Babolat AeroPro Drive Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Playing with APD and APD Plus strung at 54 lbs with Babolat RPM Blast. This racquet has helped me improved my serve, overall game, confidence and got me several wins in my USTA matches Recently, I have been suffering with Tennis elbow after playing an hour with this racquet and thinking of switching to a less stiffer racquet. I have demoed several less stiff racquets from TW and tried a few arm-friendly racquets from Head, Yonex and found the Head Microgel Radical Oversize very arm friendly and very manuverable. My tennis friends advice to go with a Hybrid or a soft poly and some changes to my hitting techique will help with the Tennis elbow. Will have to try that and see and if that doesn't help I will switch to Head Microgel Radical Oversize. Overall, a great racquet if you can handle it and don't get tennis elbow.
From: Ramesh, 12/16

Comments: Absolutely, enjoy playing with this tennis racquet. It's a solid tennis racquet. Very well designed too. In my opinion, this is a great tennis racquet especially, if you hit the ball with lots of spin. I found it to be good with slices too. I serve with a lot of topspin, spin and kick serves when using this racquet. Would definitely recommend this racquet to tennis players who hit with a lot of spin.
From: Anonymous, 12/16

Comments: Fast swinging racquet with great spin potential. Forgiving sweetspot but does get pushed around by heavy balls due to the low overall weight. Great pop on serve and can still get the ball moving fast even without a heavy static weight. Overall, it's a great racquet for those who have a solid medium-fast groundstroke swing and form and should be paired with a spin friendly poly like RPM Blast or Solinco Hyper G to make the most out of the racquet and the string.
From: Kyle, 11/16

Comments: This is the first expensive racquet I ever bought and it it was absolutely worth it. I used it for just over a year before I finally had to get the string replaced. Excellent spin, excellent control, excellent power. 10 out of 10. I recommend it.
From: Jared, 11/16

Comments: Likes: super spin-friendly, stable, powerful and forgiving. Dislikes: probably the most uncomfortable one of all previous versions. The Cortex technology doesn't help a darn; slices are floating due to the low swingweight and total mass. This might be the worst slice racquet of all time.
From: Isaac, 10/16

Comments: AeroPro Drive + a dampener + hitting the ball in the sweet spot + getting the contact point out in front = power + spin + comfort -- best racquet ever! This racquet is surprisingly horrible without a decent dampener. All you feel from the strings is shock. Add a Tourna dampener or a rubber band dampener to this racquet. You will be surprised how good this racquet is.
From: Kevin, 8/16

Comments: Though I am a beginner and at level 2, I bought this racquet from TW. This is really a great racquet and I can see the change in my game. I am able to compete with level 4 players and can win some games. Good one! I love this racquet very much. By the way, TW's service and delivery are really good. will buy more with them in the future.
From: Prakash, 8/16

Comments: Been playing tennis since the late 70's and have always used the larger Prince racquets. Due to a neck injury, I was unable to hit many of my bread and butter shots. Demoed many different racquets, never really liked the Babolat racquets until I tried one that was strung looser (2013 Babolat Aeropro Drive). This racquet is very different to the Prince racquets -- smaller sweet spot, faster swing speed. This swing speed has taken a while to get used to especially at net.The racquet will do every shot I'm used to -- topspin forehands, backhands,slice, drop shots, serves overheads, although my serve will never be the same due to my injury, it does seen to add more spin to get forced service winners. Where it really stands out is in the ball placement and control. I am able to stand closer when returning serves, and hit with more confidence, backspin on drop shots really stops the ball dead in its track. Those who claim it hurts their arm, are not hitting the sweet spot, because this is a stiff racquet, and I never had a problem with that. Started stringing at 54 lbs then 50 lbs, now I'm at 48 lbs with Volkl Cyclone in a full poly bed. At 58 years old, I am still able to beat my 23 year old son consistently, who is a 5.0 player
From: Robert, 6/16

Comments: I've had this item for almost a year and I really do reccomend it to others. It's comfortable, feels smooth and is perfect for all types of players. It increases spin with the right kind of string. I recommend Babolat RPM Blast and Luxilon strings on this racquet.
From: Adrian, 2/16

