Babolat Propulse 2 Titanium Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought these shoes back in June 2012 and the outsoles have become unglued. I hope they will be replaced either by TW or Babolat. I like the fit though.
From: Truc, 10/12

Comments: I've been playing with these for 5 months. They are comfortable, low to the ground and light on my feet. I am in between sizes, so I ordered the larger size and they have worked well. A tad snug in the toe box when sliding forward, but not bad. The rubber on the toe of the shoe has separated from the top of the toe box, but it hasn't caused any issues. I shredded one shoe lace by letting it get caught in the velcro. I play 3 times a week for 3-5 hours at a time. At this point, it looks like these will outlast the 6 month guarantee. They insoles could use a little more cushion, but overall these are stable, durable and "quick" shoes. A great value at their current price ($70.)
From: Jake, 7/12

Comments: I bought these shoes since many people said they had nice feel. Also they are light and no one told has told me that they have rolled their ankle. The big problem is the durability was awful. I play about 4 to 6 hours every day. These shoes lasted me a month and the 6 month guarantee gave me another pair. This pair lasted a month as well so unless you have a lot of money or play very little, I don't recommend these shoes. Switch to Lotto if you are having the same trouble I am with durability. The Lotto shoes have lasted me about 4 months.
From: Drew, 7/12

Comments: Cannot wear these shoes anymore - my achilles tendon flares up within minutes and I can't move without extreme discomfort. At first I thought it was me having some tendonitis issues in my ankles but after reading several other posts it's now apparent it's the shoe. That does not make it a bad shoe as obviously it's not a problem for a lot of people but buyer beware, this shoe is not for everyone.
From: Gene, 6/12

Comments: Durability wise these shoes perform a little bit better than the Nike CB 3.3's. Feels like you're wearing a glove on your foot if you cinch up the laces and the velcro system the right way. The black colorway looks amazing at night. Decent ventilation, great traction, and a great low to the ground feel are the best parts of this shoe. The lateral stability of the shoe is sometimes lacking. The inner side of the shoe is not as built up as the outside is, which gave me some frights when I chased some balls down. Other than that, great shoe!
From: Patrick, 5/12

Comments: These really are great shoes out of the box. I would disagree that you should buy a half size larger as the upper is soft and will conform to your foot within an hour or so. The insole is not top notch as one other review had mentioned. I put a pair of super feet in the shoes and they feel and perform wonderfully. At this price with a 6 month wear guarantee there isn't a better shoe out there.
From: Todd, 5/12

Comments: I thought these were awesome shoes. My reccomendation would be to buy half a size larger.
From: Shiva, 4/12

Comments: Awesome shoe! Durable, lightweight, and comfortable! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Just don't let the shoelace touch the velcro...
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: Overall, a decent shoe, but I no longer play with them. It's comfortable out of the box, looks good, feels low to the ground, is fast, has somewhat decent traction, and runs slightly on the wide side. All great attributes and things to look for in a shoe. One of the main cons is the Babolat insole is too thin, a poor design and cheaply made. I have the same issue with the Babolat Team All Court 4. The insole doesn't stay fixed in the bottom of the shoe and moves left and right during lateral movement. I had to take my shoes off and adjust the insoles on changeovers because they'd be on the sides of my feet, not the bottom of the shoe. I'm on the lookout for custom insoles to revive the shoe, but in the meantime I'm satisfied with the new Prince Rebel 2.
From: Steve, 3/12

Comments: Awesome shoe! Durable, lightweight, and comfortable! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Just don't let the shoelace touch the velcro...
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: I reviewed this shoe after I purchased them in October. They were comfortable right out of the box and gave good support and traction. They are more comfortable than Nike Court Ballistecs and maybe a little more durable in my opinion. They are not as flashy in looks and they don't have Rafa as their model, but they are good shoes. Finally they have a hole in the toe and are worn in the heel, so I will return them for my replacements. But overall, every shoe that I had has needed to be replaced. Nike are just a little sooner. Maybe it is the heat of summer that wears them out faster, but I will let you know after I get the new ones and play on hotter courts in the next few months.
From: CF, 2/12

