Babolat Origin 16 String Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this string! At first I used it as a hybrid with Luxilon Savage Black, and that was OK.Then I tried it with Technifibre Razor Code Blue, and it was amazing! It was really powerful and I could get easy spin. I play with a Babolat Pure Strike and it was strung at about 50 lbs.
From: Zach, 12/16

Comments: Apparently I'm missing something. I normally play with NXT Power (FKA Tour) and this multi feels a lot closer to a poly in stiffness and even during stringing. Where the NXT would easily bend and require an awl in order to string covered holes, this stuff pushed through just like a poly. I strung this at 58 pounds and it feels like a board. No thanks -- I'll stick with my NXT Power.
From: TechnoJock, 5/16

Comments: Very, very, very impressive. I tried this after a friend got full beds of this in his two new Novak racquets even though he managed to break one of the beds after just two serves (might have been a suspect re-stringing job?) and I must say that I am very impressed by this monofilament poly string. Babolat does indicate the additional benefit of power and they aren't kidding, this is very powerful (I'm doing it at 55 lbs on my mains in a hybrid with BB Alu Rough crosses at 52 lbs) and I could probably go higher and still have tremendous power. I myself do have a lot of power having a squash background but this is more comfortable on my shoulder and upper arm than NRG2 and regular NXT. Yes, it is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I give it a 9 out of 10 because it's not a 9.5 in price and I reserve 10 ratings only for the premium natural guts.
From: Roger, 2/16

Comments: I decided to try this string, after seeing it pop up at the top of the Tennis Warehouse learning center list for highest spin potential multifilaments. I strung it in the low 40s as a (16 gauge) cross string in a hybrid setup with an 18 gauge poly. It definitely is crisper than most multis I have played with, but there is still ample feel. I would not recommend a full bed of Origin if you are used to playing a hybrid or a full bed of poly. But is a very nice combination of power, spin, and feel if combined with a poly. The tension maintenance is fantastic.
From: Brad, 12/15

Comments: Impressive sting indeed. I play with a RF97, normally with Solinco Tour Bite 16l at 50 lbs. I tried Wilson Champions Choice Gut Mains at 59 and Lux crosses at 56, really because everyone was on about Hybrids and especially on the RF97. Ok, the hybrid was just incredible --way crisper then expected (I'm used to STB, which is wonderfully crisp), solid in the spin department, but just incredible control, touch and feel, and so gentle on my sensitive wrist and hand. Hence this got me interested in gut hybrids, however the cost isn't great and I get about 3 hours of play before the hybrid gets a bit 'springy.' So, I've been looking for a hybrid equivalent and played with Origin 16 at 60 lbs. Yep, this string is nicely crisp, controlled power, and arm friendly indeed. This is very much something to consider as a gut 'equivalent/replacement.' I'm a competitive 5.0 player and think this string deserves a positive mention.
From: Anon, 8/15

Comments: My local tennis shop recommended this string to me as I was about to get the natural gut for my recent elbow issue. It is cheaper than the natural gut but still cost more than my normal go to multifilaments. My first impression was comfort. It plays soft but with great power potential. It's been over a month now and the tension holds great as mentioned by other testers. I started to play well as I'm getting used to this string more and more. But some way somehow I still can't say I feel connected to the ball 100%, it feels that the bite is not there sometimes. Prior to this, I played with full bed of poly of which I loved the bite but definitely too much to handle on my arm and shoulder. I'm now trying the 17 gauge to see if I can get better feel, but all in all still a great string and I will keep at least one frame strung with it in my bag.
From: Dan, 7/15

Comments: Excellent comfort string! I have chronic elbow issues (not tennis elbow) so I have to have a comfort string to play with. Excellent feel, no elbow issues thus far. Tension maintenance has been great so far. Good power from this particular string. Starting to fray a little, so frequent string breakers may not have long lasting durability.
From: Daniel, 4/15

Comments: Amazing stuff! Great string! Perhaps my quest for "the ultimate string" has ended! I am astounded for the fact that no one has written feedback on this wonderful string yet. What attracted me to Origin is the playtesters claim about its long playability. I strung my Graphene Prestige PWR full bed at 62 lbs and played two hours yesterday. I felt immediate improvement on my shots, especially on the forehand. My opponent made a positive comment on my forehands as well. I loved the comfort, feel, power and the gigantic sound at impact. I am going to further evaluate Origin and will re-post another feedback later. You should try this string!
From: Mike, 4/15

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