Comments: I had the 2012 version and really liked it. Demo'd the new one and it felt similar and is a solid racquet for most styles of play. A definite winner.
From: Kent, 1/16

Comments: The Babolat AeroPro Drive tennis racquet has taken my tennis game to the next level. I noticed that when playing with this racquet that it has a lot of power, spin, and excellent control. I was able to place the tennis ball where I wanted to on the tennis court when hitting tennis groundstrokes. It's no surprise how popular this tennis racquet is. In my opinion, this is a very efficient and excellent racquet.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: All I can say this is an amazing racquet! I just received it from TW with super fast shipping and great phone support to help me choose this racquet. Strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16g at 57 lbs. Amazing control, tons of spin, enormous sweet spot, with lots of controllable power. It has changed my game. I almost feel like I am cheating. For me, there was almost no transition period and I would like to say again -- the controllable spin has me able to put the ball exactly where I want too. Highly recommend it and thank you Tennis Warehouse!
From: Jason, 10/15

Comments: After playing with oversize racquets, I felt like I had too much power with those, so I switched to the APD with Pro Hurricane Tour in the crosses and RPM Blast strung in the mains, and it's pretty perfect. Tension was at 55 lbs. Lots of good spin, pop, and power, but all in a controlled sense. The forgiveness of this racquet is also unbelievable, and it's certainly hard to match.
From: Ryan, 9/15

Comments: Recently switched to this racquet after using the Head Speed Pro for a few years. I find both are very similar but the APD felt more solid on volleys and serves. I also liked the handle shape a bit more than the Head SP. I started stringing this with full poly (Tier One Firewire) at 60 lbs but found it lacked power and dropped it down to 53 lbs and i'm loving it. I've had tennis elbow in the past but have not had any issues whatsoever with this setup.
From: Pete, 7/15

Comments: Played with the Head Youtek Midplus for the last 4 years before switching to this frame. I was looking for a stick that provided more control. I started it strung with a poly at 55 lbs and was fairly pleased but was having shoulder pain. Switched to gut/poly blend at 59 lbs and absolutely love this racquet. I can hit out without thinking due to topspin this stick produces and hitting hardest serves of my life at 40+ years old! I can't find any holes in this stick other than maybe some feel on touch shots. Only downside is be careful if you have arm issues as its very stiff. I'm a 5.0 player
From: Anon, 7/15

Comments: I played with this frame for about a year and I agree with pretty much everyone else's comments. You get great access to topsin and it's a great serving stick, however flattening out is a nightmare with this thing and touch shots are near impossible. It's a great transition stick, however after switching to the Blade 98 I think I'll have to retire my love/hate relationship with these sticks. Great transition stick, just not something for my game.
From: Kaipoi, 6/15

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. I cannot play with any other. And the price is reasonable!
From: Anon, 6/15

Comments: It's my favorite racquet for playing doubles with, where I need to swing fast and pounce on volleys. It flies through the air and you can generate lots of power quickly. Great for serving, massively looping forehands and chucking in the odd top spin lob. For singles, it lacks the swing weight I need when pushed wide; there's not enough touch as it has a hollow feel and the handle shape is awkward for a traditional backhand drive slice. It's more suited to the modern backhand chop slice and you do get wicked spin. Some of the problems I have may be alleviated with more practice as I've only had it 3 months but it's still awesome for doubles! Strung with X One BiPhase at 54 lbs. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Andre, 6/15

Comments: Great topspin and serves. But for me, that's where the good ends. It is over powered (not enough control) and I cannot swing out. There was a lack of depth for me as well as a lack of touch and feel. It felt unstable and erratic. Slice was absolutely terrible for me due to the instability, erraticness and lack of touch and feel.
From: Anon, 5/15

Comments: Pros: Amazing topspin; decent on groundstrokes; 10 out of 10 for serving. Cons: I struggled against big hitters, it's too flimsy and it feels unstable; very poor plow through on flat shots; terrible slices, the lack of plow through really detriments slicing; It's OK at net but the instability of the racquet make it difficult for me to place shots; it lacks precision -- it's fine if you're going for power and crazy spin but if you enjoy playing with finesse there is just not enough feel in this racquet. Perhaps coming from such a different frame (the Head Prestige Pro IG) means that it will take more time and customization to make it playable for me but currently I'm struggling to see what all the fuss is about.
From: John, 4/15

