Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred) Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: At first I hated this frame for being so heavy and under powered. But after dropping my tension from 60 to 52, I started getting better pace and much more power. I highly recommend playing around with tension at much lower than your used to, and you'll see this racquet really start to shine. It's a really solid frame and it's weight and balance is just perfect for serve and volleys.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: This is a very, very,good stick (especially at this price). I have been playing for over 30 years. The last 5 years I've been playing with the Dunlop 200 M-Fils, which is a great player's racquet. The 4D 200 series actually has all the same control and stability, but a better touch and feel at the net with ample power from the baseline. Service returns are very controlled, even against the big hitters.
From: Rob, 12/12
String type and tension: Alpha Syn Gut @ 57 lbs

Comments: This is a great stick from the baseline and good on serve returns, but for me I found it was too small a headsize when it comes to the net, especially when I play doubles. The weight is great and the stiffness is great too. I switched to the Head Youtek Extreme Pro and it really helped me play better and win me some tournaments here in our place.
From: Charles, 11/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Red Code @ 61 lbs

Comments: I haven't played with this racquet in 2 years and I have been using the Aeropro Drive GT. I used this once again because of broken strings and I was shocked at how much better it played.
From: Gage, 8/12

Comments: Great stick! I love it. I've only hit with it once, but I can tell it's going to be fun to play with. Accuracy is dead on. Coming from a 104 head size Wilson K Factor, this racquet has pinpoint accuracy. If you know how to swing right, power is there too. My backhand also showed much improvement on this racquet. Much faster and more accurate. I love the weight as well. Anything under 11.5 ounces is way to light, and anything over 12.3 ounces is too heavy for me, so 11.9 ounces fits just right. My flat serve is just lacking a little bit. Getting used to the racquet might take a while. Kick serves are amazing on this racquet. Very consistent with much kick. Spin is also very nice. If you do it right, you'll see plenty of results. Overall, it is a great racquet! However, if you'd like to go heavier, get the Tour version. It has the same head size but with a 12.3 oz weight.
From: Moe, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson Champion Hybrid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is a great racquet. I just received the racquet and been hitting for a week. So far the racquet had been pretty good and the spins generated by the 18 x 20 string pattern adds control to the shots. Hefty racquet at 11.9 ounces, I needed to get used to the heaviness. Once I adjust, this racquet will deliver.
From: Martin, 5/12

Comments: This racquet is exceptional in all areas except spin production, as expected with a closed pattern. Best part about this racquet is superior feel and plow through. It gives the best of these compared to other racquets I've tried in stock form (I really love this in stock form). Cheers!
From: Tony, 5/12

Comments: Started playing again last year after a long layoff and was convinced to buy a larger, stiffer frame (70 stiffness rating, 100 sqin). Big mistake. The power was great, but after an entire season of trying to tame it and tinkering with strings, I was done. I was losing matches that I felt I should've been winning in my 4.0 league. I had to switch from a one handed back hand to a two hander just to keep the ball in play, and a drop volley was just out of the question. Picked this up a couple months ago, and I love it. I can't rip impressive winners like I did with the other racquet, but I don't make nearly as many errors. My first serve has less pace, but again it's much more consistent and I'm putting it where I want it. Also, the one hander is back!!! The biggest improvement is my enjoyment of the game. Feeling the ball is the fun part of tennis. Mentally, I wanted my opponent to hit errors so I didn't have to hit it again. That's no way to play. Now I want the ball to come back.
From: Chris, 1/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk, 61 lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: A very interesting racquet that is very fun to play with. This is very accurate and provided a lot of power despite some negative comments in this area. Spin is all right and comfort is excellent. I will recommend to intermediate to advance. A very good deal by Dunlop! Racquet also comes with case and dampener.
From: Paul, 9/11
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Twist Black at 58 lbs