Comments: These shoes are good for junior players. They tend to run about 1/2 of a size up, but they feel comfortable and they are durable.
From: James, 2/12

Comments: This could be the best pair of tennis shoes that I have owned in terms of stability, speed, design and weight, but please ensure customers buy 1/2 to one full size larger than their typical size. I also concurrently own a Yonex SHT- 307. This shoe gives greater stability but provides less toe comfort and durability, relative to the Yonex, if one purchases one's regular shoe size.
From: Raghu Menon, 2/12

Comments: Ordered 1/2 size up, and it fit perfect. It's pretty comfort, stable, good support, and fast (low to the ground), don't know its durability but I'm not that worry with its 6 months warranty.
From: Jack, 2/12

Comments: I guess you must order at least half size up. My foot was packed in the shoe and it was painful. Little room in the toe box. I really wanted to like this shoe because it looked fantastic and it's only $70 now but it was a bad experience.
From: Marek, 1/12

Comments: Very comfortable, but only lasted 2 months. Just got new pair....highly recommend.
From: Marvin, USA, 12/11

Comments: I like these shoes. I have tried Prince and Nike in the past. Nike has very low durability, but very light and stylish. Prince on the other hand, is not so stylish, looks bulky, but has the best comfort in my opinion. These Babolat's were pretty descent in terms of style, but I was mainly interested in how long they would survive. The Nike shoes last about a couple months, with 6 days a week play, 2 hours a day, indoor and outdoor hard courts. The Prince shoes last a big longer, maybe a month longer than the Nike's. The Babolat's straps were not all that handy because I could only tighten the one going across my forefoot. The one on the heel was really hard to tighten, and I didn't feel a difference when loose and tight. Overall, the shoes were great, I just received my durability guaranteed pair, and am looking forward to playing in them.
From: David, 12/11

Comments: These were decent tennis shoes. Make sure when you buy them to buy a 1/2 size up. I found that my toes would continuously ram into the head of the shoe. Also, these are very loose. After an hour of tennis, I get blisters on my feet.
From: Anon, 12/11

Comments: The shoes seem to be well made with very good style and looks. Although I haven't used them for long on the courts. I felt like I had to wear them around the house to break them in a little.I have a wide foot so I am glad I read the reviews from Tennis Warehouse before selecting a size. I normally don't buy shoes online because of not being able to try on. After reading so many reviews of people saying order a half size larger than what you normally wear I decided to take that advice. Glad I did because normally I wear 10 1/2 ordered a size 11. Turned out to be a good fit. 10 1/2 would of been way to snug.
From: Steve, 11/11

Comments: I got these for outdoor racquetball and now I use them in indoor racquetball on wood courts. I love these shoes. They fit so snugly like a glove and I love the two velcro adjustments because after a couple games I need to tighten them a little. Feels like the lightest shoe I've ever worn and are super fast for quick adjustments on the indoor racquetball courts. I am buying more for replacements in the future.
From: Charles, 11/11

Comments: I thought these shoes would do its job with all the Velcro on it and a durability warranty. 3 months into the shoe there's already a rip on the sides of arches on the fabric. The balls of the forefoot have already lost its tread and is as bald and shiny as my head. I bought these in June and only by August did I feel comfy in them. They were very stiff at the beginning and I tried wearing them for a while before playing with them but it was only when I started running in them that they started to feel more comfortable and breakdown. Now that they are completely comfortable there's no tread on the sole now and it's starting to rip larger on the side. Also, I am concerned as to why they are quite wide for my 10.5 size foot but the length is just perfect.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: Once again, these shoes tend to run small. Go at least 1/2 a size larger than what you usually wear.
From: John, 11/11

Comments: Lots of reviews on these shoes but I am one of the ones who think these are great shoes. They are far far more comfortable than the Nike Court Ballistecs (any of them). They are lighter on the feet, give great support and are comfortable right out of the box. I really didn't feel like they needed much break-in at all. I don't know about the durability yet, but for the price ($69) two pair ain't a bad deal. I will but another pair in the next few weeks because I know they won't last at this price. So don't try them! Keep them at TW so I can buy them whenever I need them.
From: CF. 10/11