Comments: Phenomenal racquet. I am a 23 year old ex-college player. I used to use a 12 ounce Head Microgel Prestige Pro all through college. I typically enjoy a heavier frame. My coaches are thrilled with my switch as they all have been trying to get me to switch to this racquet. This racquet is known for its groundstrokes, and made me feel more confident at net when playing doubles. Very little transition period to be honest. Forehand and backhand are smooth and forgiving when timing is off. The only area I had trouble with was getting the same kick on my second serve that I had with the Prestige.
From: Roger, 4/15

Comments: Great racquet -- provides great spin and controlled power while also remaining very comfortable. Great for hitting flat winners and also with a lot of topspin on regular groundstrokes. Serves are going in more often due to the encouraged spin potential while also giving more speed. Hit side by side with the Juice 100 and this racquet performs much better in all categories. Strings used were Babolat Pro Hurricane 16g at 55 lbs.
From: John, 3/15

Comments: This is a very good racquet. It has a lot of power and extremely maneuverable. As soon as I held it, I knew I was going to switch from my Head racquet to this one.
From: Savan, 3/15

Comments: What a racquet! No doubt, it has elevated my game. Is it cheating to play with this?! I can now focus on getting in position, getting a good swing on the ball and letting the racquet do the work. Sure it has power but it's smooth, and just helps me win more. I'm a 44 year old 4.5 player. Hope no one else switches to it!
From: CMoney, 3/15

Comments: I tested this racquet, for an hour and half -- it is more than amazing. It has nice power, very good control and lots of topspin. The feel is smooth and you can accelerate whenever you want!
From: Cuateconzi, 3/15

Comments: I'm a 5.0 senior player with topspin off both sides and solid volleys. This racquet impressed me with its power and maneuverability. Great for serving. Not a great slicing, but it's OK. I switched the grip to leather with an overgrip. I'm stringing around 54 to 55 lbs with Technifibre X-ONE BiPhase 16 which softens up the contact and seems to wear pretty well. I'd highly recommend it.
From: Andy, 3/15

Comments: I love this racquet for my groundstrokes. But usually, my serves and serve returns are what have given me a win. I am a 4.0 player but only up here because of my serves and returns. On groundstrokes, I am barely adequate. Thanks TW!
From: Saketh, 2/15

Comments: Great forgiving racquet. Perfect for any type of player.
From: Saketh, 2/15

Comments: I returned to the AeroPro Drive after overcoming my shoulder problems. My setup is with a Prince resi pro grip, strung at 48 lbs of tension with Signum Pro Firestorm 1.20. It is a beast -- powerful, soft, lots of control, good topspin and good slice. I am a 4.5 player and I think this racquet is the best there is.
From: Juan, 2/15

Comments: Tweener frame with a profile of 24/26/23. Has to be stiff and it's not for large swings. It's definitely a fun racquet to try particularly if you are used to thinner frames. There is a learning curve to extract power from it and when you do it's quite a bliss. Low tension a must for more pocketing and feel. I reckon 51 lbs-ish.
From: Simone, 1/15

Comments: This is a proven players racquet which is quite stiff, which allows for very clear feedback compared to the Pure Strike, which is a bit dampened (without losing any info though). My favorite way to play tennis is from the baseline with tons of spin and power. This racquet will allow you to take full swings at the ball (quite low power when strung and 23kg and up) and great control due to the clean feed back. If you want to put spin on your shots you can, you do need some strong arms to really get a strong upwards movement through the hit zone due to the weight of the racquet. If you like to play from the baseline and you have enough strength, I highly recommend this racquet, it will make tennis easier and more fun.
From: Francis, 11/14

Comments: I just started using this racquet a few months ago. Switched from Wilson 95 6.1 BLX. The Aeropro Drive was hurting my upper arm so I lowered the co-poly string tension from 54 to 53 lbs and noticed an improvement. I do love this racquet. Power is greatly improved. Serve spin is improved. Occasionally, a ball floats long but this is decreasing. Racquet takes a few weeks to get used to but my game has definitely improved from mid 4.5 to high 4.5 and possibly 5.0. (I'm beating all 4.5's I play). I liked the Wilson but wanted more pace with a lighter racquet. I'm 47 and play mostly singles however, my doubles game has also improved with Babolat.
From: Laurence, 11/14