Comments: What to say? There is probably no other racquet in the market that even comes anywhere near to this one in the way it performs. I have no complaints. I just hope Dunlop does not discontinue this one. If I have to pick one baseline and one net shot that are deadly with this that would be a back hand slice and a back hand volley. If you have executed them right with this stick chances are that are not coming back as a return.
From: PK, 9/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is a racquet that I can trust. I can play my unconscious game and the ball goes in. I don't have to worry about the "trampoline" effect from too much power. Having said this, there are two areas where I can't do the shots I used to be able to do with my old Prince Titanium Response which had a more open string pattern- the slice serves I want and radical loopy topspin, especially topspin backhand lobs off the serve. Volleys are amazing. This is my first set of strings and my guess is that if I drop the tension from 60 to somewhere between 54 and 56 I will get more response from the stick - hopefully without loss of control. In summary - this is a pure all court player's racquet. If you read the Tennis Warehouse reviews it is possibly the racquet with the highest overall score of 84. The only complaint in the reviews is low power. While this may be an issue if you haven't played a lot of tennis, it is meaningless if you are a 5 plus player.
From: Alan, 8/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane at 60 lbs

Comments: Good control, power and access to spin. Excellent racket overall. After trying the demo, I bought one new 4D 200 from TW, and 2 from a local shops. Unfortunately, the 3 new rackets are completely different to the demo; they are somewhat head heavier and gave a completely different feel to it. I bought the demo from Tennis Warehouse and have been using it since.
From: Brian. 7/11
String type and tension: Genesis Black Magic 17 @ 48 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I used to play with a Head Extreme Pro, so when I tried this I felt a huge difference. First off all I got lots of control and great plow through. The feeling is sensational almost no vibration with a very muted feel.
The downsides for me:
There's not enough power
The racquet feels heavy.
From: Sebastian, 03/11
String type and tension: Head Sonic Pro at 60 pounds
Headsize: 95

Comments: I really do like this racket a lot. I get good responses with it. Great spin, Control is definitely there, and the serves are really awesome now. The only complaint I would have would be the rackets power. I feel like I can't get the power I want with this but I hope to overcome that feeling with a new string. I hope this helped.
From: Danny, New York City, NY, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17 62lbs.
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5 - 4.0

Comments: I am a 40 yr old all court player with solid groundstrokes. I still play 5.0 singles/doubles tourneys and play 2-3 times weekly. I can generate my own pace and favour control in a racket because of that. I have used the Head FP Prestige MP, MG MPP and the Wilson BLX 95 over the last three years and have been using the BLX 16 x 18 for the last year.
I read all the TW reviews and video review for the 4D 200 and thought would give it a go a couple of months back as specs lined up well. Well I am glad I did try it! After getting used to the tighter stringbed and the light weight compared to the BLX I think I have a racket which suits my game. I have strung it a little less in tension and put a little lead tape at about 10 and 2 and that compensates for a little less power. The control and feel of this racket is amazing and I am really enjoying playing with it. I have had some good singles results lately and my regular hitting buddies have commented on how solid I am hitting the ball with this stick. I guess that's the real test of a racket is the results. I have lost perhaps a little pop on serve but I am more than willing to sacrifice a few kmph for the control I get with this. It's very very solid at net and all around the court.
I would think the 4D200 is more suited to 4.5 + players and I don't think this stick would suit everyone, especially if you rely on heavy top or need a lighter stick to whip through and get pace. It doesn't have the power of say a Babolat PDR but the control and feel is far better, for me anyhow. If you can generate your own power, can wield a heavier stick, have solid strokes and like the control you get from a mid size "player" frames you definitely will want to give this a demo. I now have 2 of these sticks and even though I still have my BLX's, I am not tempted to go back as I am definitely playing better with this stick for now. It's just a really nice racket.
Best part...the price is a steal. I may have to get a couple more before they disappear from the market!
From: Ross, BC, Canada, 01/11
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line II, 55lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I demo'd about 15 player's rackets and narrowed it down to the Pure Storm LTD, Prestige Mid, and this racket. I tried this racket and I love it. I am an old school all-court player and in 30 years of playing tennis (on and off) have NEVER used a racket that felt better on volleys. Every volley feels like it hits the center of the sweet spot and I feel like I can put the ball a foot from the baseline at will. The other place this racket shines for me is the slice backhand - it's so wicked I may stop hitting topspin off of that side. All other strokes feel great. This racket feels like it has a little more heft but this just eliminates the need for me to add lead. Solid, stable, feel, control... what a great racket. More than enough spin but look at my string setup too.
Other rackets tested: 4D 100, BLX Six.One Tour, KPro Staff 88, Pure Storm LTD, Heritage Type C Redondo, Youtek Prestige Mid and MP, etc
From: David, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: 17g Titan gut mains, 17g poly crosses, 54m/51x
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Dunlop 4D 200 (18-20) - Great racquet. I am coming from a K Factor 6.1 95 (16x19) and I was not a fan of the BLX version. The Dunlop makes my K Factors seem like what they were - tired old racquets. The Dunlop has great stability, weight and balance. The string pattern removes some of the power but adds tons of control and feel. This racquet allows you to swing out. I believe I have lost some of the top and slice with this racquet - but I have gained in control and consistency. Serves are a bit slower - but again I'm hitting corners and improved my percentage. From the very first hit this racquet felt "right". I bought two initially with identical string jobs - Dunlop has done a great job with quality control, I can't tell the difference between the two when playing. Wilson on the other hand - my 4 K Factors all felt different on the court.
Demoed the Head Youtek Prestige MP: really liked it on groundstrokes and serve - lots of topspin available. Did not like the feel of the ball at the net and not as control oriented as the 4D 200.
Demoed the Babolat Pure Storm Limited: hated it - did not feel good anywhere on the court. Way too flexible and unstable. I probably could have grown to like it with time, but why bother with the options available.
Demoed the Dunlop 4D 200 Tour (16x19): Nice racquet, more power available than the 18-20 version and it's a bit heavier. I think with time I would have enjoyed this racquet. Lots of spin available but when compared to the 18X20 version I felt I needed to reign in my shots, location, swing speed. I did like it at the net - great weight, stable and touch.
From: Cameron, San Francisco, CA, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger main - VS Gut cross 58
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This stick is awesome, I'm better in every aspect of the game. I have it for only 2 weeks now and I'm really impressed. At the beginning I had to make adjustments in my two-handed backhand swing. I was using a Yonnex RDS 003 100" and the step forward is really big, thanks, Dunlop.
From: Ricky, Puerto Rico. 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour @ 60 lbs