Comments: These shoes (size 9) did not work for me. Too narrow and felt like baseball cleats on the court. After one match, my feet had swollen to the point where they were breaking out the toe and were too small. I prefer a wider shoe.
From: Chris, 10/11

Comments: These shoes are really very nice. I don't want anything I say to take away from the shoe. There is a break-in period, and your feet will hurt the first couple of times. After that the technical of the shoe is fantastic. Wonderful hold on the courts, strong, gives the wearer a great sense of trust in their footing. The upper is somewhat weak, and the biggest problem I have with this shoe is if the upper tears anywhere it creates very painful pressure points in the shoe. This happened to me and one of my favorite shoes became my least favorite. Maybe you'll get lucky and the upper wont rip, but if you cut hard and move fast, this shoe will not last you long.
From: Logan, 10/11

Comments: Comfort is very good if you buy a half or full size larger. I really like the feel of these shoes; however, with both pairs I've bought, after only three months of hard court use average six or seven hours a week, a hole has worn through the right foot under sole at the toe. This hasn't happened with any other shoe I've worn. For those who play only once a week, I highly recommend these for comfort and support. So for me, comfort is great, durability is so-so. They do have a 6- month durability guarantee though, so save your receipt, but I am not a fan of having to return shoes.
From: Mike, 9/11

Comments: I'm liking this shoe. It gives up traction and stability as compared to the Nike Court Ballistec 1.3 and 2.3 but it feels lighter. It is more slipper-like as opposed to the boot like construction of the Nike's. It is almost as good as the Asics Gel Resolution 2's except it's a little less stable. Also, the foot belts actually work. Totally wrote those off as a unattractive cosmetic thing. I'm a 4.0.
From: Andy, 9/11

Comments: Coming from the adidas Barricade V's and Genius II, this was a great shoe with lots of room in the toe box for my wide feet. The straps really lock your foot into the shoe. Since I have flat feet, it was a must to get some insoles to really support my arch on such a low shoe. The shoe is super light so it really moves easily with your foot, the only problem being that you have to make sure to lace up near the toe tight so you don't slosh around when quickly pushing off from side to side. Another point is to wear long socks initially so the back of the shoe doesn't dig into your Achilles area. I had to tape up the Achilles area after wearing low socks the first time out. If you have any kind of knee, leg, or back pain when wearing shoes get insoles because most likely your foot isn't contacting the ground properly.
From: TC, 8/11

Comments: My first impression was positive regarding fit and feel wearing them around the house. After playing for 2 hours on hard courts my arches ached. The next morning I woke up with lower leg and low back pain. I played 4 or five more times a couple of days apart and the pain continued. I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing these shoes. I have switched to the Wilson Tour Vision and the pain is gone. Granted, I am 43 and 6'4" 220lbs and I am pretty tough on shoes. These shoes are definitely not for me.
From: Jim, 8/11

Comments: For me, this is the most comfortable shoe that I have ever owned. Having read other reviews before buying this shoe, others have complained about the comfort of this shoe, and this points out that shoe comfort is very dependent on the individual. So take the comments on comfort with a grain of salt. I like everything about this shoe and would buy it again in a heartbeat. I haven't had the shoe long enough to comment on the durability, however, it feels well made.
From: Mike, 7/11

Comments: Best tennis shoe I've ever used. I had a pair of Prince T22s previously, and this are a big improvement. Much lighter, feel more responsive, and very little break in period. I'm a bigger player (6'2, 240lbs), but these shoes feel supportive and solid. Will definitely get another pair in the future.
From: Marc. 7/11

