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Comments: Demoed a Pure Strike 16x19 from a local shop and I found it was strung with Origin. I'm usually a poly player (current set-up is a Head Microgel Prestige Pro strung with Solinco Tour Bite), but I was pleasantly surprised with this string. While I didn't get as much spin as a poly, I did find enough spin and control to swing a aggressively and keep the ball in the court. At the same time, I found that the string bed was very comfortable and provided a bit of some extra pop. The second day of hitting, the tension seemed constant and I didn't sense the drop off that you get with a lot of multis or some poly strings. I'd highly recommend this string for players looking for a control string that is not harsh on the arm and has great tension retention.
From: JTR, 5/14

Comments: Our local Babolat distributer gave me a trial set of 16 gauge Origin strings and asked for feedback. He explained the string as a mono-filament made from the same material (polyamide) as used in multi filament strings. The strings were fitted to a 2013 Babolat APD and strung at 53 lbs. I normally play with a 2010 version PD fitted with a multi (Technifibre TGV) at 53 lbs and since the racquets are very similar a fair string comparison could be made. I switched from a mono filament (Technifibre Blackcode) to a multi after I started getting slight arm pains after playing for extended periods of time. The TGV is arm friendly but lacks power and last for about 6 weeks only (playing 3 times a week for 2 hours at a time). I was hoping to get more durability, more power, more spin and the same arm friendliness from the Origin Strings. After playing 3 sets the Origin hadn't lost any tension and there was no sign of string wear as is often present on a multi. My partner and I switched racquets halfway through our game so that both of us could give an opinion. We found the Origin compared to the multi (TGV) to give 20% less power, 20% less spin and 50% less feel. You really have to work hard with this string and your arm tires as a result. Between the 3 options (mono with some arm pain, multi with limited durability and Origin with limited play ability) the Origin would be our last choice as tested. Dropping the tension to 48 lbs might help.
From: Peet, 5/14

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