Comments: When I was a junior, I loved the Revelation 200G and it was my racquet for years, then I used several other racquets like the Aerogel 300, Nadal's stick, Aerogel 300 4D, Head Microgel Radical Pro, and Babolat Pure Storm GT. I came back to this stick the Aerogel 300 4D 18x20 and was really impressed. The serve has some nice MPH and amazing control. My extreme western forehand has tons of spin, my double handed backhand has some nice depth and control, and the racquet is really stable when facing big shots. The sweetspot is amazing. I bought 3 of these sticks...stringed with pro hurricane 17 @58. If your technique is up to it, your game will go up, do not hesitate, try it!!
From: Rafael, Beirut, Lebanon. 6/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro hurricane @56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Great for serve, very stable for groundstrokes with great plow through, very decent for backhand slice, if you are below 3.5 don't try this racquet maybe you will disappointed. Also try to use soft poly with low tension, no more than 53 pounds because this racquet is really stiff.
From: Mario Antonio, Ixtapa, Mexico. 5/10
String type and tension: Head Sonic Pro, 53 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've been searching for my dream racquet demoing and owning the Kblade 98, Kblade tour, MG prestige MP and Youtek Prestige MP. Nothing beats the overall playability of the Dunlop 4d 200. It has the ideal power, control, flex, weight and balance. I don't have to mess with lead anymore, it's perfect in stock. I can hit out with confidence and it can handle any pace you throw at it.
From: Agg, San Jose, CA 01/10
String type and tension: Wilson Kgut 17, 58
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: The only similarities to the Aerogel 200 is the racket mold and string pattern. The frame feels like 65- 66 stiffness even with a full syn gut job at 50lbs. The frame has a totally different feel to it, and if I was forced to compare it to the AG200, I would say that it plays like a very stiff, head heavy Aerogel 200. Ask for RDC measurements when buying.
From: Anon, Los Angeles, CA 01/10
String type and tension: Syn Gut @ 50lbs
Headsize: Midplus
NTRP Rating: USTA 4.0