Comments: I am on my second pair of Propulse 2s - fantastic shoe! The tread grips the court well and is fairly long-lasting. Cushioning is just right; not too squishy, but supportive and comfortable enough to run around the court all day. I love the straps, you can really customize this shoe to your foot. The shoe plays lighter than one would think from the weight. They feel much lighter than my old Barricade Vs. I do think the shoes need a slight break-in period. Mine felt right after wearing them around the house/office for a few days followed by a couple sets. Initially they were a bit too stiff. Thanks, TW!!!
From: Joshua. 7/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for a while now and they are great. Very comfy and great fit. The Velcro straps help give me ankle support and the shoes fit like a glove. One complaint I have is the rubber bottom soles run down somewhat fast, the traction is still good but I can feel them becoming "bald." I play about 7-9 hours a day so the overuse could be why but I strongly suggest buying these shoes and will by buying another pair soon provided that they don't sell out fast!
From: Jason. 7/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for a while now and they are great. Very comfy and great fit. The Velcro straps help give me ankle support and the shoes fit like a glove. One complaint I have is the rubber bottom soles run down somewhat fast, the traction is still good but I can feel them becoming "bald". I play about 7-9 hours a day so the overuse could be why but I strongly suggest buying these shoes and will by buying another pair soon provided that they don't sell out fast!
From: Jason. 07/11

Comments: This is a solid all-around shoe. The grip is excellent even when the tread is worn and the wear is decent. I really like the velcro strap across the foot to lock-down but the cushion is not that great. Note: I use orange Superfeet in place of the stock insole but I do the same with my NB 804 and they have more cushion.
From: Dave, Virginia, USA, 7/11

Comments: I loved the Propulse I, but hate the II. The rear belt serves no better function than to irritate your achilles tendon, which after three days of use is inflamed on both ankles. Now I don't know what to do with these shoes. Now that I read other reviews I see this is not uncommon... great.
From: Eric, San Francisco, CA, USA. 06/11

Comments: I bought these sneakers because they were on sale. I use these primarily on hard court. The traction is great, the responsiveness is great, the lightness is great. I really like the footbelts they give you that customized glove fit. Don't think twice before buying this shoe. This shoe also didn't have a huge break in time by any means.
From: Rutvij. 6/11

Comments: I bought these since they were on sale and I'm always searching for the perfect shoe for my foot. This isn't it. Fits well and I like the adjustment straps. The only problem is that it doesn't have a wide base so I feel like I could turn an ankle by stepping on a pebble.
From: Don. 5/11

Comments: I prefer the mens colors. I changed out the insole with the arch support insole also sold at TW for extra cushioning. This shoe is fun, fast and responsive on court. I love the grip on the outside foot edge, great for using leg power in my shots or quick footwork and changes in direction. The vents on top of the shoe are outstanding for airflow. The plastic on the top forefoot is too stiff when the shoe bends (scraped my skin through the sock) but I'm trying to break that in. Overall I am really happy with this shoe and would consider buying Babolat again in the future.
From: Rachel, Brookfield, NH, USA. 5/11

Comments: I really like this shoe and am on my second pair. However, it'll be my last because I keep blowing out the top by my big toe. The first pair I thought it was just a fluke, but it happened again. I'll stick with Babolat because they fit my feet excellent, but I'm going to switch to the all court pro for the leather upper.
From: John, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 03/11

Comments: I really like the Propulse II. You can feel the court with your toes and get a feel on where your feet are relative to the court. This helps you improve on your footwork and feet positioning when hitting a fore or backhand. The shoe is very stable with your feet. Very little slippage or irregular feelings on your feet. Cushioning is great. You can feel the shock absorption effect. You can tell that impact on your feet is being negated. Traction is very good. you can feel the shoes planted and ready to propel your body into a big hit. Compared to some other shoes I have tried: this has equal shock/impact absorption as the Asics resolution 2 gel and has better fit and traction; this has better cushioning, build, traction, and stability than the Nike ballistic 2.3 and breathe 2k; same cushioning as Adidas barricade but not as clunky. I would highly recommend these shoes.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: By far the best shoe I've ever worn! I go through a pair of shoes every 3 months, and try new shoes each time (Air Ballistic, Adidas, Asics, Diadora, Prince). I've finally found the right pair for me. Solid grip, secure foot (important for my knee trouble), and durable (also - nice looking!). I'll keep buying Babolat as long as they keep making a shoe this good.
From: Michael, Lewiston, Idaho, USA, 3/11

