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Comments: I'm 47 years old, former 5.0 with interruptions, I'm probably more a 4.0 now and in the phase in life where I start to teach and play more doubles than whacking with the young guys around the court. I have played with Wilson frames stepping from ProStaff 7.1 down to Six One to Six One Team with age. While all are great player's frames, my arm starts to rebel on long matches and feeding buckets of balls now. I bought the 110 as my 'teacher's frame' and I couldn't be happier. The sweetspot is size of of a dinner plate, the racquet is light and maneuverable, it's enough head-heavy for someone used to pro frames to get along with, it generates luscious power with an easy, buttery swing and enough spin to take the felt of the ball. I actually ran a 4.0+ today comfortably around the court with little effort and while not the precision and flatness of my Six.One Team necessary, I could get enough power and angle to keep him in check. There is little "feel" in the frame obviously, nevertheless, I can do reasonable drops and put good variations of slice on the ball and the frame is much more stable and controllable on fast volleys than I thought. The only disadvantage of the 110 frame size is that to scrape something skidding along the ground it's a lot of frame to fold under it so someone aware of that can dish out serious punishment to a player with a 110 size. And my arm feels great (comparatively speaking) after 3.5 hours of heavy hitting. Have yet to try playing doubles or served with it yet.
From: Tony, 12/14

Comments: Great racquet. I play 3.0 club doubles five days a week. Bought my first Drive Max 110 in January this year with Babolat Hurricane Feel 16 String at 55 lbs. Loved the feel and extra power generated by this racquet. Bought a second racquet in April. I have tried a lot of different racquets and there is no comparison. Would highly recommend this racquet.
From: Butch, 8/14

Comments: Great racquet not just for players under 4.0. I play 4.5 to 5.0 doubles and enjoy the extra power this racquet offers. I got tired of having to generate my own power with the Pure Drive 100. String this racquet a little tighter with 17 or 18 gauge multifilament.
From: Dan, 4/14

Comments: For many years I was playing the Pure Drive, but some years ago we ordered the AeroPro 112 for my wife, and I tried it, and stole her racquets! Now, we have quite a lot of the 112 APs, but my wife has gotten them back. Since I have discovered my new "love" -- the Drive Max 110. I'm a stringer and have tried a lot of different strings -- but ended up with a string I wasn't happy with before (because it hurt my arm). But now, I love playing with Babolat Blast 1.18 (from 50 to 55 pounds depending on the day and my mood. I am a hard hitting 2-2.5 player that is 61 and I have 3 of these racquets.
From: Asbjorn, 11/13

Comments: I've been demoing the Babolat Drive Max 110 for a few weeks now and have just purchased it. I am having it strung with Topspin Cyber Flash 16g. at 54 lbs. I sure hope it plays as well as the demo did today! I am a 3.5 inter club and USTA player. I've had a few wrist issues with other racquets but not with this one, yet. A lot has to do with technique and this racquet seems to be very compatible with my corrected swing from my club pro. I am so excited and will report in a few months with hopefully even more excitement!
From: Loretta, 9/13

Comments: I am a 3.5 player in my early 70s and play both singles and doubles. I am on my third 110 Babolat racquet. I use a Head Intella string strung at 55 lbs of tension. In my hands, the Drive Max 110 is light-weight to swing but feels substantial when I strike the ball. With just an average amount of body power, the racquet generates an amazing amount of power on the ball. At the same time, I have the best control I've ever experienced. I have seen great improvement in both my ground strokes and serve compared to the Wilsons I previously used. The results have been a steady display of competence, especially for an older player, and every now and then the racquet's light weight allows me to make some "wow" shots on the run.
From: Bob, 8/13

Comments: John (7/13) is correct -- this is an extremely comfortable racquet for older players. The balance is just right and with a little 'over-tension' on the strings, I find that I have the control and spin ability that I like, as at 62 years old, I am just not a power player any more and this gives us older guys a little edge!
From: George, 7/13

Comments: Great racquet that is ideal for older players. It's a racket that is the optimum choice, as it feels great on ground shots and perfect for serve and volley. The bigger sweet-spot and balance helps to make this a racquet that is just perfect. I am league tennis player and play 3 times a week.
From: John, 7/13

Comments: I was looking for a replacement for my Wilson Juice 108 BLX. I like the feel with a fantastic mix of control and power. I have a lot of top spin on my strokes, I think this racquet is great for advanced players as well as older players. I am extremely confident with this new one. I recommend it to anybody who likes to hit the ball hard. It's great and I love it!
From: Patrick, 6/13

Comments: Following up on my previous feedback below, I am happier with these racquets. The max is more head light than the Overdrive although the specs say it is the same. It is more maneuverable as well. I just won our clubs longest ever vets singles match 4-6, 7-6, 6-3 and it was nearly 4 hours because of rain interruptions. Wimbledon must be coming round soon! Many thanks to TW for advice on best strings for the racquet, very helpful and appreciated.
From: Stephen, 6/13

Comments: I found the Babolat Overdrive 110 a bit too head heavy so I have just bought the Babolat Drive Max 110 as I would expect it to be more maneuverable . Jury is out at the moment. It came with factory strung excel 16 strings and I am looking for advice on the best strings/tension to get the most out of this racquet. It seems comfortable and I played better without a dampener, but I have not, so far, found the sweet spot “luxurious." I am a low standard tennis nut from Acorn Lawn Tennis Club Edgware .
From: Stephen, 6/13

Comments: Tremendous racquet for doubles. Great power on serve and overheads. Sweet volleys.
From: Johnny, 5/13

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