Comments: Much stiffer than the Aerogel 200, especially in the upper hoop. Has a noticeably higher swingweight. Same mold as Aerogel 200, but with 4D braid visible near the throat area. Plays more powerful, but with less spin/feel than the Aerogel 200. It's harder to wield but packs a punch if you can relax your swing. Coming from the Prestige line, it definitely plays differently since the flex throughout the frame is different.
From: Nick, USA 01/10
String type and tension: Syn Gut 17
NTRP Rating: USTA 4.0

Comments: This is one of the best racquets for advanced players who like to have long fast rallies. I am a top ranked junior and string the up with vs gut in mains and alu power rough in the crosses. This racquet is so good on the baseline that whenever I got into a point where I am at the baseline, I feel confident about winning that point. This racquet has the perfect amount of power. Do not judge this racquet off of the demo because they probably have bad strings in it. Though you still can get the feel of it.
From: anon. 12/09

Comments: HUGE sweetspot, like the hole racquet is a sweetspot. Unbelievable!!! It is very stable on returning fast balls. No matter how fast the ball comes I return it back faster. I spent thousands of $$$ searching for a racquet that fits my needs. I finally found it. This is it. First I only bought 1 racquet, but after playing about 1 month with it I bought another one. It simply changed my game. Nobody from the club beats me now, it feels so good :)).
From: Sorin, Lugoj, Timis, Romania. 11/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 1.35 mm 26/24kg
NTRP Rating: 3.5+

Comments: This is my favourite racquet, like it so much I bought two. It's stable, has excellent control and great feel for putting volleys away. My serves lost some speed and spin but other than that I really like this one.
String type and tension: BABOLAT POWERGY, 60 LBS
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Tested the Dunlop 4D 200, the 300 Tour, the Wilson Blade Tour and finally the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95. Before I played the Babolat Pure Drive Team (old model).In general I liked the 4 racquets, but my final choice was the Dunlop 4D 200. Why: 300 Tour: Too light, when hitting hard I felt the racquet having problems to hit through the bal without loss in control. Prince EXO3: got lots of power out of this racquet, but I don't like the Prince feeling so much. Sometimes the feeling of the ball disappears for a little time when touching the strings. But overall nice racquet. Wilson Blade: Perfect racquet, never made such a nice shots as that day, it feels like you can put the ball wherever you think of putting it. But, when having a bad day I don't think this racquet gives you much options to start defending behind the line. If you don't hit the ball this racquet is not working at all. Finally I choose the Dunlop 200 because it was all-round the best racquet. 2nd best feeling behind the Blade, enough power and weight to hit through the ball. But still the possibility to fall back on a defensive game. And finally it was the less expensive of all (probably because Dunlop has less marketing) After next season we'll see if the Dunlop was a good choice :-)
From: Kevin De Cock, Belgium 11/09
String type and tension: Signum Pro Hextreme - 24kg
NTRP Rating: 4.5 - 5 (Belgium ranking B-2/6)

Comments: Great racquet, great comfort, good control. I recommend this if you are experienced and can generate your own power. Nice for serving, and good touch on volleys. I love this stick!
From: Jake, Detroit Lakes, MN, US 10/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: The racket is solid all the way around. Crisp volleys, solid serve and smooth groundstrokes. I switched from the Head Microgel Prestige and this racket complements my game much more because of the flexibility and fluidity of the shots. I suggest everyone tries this racket.
From: Justin, El Paso, TX, USA, 10/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I really love this racquet, it's got great feel on all shots. There's incredible frame stability with this frame, it feels rock solid. I decided to go with 17 gauge gut to get a little extra pop but strung a couple pounds tighter. It has great spin as well, don't be scared of the tight string pattern. I could hit big flat bombs or put insane topspin on the ball to hook it cross court. Let me also comment on the paint job, the Blue, white and black is a phenomenal paint scheme, they also kept the classic Dunlop look by putting "dunlop" at the 3&9 o'clock positions of the frame. It all looks great. (as a matter of fact, all of the 4D players racquets have great paintjobs) The 4D 300 Tour was also a great frame, but I liked the increased weight with this racquet. Great choice for any player with any playing style. The serve/volley player will love the control, touch and feel. Baseliners will get great depth, spin and accuracy. There's also room to customize with lead, I tried adding extra lead but in the end I just took it off because the stock form is just so perfect, there's no sense messing with it.
From: David, USA, New Braunfels, TX. 09/09
String type and tension: Babolat VS gut @ 59 lbs