Comments:We talk about racquets being great platforms for customization - these shoes are great platforms for customization: low to ground, significant forefoot volume - add a thin cushion insole--tons of cushion, eliminates volume, not too high of ground like..say gel resolution 3!! Try Spenco RX® Comfort Insoles, same level of cushion on heel as forefoot so no elevated heel and minimal impact to intended fit.
From: Will, Richmond, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I got these shoes twice, the first pair's outsole lasted just under six months. This pair's outsole lasted less than two months. Maybe I just got a bad pair. Best feeling, looking, and playing shoe while it lasts. I give it an 8 out of ten
From: Gregory, 02/11

Comments: These shoes are like small tanks and my foot feels very protected, yet they are light and comfortable. I played almost every day last year and they lasted the entire season. The sole is the best I've felt so far, and they look amazing. I'm buying them again this year.
From: Santiago, New York, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: Extremely solid and capable shoes. It took a while to break in, but once broken, it's like a slipper. And the intricate straps and plastics make it feel real secure and comfy.
From: Asher, FL, USA, 02/11

Comments: Didn't like the lacing system, the straps are a hassle and just get in the way, lose the straps Babs.
From: Joe, Mission Viejo, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: The first week with this shoes was a little painful in the zone of the ankle, but it disappear quickly. I have a pair of this since they went on sale, and Im still using it and the grip are still awesome. Great deal with Propulse II.
From: Daniel, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela, 01/11

Comments: Hey TW staff, do you know when the new Propulse 3's are coming out? I can't wait to order them!
From: Justin, NJ, USA, 01/11
(Justin, you may have to wait just a bit more; they will be going on pre-sale around mid Jan--TW Staff)

Comments: Just wanted to give an update to my review I gave 8 months ago. Still wearing the same pair and they still feel great and are really holding up well. I play aggressive doubles tennis two or three times a week.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments:Bottom Line, PAINFUL! My first night on the court in these shoes was a very positive experience. You can strap yourself into these shoes very snugly thanks to the two Velcro over-straps, one on top and one on the heel. I felt great confidence that I wasn't slipping out of these shoes in any way. However, after 4 days of playing every other day or so, (nothing unusual for me) I'm unable to walk around the house without significant pain in my ankles, Achilles heals, behind my shins, and my lower back. This never happens to me. My last shoe was the Nike Vapor 5. I loved them so much I bought 5 pairs. It took me 18 months or so to wear through those, but they were a plush ride compared to these, in which I could feel the hard court all too well on aggressive footings. While playing yesterday I remember thinking, I hope he hits the ball to me so I don't have to move. That's when I knew something was wrong!
From: Jay, Columbia, SC, USA, 12/10
NTRP Rating:4.0

Comments: I recently just switched from the Nike CourtBallistecs 2.3's because they didn't have great traction. Then I discovered the Propulse. Now these are about the GREATEST SHOES I've eve worn. They felt great right out of the box. The strap belts were questionable to me until I tightened them and I could feel the support when I played. Great Durability and traction. I'd give them a 10/10.
From: Sterling, Patterson, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments:If you like Barricade 5's, and can't get 'em anymore, you'll love these shoes. Not stiff and clunky like Barricade 6's. Wear much better than Nike's, that fall apart and exhibit high sole wear. They do run a half-size small. First pair I tried on felt different left shoe vs. right...2nd pair felt fine. I have fairly flat feet, and the arch support felt perfect. No arch discomfort, like in shoes with more arch support after several hours of play. I play hard and long, and these are the best shoes (for my feet) since my Barricade 5's wore out. Like K Swiss Big Shots, only better.
From: Jon, OH, USA, 12/10

Comments: These shoes run a half a size small so if your getting blisters and your feet hurt it's probably that you need a bigger size. Also I was surprised that a few people said the had no traction with these shoes. Look at TW's review of this shoe. They gave the traction of this shoe a 4.6 out of 5.
From: Anon, Riverside, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Wow - I'm surprised by all of the mediocre reviews here. These are the best hard court shoes I've ever played in. They are low profile (unlike Barricades that to me feel like I'm running in platforms), and at the same time have much better lateral support than other lightweight shoes such as Asics. And, the whites even look good!
From: Ked, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 11/10