Comments: I'm a 64 year old senior doubles player mostly. I was looking for a racquet that could give me more pop when I needed it, and this is just what the doctor ordered. I play an all around game, hard serve, over the top forehand and backhand, slice on both wings, drop shots, topspin lobs, etc. I'm able to fully execute all these shots with the APD! Strung with gut in mains, poly cross hybrid at 51 lbs. Use of string savers adds a couple pounds of tension probably. Using it stock. Great racquet and no significant arm problems at all. I have tried a lot of racquets and this is the best I've come across. Hot damn!
From: Bigdaddy, 10/14

Comments: This racquet has pop and control. Used a hybrid to string it at 54/53 lbs, didn't need to add an over grip as the initial feel was fine, friends say once you've found "your" racquet it's like an extension of your arm, never found this out until I tried and then bought this baby. A friend lent me his racquet when the strings broke, never been so thankful for a busted string! I'm a 4.5 player.
From: Jeremy, 10/14

Comments: Recently switched to the Aeropro Drive, and I have been blown away by the difference it has made. Topspin lefty forehand and one handed backhand drive heavier than I have ever hit and much more reliable in putting away short balls. Plenty of pop on serve and easier access to spin on second serve for sure, but still adjusting to placement on serve. Less feel on volleys than my old stick but much better maneuverability. All in all, a total game changer. Wish I hadn't waited so long.
From: Adam, 10/14

Comments: Big differences in weight and balance between frames. 7-8 grams between my two sticks. Love them but not too sure whether I prefer the Roddick Pure Drive for the fun. To play matches, the APD gives me more confidence. In any case: spin, power and forgiveness, very (almost too) easy to play with -- very efficient in matches.
From: Vince, 10/14

Comments: My favorite racquet. I started out using the Wilson Pro Open BLX (2012 model) and it did not have the power I wanted. The instant I hit with this racquet, I loved the power. I have a buggy whip forehand, with a semi-Western grip, so I enjoyed this racquet and being able to feel like Nadal! I reccomend anyone who likes power and spin to use this racquet.
From: Kendall, 10/14

Comments: This is really an amazing frame. This racquet offers a lot of pop but still has enough control to where you can confidently swing out. However, what separates this racquet to others is the amount of spin it creates. I tried hitting with one of the new Wilson spin effect racquets, and the spin does not even compare to the aero. It's stiff, but for people who enjoy a crisp feel like myself, they will love this frame. I use a western style grip and this frame suits spin hitters extremely well. However this frame is still a great choice for flat hitters, but is best suited for people who hit spin. I string this with Babolat RPM Dual 17 at 57 pounds.
From: Josh, 9/14

Comments: I finally demoed this update to a great frame. I played with the cortex model a few years back and switched to the GT and felt that the GT model was too muted feeling so I switched to a PSLTD. Now, back to this frame, it felt amazing, like many people have put it is very forgiving. Easy access to spin and controlled power. I think I can produce better spin with this racquet than I could with any of the new extremely open string patterns of other companies. This is a must demo for anyone.
From: Zach, 9/14

Comments: I just purchased this racquet like a week ago and already my game is improving a lot! It's very light and feels very comfortable especially with spin! I previously played with the Wilson Envy which I thought was very comfortable but so far in my experience, nothing can beat the APD.
From: Tim, 9/14

Comments: This model is definitely worth the extra money. The last model has a higher swing weight than this and is a has a small sweet spot. I felt that I had access to a lot more power with this racquet. It had the same stability as the old one but with a huge sweet spot compared to the last one. It took me a couple of days to get used to the new model but it is definitely worth it. Everything was so crisp and smooth that it just hits like a dream. I probably picked an extra 10 mph on serve with this racquet and made my second serve a lot more effective. It truly lets you swing on the ball with confidence. It serves like the Pure Drive but still plays with the stability of the APD. Don't waste your money on the old model, go ahead and get this one. You will thank yourself in the end.
From: Tom, 9/14