Comments: This racquet has the stability and sweetspot of a much heavier frame, I used to use the MG prestige midplus and switched because this was much more stable, and it felt lighter in the hand. I actually added a bit more weight to increase plow through and I'm much happier, strung with vs gut at 58 lbs and I love it. Recommended to anyone who likes dense string patterns
From: anon. 09/09

Comments: Pretty good stick. I like much of what it has to offer but still prefer my ProKennex Redondo over this one. The 200 did not feel as solid as the ProKennex Redondo when returning big serves or powerful forehands.
From: Lance, Charleston, SC 09/09

Comments: Greatest racquet I've ever had. Lot of spin and power. I used to have the old two hundred but my sponsorship guy, Victor, told me that I should try it out so I did and my game has jumped light years! My ranking has gone up so much I really recommend it to anybody who has used Dunlop before and Babolat oh and the prestige head.
From: Kevin, El Paso, Texas, USA. 09/09
String type and tension: Babolat Super Fine
Headsize: 95

Comments: Great racket - has solid swing weight, stability and control but still fairly whippy if used with good stroke mechanics. I usually play with dense ~12oz "player's" sticks and this one felt right at home without any leading up. If you are in the market for a solid stick this one should definitely be on your demo list.
From: Anton V, Staten Island, NY 09/09
String type and tension: syn. gut @ 60 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Finally Dunlop has come out with a stick that feels like the old 200G. It's a bit under weight but nothing a little lead tape and a good leather grip can't fix. Good Job Dunlop FINALLY!
From: G Mel, Houston, Texas, US. 9/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Multifeel 17 ga. 63
NTRP Rating:5.0

Comments: I am a Dunlop only player and have been using the Aerogel 200, love the 100 series, so decided to demo the 4D. It has amazing control and no power at all. When comparing it to my Aerogel 200 the 4d feels almost the same but with more comfort and a lot less power.
From: Dvo, westminster, CA, usa. 8/09
String type and tension: believe it came with Luxilon big banger as the mains and Gosen micro as the cross,
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: To be honest, this Dunlop 4D200 racquet was disappointing to me (a 4.0 level player) because of the weight. It seems to lack control on slice backhand approach shots and volleys - they tended to fly on me. It is heavy in comparison to the Aerogel 200, so it is not really compatible with it if you like to pack 4 or 5 frames or use different string tensions. The weight difference between the two racquets is immediately apparent. I hope Dunlop improves this version with a slightly lighter swing weight to match the Aerogel 200 or decrease the overall strung weight to 11.5 or 11.75 ounces. Actually, the head size of 95 square inches is ok but could almost be increased to maybe a 97, as the sweetspot is pretty small, like a Head Prestige. The 18 X 20 pattern is great for control because I like a traditional player's racquet. Love the blue cosmetics, but the playability and lower power of this racquet, especially at net and on single handed backhand shots made me question why I spent the money.
From: Lawrence, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. 7/09
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Awesome racquet. Feels noticeably more solid and stronger than the original Aerogel 200. It has plenty of power, slices are great, but you really have to get used to the racquet for topspin. Bottom line is that this racquet is amazing in every shot.
From: Fillipe Youn, KillCrest, Alabama 07/09
String type and tension: Synthetic Gut
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Much better than the mg prestige, but I feel more plow through, stability and feel. I compared it side by side with my mg prestige, but it has lots of weight in the head to improve stability, and I felt like it still had less stability than the Dunlop. I love the feathery touch up at net. String it up with a soft string. :-) I went with gut because it's the best.
From: Anon. 06/09