Comments: Awesome shoe! Great comfort and feel too. No wonder Andy Roddick plays with them!
From: Connor, Cardiff, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: Awesome shoe. This is the best shoe I have ever worn. I only played with it for a month or so, but I am confident that this is the best shoe ever. I have a wide foot, so this shoe fit me perfectly, especially considering I switched to these after having the Nike Cage 2s.It has great foot support. I never felt like I was going to twist my ankle, which I have done numerous times in the Cages. I consider myself a defensive baseliner, but I can switch from defense to offense without a problem in these shoes, and the footbelt technology has something to do with that. My feet felt incredibly stable and I really feel confident every time I step out onto the court in these!
From: Alex, Chicago, IL. 09/10

Comments: The best snug-fitting shoe ever, excellent ventilation, light, and comfort out of the box. The only comment I had with this shoe is durability. 4 months after I bought it, the outside part of the toe box started to tear off. I played only 2-3 times a week. Excellent style, matches very well with my Pure Drive GT lite.
From: Henry, Makati City, Philippines, 08/10

Comments: Comments: Pros: I like the overall make up of this shoe, it has great ventilation and more than adequate support. Delivers all this in a nice fairly light package. Now for the cons: the right shoe was digging into my foot (and so was the left just not as bad) about right around the middle where the mold comes up. I can't wear them and am trying to get BABOLAT TO REPLACE THEM. I got wear on my toe and sole more than usual from any other shoe. They're are not anywhere on par with their price tag. Save your money and get a pair of adidas.
From: Anon, 08/10

Comments: Very good looking shoe and felt unbelievable when I tried them on in the store, but I had to take them back (yep, somehow I pulled that off!). After one set, my legs and back felt as though they had been in a war! Maybe these were not as "out of the box broken in" as I was led to believe or it could be my 45 years, but my legs and back felt terrible for the next two days! I have worn Diadora, Wilson Pro Staff's, and an Adidas model (I cannot recall the exact model) over the last 20 years. I have yet to have an experience like this with a new pair of tennis shoes. I am a solid 4.0 all court player and I really did not over exert myself in this one set. I can only attribute it to the shoes. As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine is a chiropractor and when I described my ailments, she immediately recommended I return the shoes. I have since picked up a pair of Prince T-22's and the issue seems to have resolved itself. No shot at Babolat or this particular model, but they just did not work for me at all. I am sure they are good shoes other than the comments on this blog.
From: Tim, Houston, Texas, USA. 07/10

Comments: I love the look of these shoes and the breathability, but other then that they are horrible. I didn't get hardly any traction, they split down the middle seam, and they wore down to my sock within a month, would not recommend this shoe to any serious tennis players.
From: Dylan, Kaufman, Texas, USA. 06/10

Comments: I never got major blisters until I wore this shoe. If you plan on staying on the court for a long session, I would not recommend.
From: Lou, Palm Beach, FL, USA. 06/10

Comments: These shoes are really comfortable, and have a very good traction. I strongly recommend them. They just lasted for two months, however, I'll get another pair.
From: Jaime, Villahermosa, Mexico. 06/10

Comments: Overall I would not give this shoe a good rating. Before tried these I had the Barricade IVs and Vs for 3 years. These shoes certainly had better breathability and were slightly lighter but those were the only pros. The Barricades had far better support and traction. The traction on these shoes was very poor. I'm a junior player and I weigh barely over 130 lbs. and I was sliding in these shoes on hard courts (not good). The other downside, I acquired numerous blisters if I played in these shoes for any longer than an hour or so. If you're looking for a much better shoe with great traction and stability try the Barricades; I'm prob. going to try the 6.0's when I'm done with these Babolats.
From: Anon. 6/10