Comments: I am not one to leave a review. But I was using the Babolat Pure Strike Tour and when I switched to the APD it was a world of difference. My first serve is so much easier to control, slightly off center hits are incredibly forgiving, and the topspin is unreal. I am so happy I made the switch -- newer definitely isn't always better.
From: Stello,9/14

Comments: I purchased this racquet pre-strung with a Wilson synthetic gut at mid range. Most of the balls were landing a foot behind the baseline, but after re-stringing with Babolat RPM Blast at 58 lbs, all the strokes tuned in nicely, with precision and plenty of pop. I felt like hitting with more topspin resulted in both more power and control with this racquet. I even adjusted my grip slightly, with good results. Definitely easier to hit winners from the back of the court than with my previous racquet, a Wilson Blade 98. I'm a 4.5 player with a one handed backhand.
From: Ben, 8/14

Comments: I bought the AeroPro Drive 2009/2010 cortex version and I have been using it for years and love it. I recently got the 2011/2012 GT version and I thought it felt head heavier and less whippy. I got tennis elbow so I switched back to the cortex version and now I am getting the new 2013 cortex/GT version and I think it will be perfect!
From: Brendan, 3/14

Comments: Ok after 6 months with it, I eventually got the control I wished with Luxilon strings Power ALU Rough at 54/55 lbs. Very string sensitive racquet. For my taste, I also added much lead tape (about 15 grams). Now it is working perfectly. All what is written in these comments is true: control and power with easy access to spin. I really hit very hard with it. And all my shots improved, especially the serve! Previously played with Wilson Pro Staff 90.
From: Vince, 2/14

Comments: It is an awesome racquet for every level player. Some say that it may feel stiff, but believe me it is not; even though i had been playing with Head Prestige midplus for years I can not use the word "stiff" for this racquet! This stick is powerful, control-oriented and a spin monster with less effort on the court. Dynamite!
From: Ahmet, 2/14

Comments: I love this racquet. It has improved almost every aspect of my game. It is a little stiff but the extra 20 mph on my serves make it very worth it. The only problem i have with it is keeping strings in it. Im about to string it with RPM or Red Code. Not sure about a tension yet...TW?
From: Bill, 2/14
Note from TW: We would recommend stringing it a bit lower and would suggest 52 lbs.

Comments: Wow! What a racquet! Very stable with a much softer feel than previous versions; powerful, no problem with control if you use topspin. This racquet is perfect for a heavy topspin player. I string with Luxilon Original at 50 pounds. Fantastic combo!
From: Tran, 2/14

Comments: Honestly one of the best racquets on the market. It doesn't just appeal to the modern baseliner like some may say; it can also be a weapon for the serve and volleyer. It's very forgiving and offers exceptional control and spin. All in all it is one of the most well rounded racquets out there. I highly recommend it!
From: Isaac, 2/14

Comments: I felt like the control is not really there in this racquet, the power is alright though and it is quite easy to maneuver. I can't get the good feel of it though and am trying to execute great drop shots. Feels rather difficult as it feels like you can't control the spin and placement somehow. I might have to play more with this racquet, but it seems best for players still developing and not serious ones.
From: Pablo, 1/14

Comments: I've been using this racquet for about 2 months now. I ordered it with Volkl Cyclone at 55 pounds. The strings feel much tighter than this, but the racquet feels great and has improved my serve and topspin. I was planning on putting Technifibre NRG2 strings, but I'm not sure of what tension yet. Any recomendations TW?
From: Scotty, 1/14
Note from TW: Since NRG2 is a soft multi, you can add a couple pounds and will still find this string to be comfortable and responsive -- try it at 57lbs to start.

Comments: Here are my impressions after 3/4 of a year with the APD 2013: Very good racquet for my topspin forehand and for my serve. The one-handed backhand is also very stable and controlled to play. I like the easy playing (compared to the Prestige) and can play 3 sets at a nearly constant level. Due to the higher power level, short angles or drop-shots are more difficult to play. I play the APD with Prince Beast XP 1.30 (28 kg) -- very happy with this combination. The strings Nadal uses in 1.30 are also ok, but only for 5 hours. Two of my 3 have a weight (with strings, overgrip and damper) of 332g and a balance point of 320 mm. The third is 333g and more head heavy (4 g more in the head and 3 g less in the grip), the balance-point of it is 328 mm. This racquet has more power and a very different feel. In the future, I will not buy my racquets in a internet tennis shop to select racquets with nearly the same specs.
From: Andre, 1/14
Note from TW: If you contact us, we can help you select the weight you'd like from our stock.