Comments: I think this racquet has a similar maneuverability to the K6.1 tour 90. I think it's because of the extended shaft of the racquet, it's like the [K]ompact center technology, which does improve handling and maneuverability like Wilson says. Even though it's just 7pts headlight, it feels like it's 12pts headlight, but that doesn't mean the head gets pushed around, there's perfect stability. I love hitting volleys with this stick, I can carve out very acute angles and hitting droppers is effortless. The dense string pattern is great for slice and flat serves (my specialties) so I can get to net quickly and finish off the point asap. I may add some lead at 3 and 9, where it says "DUNLOP" to get a little more "oomph" to serves, groundies and some added stability on mis-hit volleys. I highly recommend this racquet to anyone who likes a very solid feel and a dense string pattern.
From: Anon. 6/09

Comments: Awesome stick. Great feel off the stringbed, surprising stability, given the headlight balance and sub 12 oz weight. Strung at 60 lbs with gut, power is there, very great touch and feel. Not to mention, the cosmetic is outstanding! Very modern, but not too flashy. Dunlop did SUCH a better job with their 4D cosmetics, I hated the Aerogel's just because of their paint jobs, boring. I loved this racquet, it's a lot like the head prestige, but this is not as dampened/muted, I get a lot more feel. I also like the weight/balance, it feels good with my one-handed backhand.
From: Andy, USA. 6/09
String type and tension:gut @ 60

Comments: I finally found a suitable replacement for my MW200G. The 4D hits bigger off the ground, but still has the nice soft feel. I've lost some ability to easily pickup half volleys, but the overall package is more like the MW200G than the AG200. The overall package is a worthy update from Dunlop.
From: Kevin, San Jose 06/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X1-Biphase, 63lb
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: After a couple days demoing this racquet this is what I found: Very solid, stable racquet. The whole stick feels as one. The swing weight sounded high on paper, but it swings much lighter. The power is there. I believe you could get a perfect, crisp feel with this racquet combined with a good multifilament. I'm an extreme topspin player (currently using Nadal's racquet) and will say it does mute my topspin and it is somewhat challenging to generate the spin, but what I have found is I now have flatter, deeper shots. After demoing for only a couple days I found the serve to be ok for now. Flat serves are good as are slice serves, but I'm having trouble getting that 2nd serve topspin/kick serve. Slices are good as well as feel and drop shots. Overall, I have enjoyed this stick so far and will demo it again along with the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 before buying anything.
From: Cooper, New York. 6/09
String type and tension: Demo string
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: I have the 16x19 euro version of this stick. It would be replacing my m-fil 200 plus 16x19. I have not tried the non 4D version so I can't compare the two, but what a huge improvement in all aspects from the M-Fils the stick brings.
From: E, NY, USA. 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU / natural gut @ 50
Headsize: 95 16x19

Comments: This is a definite improvement from the original 200 Aerogel. With the higher swingweight this racquet has plenty of plow now & is not excessively heavy at 11.9 oz strung. I would recommended this to anyone who wants the biggest sweetspot but still retain a similar feel to a midsize frame. Three of us tried this last night & we all thought it was a great racquet. This is a must demo try it out if your interested.
From: Phil, Los Angeles, USA. 04/09
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: What a great stick! Just a little background on my playing level: I played in college and I am a 5/5.5 doubles specialist. I hit a very big ball and place a premium on control and my volleys; the 200 4d excels in both these categories. I have hit with both the 200 4D and the 300 Tour and they are both great sticks. You can get away with a few flaws in your game with the 300 tour because it is a little lighter and has a slightly larger head which makes it a little more forgiving but you better be on your game if you intend to use the 200 4d. I currently use the AG 200 and there is definitely a difference between the 4D and the old AG's. It seems to be from a different mold than the AG 200; though I could be wrong about that. The AG 200 and 200 4D just feel different in the hand. As far as the string goes it had M-Fil Tour in it which I don't think is that bad of a string; I am not sure why people bash it so much. I think it plays rather well in Dunlop frames. Chris from TW in one of his posts hit the nail on the head when he said the racket feels like one piece from handle to tip; I could not agree more. This is very evident in the volleys and half volleys. You can feel the racket moving as a solid piece and how stable it is and how much feel you can get from the racket. I think the racket is more than heavy enough. I find it interesting that there are 3.5 players adding lead tape to a racket that is already plenty heavy; I think sometimes people just add lead tape because they think it will help their game because the good players are doing it. You need to be a big time player at least a 4.5 with some serious strokes to wield this stick.
From: Anon. 04/09