Comments: Great, good, and worst shoe ever! Great looks and style. Light and break in right out of the box. Good ankle and stability for feet. I am 6'0 180lbs. 4.0-4.5 player active baseliner. My first pair I blew out in 5 weeks or less than 40hrs of play. My second pair I noticed on several court surfaces traction is questionable and not that good at all. I was sliding all over the place. The worst is sole for the person who slides his right foot on the serve and a runner. The toe will wear down quickly. For the expensive price of the shoes, having a shoe practically brand new in 5 weeks or less and 2 inch hole in the toe is absolutely ridiculous and disappointing. I will never by Babolat ever again after being unhappy a second time around.
From: Ryan, California, USA. 05/10

Comments: The shoes are fantastic, at least the right one. The left shoe is much tighter than the right. I played for 3 hours and and it felt like I had broken my big toe. I can see there is a production error on the left shoe. I'm a size 42, these are Europe size 44 and feels like a 42? Hmm... So the size is smaller than it is supposed to be... Fits Not true to size! Too bad I live in Norway and shipping costs almost as much as the shoes themselves.. However, my right foot feels great and the shoes are amazing all though be sure to order your pair one size larger. Hope the white pair that is on the way is flawless! Ps. They make you feel like a pro! Great stability and genius straps for maximum fit! Hope I did not scare anyone away...
From: Christian, Oslo, norway. 5/10

Comments: This shoe is awesome! I played with right out of the box and it felt fine. I was skeptical about the foot belt but it really works. The traction is outstanding and so is the durability. The only thing I don't like is that the laces sometimes get stuck in the velcro.
From: harish, va. 5/10

Comments: Tried this shoe after many years of satisfied Nike use. The reason I'm switching is due to the fact that Nike has changed their shoes to the point of unwearability. Apparently they've never heard the expression "If it ain't broke don't fix it." I hit on these Babolats after trying on many a shoe, and right out of the box these feel great. Very snug, yet comfortable, and the support bands really do the trick to solidify the situation. But, and it's the death but, after 2 hours of hard play, the balls of my feet (and the surrounding ligaments/tendons) were toast. These shoes have ZERO support in the forefoot - and seeing how I pound my feet when I play, I must say these are not the shoes for me. On to the next shoe - I think I'll try the new Prince Rebels....
From: Christian, Laguna Niguel, California, USA. 5/10

Comments: I was really impressed with these shoes. They feel great with fantastic support. Traction is the best I have ever felt. Quick lateral movements and hard cuts seem effortless. They have a low to the ground feel so I feel very fast in them. I played in a three day tournament right out of the box and had no problems with them. I have slightly wider feet than medium and they fit me fine. Note: They seem to run a half size small. I had to go a half a size larger.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA. 05/10

Comments: I got these shoes about a month ago and they are excellent, great breathability, support, and for the first month at least, traction. However, the traction on these is now very questionable, and that's just after a month (and I've been switching between some other shoes) The traction on my Nike Vapor 6's is better and they're almost completely worn through. Aside from the traction I really like these shoes and since I don't really mind all that much about traction, seeing as I'll get used to sliding a bit eventually. These shoes also look pretty good. They have an excellent color scheme. In the end I might buy these again, depends on if there's anything better out there.
From: Wes, New Braunfels, TX, USA. 05/10

Comments: Andy Roddick is my hero but these shoes are ugly. I got a pair of these for Christmas and I was ridiculed at school. Other than the appearance these shoes are still terrible. They hurt your feet, and they have no traction.
From: drew. 4/10

Comments: Got these shoes a couple months ago, and I have to say, I am slightly disappointed. The tread on the bottom of the shoe seems almost non-existent since I am sliding all over the place on hard courts. I get no traction whatsoever compared to the adidas barricades
From: Colin R., Rochester, MN, USA. 4/10

Comments: The 2010 models are not identical to last year's and they vary by color; the Titanium is an ounce lighter than the white. The 2010's are also wider in the toe box, which was a plus for me, and the length is shorter than average so I bought a half size up. The fit was great as were the construction, comfort, cosmetics and traction, and the low to the ground design really helps on-court speed. BUT THEY CAN BE ANKLE KILLERS. Prior comments (Moi, K. Jones) and a couple of last year's TW reviewers all had ankle issues with the Propulse 2s. I think the heel cup is disproportionately low compared to the footpad making the back rub high on the ankle and, worse, the lower heel position puts strain on the Achilles tendon. I bought 2 pairs, loved the feel, and even tried a few heel inserts to make them work but the Achilles pain comes back every time I wear them for a match, with or without inserts, and especially on hard courts.
From: Rob, Northport, NY. 4/10