Comments: I've been using Aero Pro Drives for about 4 years now and they're fantastic racquets. They're not actually that light, but are extremely aerodynamic lending themselves to spin oriented games. I highly recommend them.
From: Max, 1/14

Comments: Nice racquet, but the feel it is a bit light in its stock form. Though it has a reasonable stability for its weight, but it lacks precison when hitting hard. I compare it to a Pure Drive Roddick or a Wilson Pro Staff 90 that feel much more serious in hand. For the rest it is really enjoyable: big sweet spot, much spin, lots of free power. Sad that Babolat does not do a "tour" version of it.
From: Vincent, 1/14

Comments: I have resisted getting a lighter, stiffer, larger racquet. I recently demoed the new Babolat APD and switched almost immediately. I had been playing with a Prince Rebel 95 (the original) and a Prince Diablo 93 mid before that. I had demoed Babolat in the past and didn't like the stiffness on my arm and how the ball seemed to jump off the strings, but this latest version strung at 53/55 lbs with RPM Blast-VS Gut hybrid is a game changer for me. Sorry to leave Prince, but Babolat has the technology.
From: Warren, 1/14

Comments: I'm a 45 year old 4.5 player that has used every generation of AeroPro Drive. Occasionally try other racquets, but this racquet is unmatched in its ability to produce spin. It took me a couple of hours to get the feel of this stick after using the GT. This racquet swings faster and produces even more spin. At first my shots were a little "loopy" so I added more lead tape than I use on the GT, but over the past few months I have taken off most of it. I am now used to the faster swing and embracing it. Can get even more spin than before. It definitely works best with a full poly set-up. I usually use RPM Blast at 53-55 lbs. Only shot I prefer the GT for is slice backhand.
From: Darin, 12/13

Comments: This 2013 APD paint chips more than the any of the previous APDs. After 1 month there are already 4 paint chips and I don't throw or treat the racquet harshly, just normal play. It is a bit too powerful so you can't hit good cross court sharp angles or good touch to ease the ball with angels at the net. Not too good on the arm. But it is great in rallies, defenses, and spin. It feels a bit more head heavy than 4 points head light. I recommend this stick to any pusher.
From: Ted, 12/13

Comments: I'm a 5.0 rated junior player that has being using an APD since I was a 2.0, and this racquet felt very different to the last generation. I felt as if I needed to swing much faster to get the topspin that i had on the last model; but as I went on and got more used to the racquet I found that it was definitely a superior racquet to the last edition, although a bit different. If you are looking for something similar to the last model or the cortex model, I would be looking at a Pure Drive or maybe a Prince Triple Threat Mid Plus. This racquet is very good with Volkl cyclone 16g or 17g.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: I had commented earlier raving about the APD making tennis fun again. My game has improved and I agree with others about maneuverability, power and spin. My previous racquet was a 2010 Youtek Pro and it does feel like cheating with the huge sweet spot. Earlier, I mentioned using Kirshbaum Pro Line X 17 at 55-56 lbs, but now lowered to 54 lbs, which works much better. I'm an older player and noticed arm problems stringing at 58 lbs and heartily agree with others that are stringing under 55 lbs with a soft poly is ideal. I swing away without any fear for the elbow or shoulder. Also, I used to play with Pro Staffs and am not as accurate with the APD, but this is probably me getting used to a new swing.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: I was a long time Pure Drive user, going back to the "swirly" model and have played with them for about 10 years. I started wondering what else was out there in terms of racquets and demoed about a dozen. After a year of playing with different frames, I picked up the APD and fell right back in love with it. The easy effort to hit spin, pace, and control are remarkable. I tell my friends that the frame is really like cheating, as it makes the baseline game that much easier than any other frame I've played with. Full poly is a bit much on my elbow, and I recommend a hybrid setup to save your shoulder and elbow from the stiffness. Great frame.
From: B, 11/13

