquet was the slice, I was able to hit knifing slices that bit hard when they landed. I strung it with RPM Blast 17 at 54 lbs and it gives it the perfect amount of power. The only downside is that there is a smallish sweet spot, but after several hitting sessions I have completely forgot about it. Overall, it's a great racquet with great control and spin.
From: Jonathan, 8/14

Comments: My relationship with Head Racquets goes as far back as the Head Professional, Head Vector, Head Graphite Edge, and Head Graphite Director (which I still own and use). The Head Graphene Prestige Pro was one of the first modern racquets I have tried and I was very impressed. It's effortless to swing and yet is far more stable than its weight would suggest. The best thing about it though is serving. This racquet is an absolute weapon on serves. I was immediately hitting serves where I wanted and how I wanted. Volleying was good as well due to how easy the racquet was to manoeuvre and provided a solid feel and excellent touch as well. Where I wasn't as impressed was from the back of the court. The Prestige Pro probably lacked the weight required to hit a genuinely heavy shot from the back of the court. Defensively it's a very solid racquet from the back of the court but I think it's probably in its element closer to the net. The Head Graphite Edge will always be the best racquet Head have produced as far as I'm concerned. But the Prestige Pro is a lot more user friendly and given I'm 45 years old now I'm just not capable of extracting the best from classics such as the Edge, Max200g, and PS85. The Head Graphene Prestige Pro is a safe house between the classic players frames and the modern spin friendly racquets of today.
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: I played with the YouTek Prestige Pro and really wasn't in the market for a new racquet, but decided to demo the new Graphene. I really like this version, it's a bit lighter and more flexible. Much more pop on the serves and easier to create spin. The sweet spot feels larger and centered in the middle of the head. I'm a fan of both versions and can understand some of the negative comments. This racquet hits differently, but if you'd like a bit more flexibility in the frame and some more pop in the serve give it a try.
From: Hunter, 4/14

Comments: As a devoted user of the Youtek Prestige Pro I found this new version a big disappointment. I loved not having to customize the Youtek but this one is too light and very tinny towards the top of the string bed. I weighted the handle and tried lead at 10 and 12 but to no avail. It's a beautiful looking racquet for sure but between this and the new Radical Pro the updates on the latter make it the better choice.
From: Scott, 4/14

Comments: Firstly, I must commend TW on very accurate reviews. I tried a few racquets except this one (not sold in NZ) so based on other demos I had to go with what the TW team said on their review of the Graphene Prestige Pro and just order it. So glad I did, they were spot on! Love this racquet. Thanks TW! Changed the "weird" leather grip for a Head Hydrasorb, made a huge difference for me! Actually played around with some extra weight in the handle but prefer the stock weight in the end. It feels like the more maneuverable weight and slightly more head heavy balance give's you that extra pop and at the same time more lively and crisp (just like the TW review says). Also love the extra spin! Coming from a Youtek Prestige MP I have the same precision, just more pop, easier volleys thanks to the extra weight in the head and the extra spin means I can stay in those long rally's longer and clear the net with more margin...just like a Gael Simon.
From: Andrew, 2/14

Comments: Relatively good stick, but the Prestige line of racquets are no more "players racquets" -- they now feel lighter and have much less plow through. Basically, head "babolatized" it's most classical model line for the better and the worst, as they say. About me: 5.0 USTA player, play 4 times/wk, Wilson Blade 93.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I am highly impressed with the adaptations Head made with this Graphene Prestige from the last version. I own the IG Youtek Prestige Pro, which is a fabulous frame with virtually no instability. The Graphene Prestige Pro that I am currently using is a healthy departure from the weight and massive power of the last model. This racquet is crisper, more maneuverable, and a more ambitious experiment taken by Head to advance the Prestige line. I have one strung with Solinco Revolution at 55 lbs and another one strung with Vokl Cyclone Tour at 55 lbs. Both of them play very well. I highly recommend this frame as a demo, or even a purchase. It is a solid choice for any player 4.0 and higher.
From: Ayotunde, 2/14

Comments: Love the cosmetics -- less retro than the IG!! Love the racquet as the 16x19 string pattern is so much more forgiving than the MP and gives great access to spin. This racquet is the same stiffness rating as the MP but feels stiffer and more "secure" (control with ball). Really stuck with Prestige Pro but found as I am getting older I need to have slightly less weight but with same plow through at impact. Still working on drop volleys but think feel will come back in a couple of weeks or 20 hours of hitting! Players who test this need to try Head Sonic string but does not hold tension. I tend to cut it out before it breaks! Try a different tension as I used to string IG at 56 lbs and now doing 48/46 lbs! This is going to be fun playing with this racquet!
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: This racquet has everything the IG version had, just smaller and a little worse in every area. Strung with Luxilon ALU 1.25 silver on down strings and Prince Synthetic on the crosses at 50 lbs and still a metallic pinging and vibration. A different and flat feel in the sweet spot. Balls hit off center simply died with a harsh thud. The Prestige feel is gone.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I dig this one. Feels great. It's a little lighter, and with the right string/hybrid -- it's perfect for me. The dynamic pattern is a great upgrade -- offering more control on center hits, and more power if you can't get it in the middle of the string bed. I fell like the previous version was vague, and at times too much power. For an "open pattern" this is a wonderful upgrade, great job!
From: Eric, 1/14

Comments: Head definitely messed up. The sweet spot is way too small. It takes way too much time to get dialed in. No likes for this one! Only the weight of this racquet is great.
From: Joe, 1/14

Comments: Not quite sure the guy in the first review hit with this racquet! I've played with the Prestige Pro racquets for several years and this is as good as any of them, if not better. Great looking graphics. Better access to spin. More accuracy in serve. Has a totally different feel to the Youtek version. It's far crisper more modern feel especially on touch shots. I would give this racket a 9.5/10
From: Paul, 1/14

Comments: Wow -- what a complete disappointment. I could never hit this one solid. I cant believe Head messed up this bad. I've used Prestiges for about the last 3-4 years. This racquet has ruined the Prestige line. Arm, shoulder, and wrist soreness from a racquet that is supposed to be flexible. Cheap feeling. No power. Wrong, just wrong.
From: Mark, 1/14

Comments: This racquet was certainly one of the best ones I've tried. I am a high-school student with a one- handed backhand who currently plays with an IG Radical Pro; however, I just didn't like the feel of the Radical Pro. For the past 4 months I've been demoing various racquets, among them the ProStaff 95, Pure Drive, Steam 99S, etc. With some of the racquets, there was too little power, others, too little control. However, the Graphene Prestige Pro had a perfect blend of power and control. My kick serve had extra kick and became even more consistent, and I had easy control over my serves. When it came to groundstrokes and volleys, there was plenty of plow-through and stability, so even if my opponent hit a huge shot, as long as I made contact in or near the sweet spot, the racket barely budged at all. Going on to the downsides -- while the racquet was quite maneuverable, it wasn't as easy to move around as I would like. This made hitting service return shots a bit more difficult than usual. Again, overall, the racquet was one of the best racquets I've tried so far.
From: Anon, 1/14

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