Comments: I love the way the shoes feel, very comfortable, and I do feel more agile. The only thing that has been happening to me is my ankle. Sprained my right one twice and left once within a month and a half time frame. I was just trying to see if anyone else might have the same issue. If so, are the shoes returnable for that reason?
From: Moi, Jax, FL. 4/10

Comments: Great shoe! The foot belts are awesome, it really locks your foot down. Also the 6 month guarantee is great. Great job, Babolat.
From: clint. 4/10

Comments: The Best performing tennis shoe I have ever worn. I play about 6 times a week though and I went through them in two months.
From: Jackson, MA, USA, 04/10

Comments: I just bought these shoes and I have to say that they are one of the best I have ever worn. They fit great. I went out and played the same day and it was as if the shoes just broke in instantly. They feel incredible and the support was amazing. I would recommend them to all. I play three to four times a week and I go through a lot of shoes. I think I have found the ONE! Keep up the good work, Babolat.
From: Jimmy, Bellevue Wa. 4/10

Comments: These are very comfortable and loved them only if they lasted. The front sides of the soles started peeling back and basically deteriorated. This happened after 6-7 months playing twice a week. I probably won't buy again.
From: Anon, 03/10

Comments: This shoe was terrible for me. They hurt my feet. I came from a Nike Air Max Breath Cage and prefer it very much. Started to wear after only four days. Also I have had ankle problems since I started wearing this shoe. Just not the right fit for me.
From: K. Jones, Texas 03/10

Comments: I really like what Babolat has done with this shoe! I wore out my old Propulse I, and I like how the new shoe fits wider. It helps since I have wear an orthotic insole with my shoe. I like the color, but I'm not crazy about the bottom part of the shoe being white - it gets dirty real fast. It matches my Babolat Aeropro Drive too! :)
From: Eric, Edmonton, AB, CAN 03/10

Comments: Just got my Babolat Propulse 2 titanium shoe which I've ordered on this website, I love everything about the shoe, the design the color, the comfort & it's durability, I think this is way much better than the barricade V & the Tirand III. to me, this is the best tennis shoe ever made!
From: Peter, Zamboanga city, Philippines 03/10

Comments: This shoe is incredible. I've switched off between Prince, K-Swiss, Nike and by far these Babolat's are the best. I had the previous color (blue, silver) and loved them so much that I ordered the BP2 Titanium. For some odd reason, they do feel slightly lighter though than the previous color. I play 2-3 times a week and went through the sole on my originals in 5 months 2 weeks so really appreciating the 6 month guarantee. Great feel, comfort, style, traction. What more do you want in a shoe?
From: Dave, Chicago, IL, USA 02/10

Comments: The best-looking tennis shoe currently out with performance to match. Compared to the Courtballistec 2.3's, these are better quality, have better traction, but have worse cushioning and most likely worse durability (which is not an issue due to the 6 moth warranty on both). They also feel faster due to their fit.
From: AA, USA 02/10

Comments: Bought these when the 2.3 tongue came away at the front after only 3 hours of play. These are a very supportive shoe, very light and look great. Wider fit than the original Propulse. Quality is far superior to Nike.
From: Natas Signik, FL, USA 02/10

Comments: These shoes are great! I love the new color for this shoe. I also love the support belts, the front belt holds your foot down, while the back belt keeps your foot from sliding out. If you haven't tried these shoes yet I think you should give it a try.
From: Alex, Houston, Texas, USA

Comments: Awesome, I'm the first!! Anyways, these shoes are awesome!! I love the trends on these shoes!!! I love the design, way better than the blue one, the blue one makes it look childish. Just one thing I don't really understand is that why they put a support belt behind the heels/ankles. I don't think it helps that much. Furthermore, the shoes are great. Moreover it matches my racquet a bit, I use the Wilson K-Blade 98!!
From: Steven, California. 2/10

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