Comments: I demo'd this raquet with Djokovic's Head Speed Pro. The two raquets are a study in the differences between Nadal and Djokovic themselves. The two raquets were basically the same size and and overall weight. They felt equally stiff when hitting the ball. The Babolat has a larger sweetspot and you feel it. The Babolat was more headlight, thus it was more controlable at the net and allowed for a flick of the wrist shots on the run. With the larger sweetspot it was easy to hit good shots when you are out of position and stay in points. The Head was more powerful and I was able to generate equal amounts of spin on my ground strokes. The Head really rewards you for hitting the ball low in the sweetspot. There is a tremendous amount of power and spin there if you are able to purposely place the ball on your strings on a groundstroke. As a person who likes to play at the net, the Head had inferior feel on volleys which was disappointing. I never felt like the Head was not maneuverable, but when I switched from it back to the Babolat, the swingability of the Babolat was unbelievable. In a perfect world I would play service games with the Head, and return with the Babolat.
From: Att, 11/13

Comments: This was the first time I have ever used a racquet that wasn't made by Wilson and I was very happy with it. I felt that I had great groundstrokes and excellent topspin, but this racquet does not have as much control as others I've used.
From: Ludwig, 11/13

Comments: I am a 37 year old 4.0 player. I was using a Dunlop 400 and changed to the Babolat APD. What a diferrence! This raquet does everything well, especially topsin shots. It is great at the net, on serves, backhands and with feel. One thing lacking is its comfort -- my shoulder and arm were killing me. I had to buy a more flexible Prince 100T raquet and my arm feels fine. Overall Babolat is a better raquet, but I just can't use it 3 days in a row.
From: Mario, 10/13

Comments: I've been playing with a racquet from Babolat with the grip size #3/ (4 3/8) for 4 years. When I played with the 4 3/8 demo of this APD, it really felt like I was playing 4 1/2. I absolutely hated the way it felt in my hand. My friend bought this frame with grip size #2, (4 1/4) and that one felt much better. If you decide to buy this frame, I highly suggest you buy 1 grip size smaller.
From: Jessie, 10/13

Comments: I'm a baseliner with a topspin forehand and backhand and a long fast swing. Before I switched to the AeroPro Drive, I used the Head Microgel Extreme Pro (strung with Luxillon ALU Power at 58 lbs.). I want to replace my MG Extreme Pro with the Youtek IG Extreme Pro, it would be a good racquet upgrade for me, but unfortunately the racquet is not available in our country. Though I was having second thoughts, I went to my second choice, the AeroPro Drive 2013 (strung with RPM Blast at 56 lbs). I'm amazed because it raised my game to another level. The power level is lower compared to my old racquet, providing me more control. And the maneuverability and feel is good. I won my last two matches against the players who defeated me before.
From: James, 10/13

Comments: A little lead tape at 12, strung with RPM Blast 17 at 53lbs, wrapped as tight as possible with Babolat's tan leather grip to bring out the bevels and to bring the grip size closer to back to what it's listed at makes this is the best racquet I've ever played with. Buh-bye Dunlop 200G series -- it was a nice ride, but I had to make the switch.
From: Raizo, 9/13

Comments: Be warned -- this racquet is like crack. So addicting. By far the most user friendly racquet I've encountered. It has a way of magically winning points and producing shots out of nowhere. Just does everything effortlessly well.
From: Max, 9/13

Comments: I'm an old Pro Staff guy way back from Sampras days! Federer just needs Babolat AeroPro Drive! The first time I hit with it, it felt exactly like the first time I hit with the Pro Staff, like it was part of my hand! The Babolat 2010 GT or APD 2013 provides the same feel, control, power, and stability of the Pro Staff, but it does it with a 100 square inch head and a 10.6 oz racquet! This racquet will bring your reflexes back into zone, end mishits forever, and make you a contender again!
From: JC, 9/13

Comments: I know everyone loves these racquets, but I developed some arm issues after just one week. I feel these racquets are best suited to the younger player, while older players (like me) are better off with a softer, less powerful racquet. I so wanted to love this racquet, but it just isn't for me.
From: John, 9/13