Comments: This has to be the best 200-series racquet Dunlop has ever put out. This is the first one I actually like stock (no added weight or leather). The demo strings were cheap but did not detract from the quality of this frame. At first I was torn between this one, the 16x19 4D 300 and the 4D 300 Tour, but I need lead for the former two. The 200 only needs good string and the right guy wielding it. Nice job Dunlop!
From: Matt, Charlotte, NC, USA, 04/09
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: The high swingweight made it rather unwieldy for me. I lost some pop on the serve as well. For those seeking a flexible control stick, with a dense string pattern, low swingweight and a great buttery feel, I highly recommend the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd.
From: Gabriel, NYC, NY. 4/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17g, 57 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Demo-- Sweet and stable. I like this a lot more than the Prince Rebel 95. It is a bit hefty but it seems evenly balanced and in stock form it can withstand bit shots. I wouldn't need to add lead. Just make sure you are find with the weight before buying it. Falls just short of being a heavy racquet but a featherweight it isn't. Also, I hit some fairly good topspin shots even with the 18/20 pattern. I hit some great shots on the run too that I usually have problems with. I thought the grip was going to be a little short for my two handed backhand but it is fine. Yeah, it is debatable whether or not it is an improvement over the AG200 but I can say that Dunlop has a winner with both versions.
From: lk. 04/09

Comments: Great update of the 200 line, there's more of a crispness and slices are more improved. Definitely going to sell my old AG200's and get another one. Also feels more solid on volleys and serves are even better with this racquet, definitely give this racquet a try.
From: Tri, Oklahoma City, OK, USA. 4/09
String type and tension:Gosen polylon at 65 pounds

Comments: I had really high hopes for this racket, as I was a huge fan of the AG 200. I notice that they changed the balance and the swing weight went up, but didn't expect how much of a change it was. I thought that Dunlop made a great racket that fit in the zone of being heavy enough to handle big hitters, but light enough to be maneuverable. So I thought how could they make it worst, but what a let down. I've played with the k factor 90 and Yonex RDS 002 tour and both of those rackets were way easier to swing. I have a big forehand and with this I can't use it anymore, I can only take slow long swings at the ball just to get some weight on it so that it would be a little difficult to hit back, but I can't swing away as I do with my AG 200. I admit it does have a crisper feel but that alone is not worth it for me to make the switch. I notice that James Blake is still playing with the AG 200 instead of the new 300 and 200, as many of the Dunlop players already sporting the new 4d line. I'm going to try it out for a while longer and see if my mind changes or I start working out enough to swing it.
From: Tri, Oklahoma City, OK. 04/09
String type and tension: Gosen poly at 65 pounds

Comments: If you ever wanted to have a blue Prestige Mid without the square head grip shape, this is it. The tight string pattern, the immense plow-through, the solid-yet-flexy feel at the throat, it all just echoes the FXP Prestige Mid. The only differences I can find between this and the FXP Prestige Mid during play is the slightly lower static weight but the greater swingweight. Because of all this, if your game relies on topspin don't bother trying it. You'd be better off with the 300 4D. This racket is for flat-hitters only. But if you've been looking for a replacement for your Prestige and don't want the muted feel of the Microgel Prestige, this is the racket you've been waiting for. And all of you with Eastern Grips, that hit flat, that have one-handed backhands and have the technique and power, this racket is an absolute must-try.
From: Anonymous. 3/09

Comments: Very nice. I'm an AG200 guy, and this one fits right in. Not much change in feel, actually. It swings the same, and looks cool. The main difference for me was the strings, I think. I normally play 17g poly, and it's strung with Mfil Tour 16. Tension is a little different, too, but it still felt like the great stick that the 200 is supposed to be. Not sure if it's enough difference to replace my 4 AG200's, but we'll see.
From: Danny, AR, USA, 03/09
String type and tension: Dunlop Mfil Tour 16 @ 60
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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