Comments: Man oh man, I don't know how Federer can compete against players using these Babolats! I've always been a Wilson 90 guy and I just tried the 2013 Aero Pro Drive and I'm impressed. It immediately improved my 1 hand backhand. The ease of power, stability, access to spin, and maneuverability are second to none. This is the best AeroPro Drive to date. It even has feel when strung at the right tension. I had the previous cortex version and it was no way as stable and solid as this new release. Better than all of the Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Volkl, Becker and Prince frames I've ever used. This new release truly is the best frame on the market today.
From: Nik, 9/13

Comments: Before buying this racquet, I used a Volkl Organix 10 325g that allowed excellent control and precision from the baseline, but required a perfect long swing to work, and I could not do that in all the strokes. In addition the Volkl did not performed well to me at the net and I could not find the power that I like on my first serve. I demoed the AeroPro Drive and felt the frame just suits my game, but it was very stiff to my arm. Then I found the perfect combination of tension and type of strings (52 lbs with Topspin Cyber Blue) and was finally able to play comfortably without losing control. I like the forgiving, large sweet spot, the power and spin that transfers after the shots, and it is easy to maneuver at the net and produce a lot of power on the first serve. I see many people using this racquet with +55lbs and stiff strings which in my case would be impossible. If you feel any kind of pain in your arm or shoulder when using this racquet I highly recommend stringing below the 55 lbs with a soft poly.
From: Wladimir, 8/13

Comments: Recently I've demoed many racquets after playing with a thin beam Volkl Organix 10 295g that had incredible control, yet I struggled to generate power. Demos included Prince Warrior, EXO3 16x19 and 18x20, Babolat Pure Drive, Volkl Powerbridge Mid and AeroPro Drive 2012 model, etc. None were as balanced as the APD GT 2013. Paired with Babolat RPM Blast strings at 54 lbs, this racquet has proven to have incredible power, control and feel for such a stuff frame. Stringing below the rec 55 lb limit with an 18g string enabled me to soften the racquet enough to avoid arm problems. Aside from ground strokes, serving with this racquet is amazing.
From: Jason, 8/13

Comments: I recently purchased this racquet after demoing multiple other racquets including the: Blade 18x20, Juice 100, Prestige MP, Prestige S, Pro Staff 95, 99 S, Exo Tour and Graphene Speed Pro. I found this racquet to provide the best overall performance to my entire game. My forehand was amazing and found spin very easily -- it suited my one hand backhand very well. I found all of my serves to have the most juice with this racquet and my kick serves were amazing. Overall this is the best racquet I have played with. Give it a demo and you will forever fall in love.
From: Matt, 8/13

Comments: My Pure Storm Tours need replacement, so I thought I'd demo the new version of this stick, since I always felt like the old ones were too stiff. Overall, I liked it. Definitely a bit more power serve and when you had time to really smack a high mid court ball, but the difference was not dramatic. Tennis is a game of many shots and situations, and the PST was still better at the net, slicing, touch/drop shots, lobs. I believe it takes about six months of frequent playing (with the same racquet) for your raquet/arm to become an extension of your brain, in that you know how make it respond a certain way. The best thing for your game is to find something you like and stick with it. Pros rarely change racquets, and when they do, their play always drops off for a while. For me, it's a pair of new PSTs
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: My impressions: 1. Great feel and control. 2. Perfect for one handed backhanders, a lot more control and feel then my former Dunlop biominetic 300. 3. Forgiving. 4. Gives a lot of free power. 5. Easy to swing. 6. Great at the net. 7. Some say it is stiff. I did not feel that so much. My Dunlop 300 feels stiffer.
From: Ludvig, 7/13

Comments: I just converted to the APD from a Pure Drive because I wanted a bit smoother ride with more control. I also demoed the Volkl Organix 7, Wilson Blade, and the Wilson 6.1 95" -- but in the end, I couldn't find a worthy substitute for everything the Babolats can do. Groundies are so solid, volleys are very effective, power is plentiful, and I can serve more accurately than with the PD. As others have mentioned, the grip runs large so I bought a size smaller and put an overgrip under the standard grip to build it up as desired. Worked fine. To soften the racquet up, I strung it with a hybrid (45 lbs mains/50 lbs crosses). I highly recommend the APD!
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: Great stick, to me, it's the best on the market. Went through the Blade 98 16x19, Head Extreme MP, Head Instinct MP, and a bunch of other demos before settling on this frame, wish I had just bought this first. Feels much better strung to my specs than when I demo'd it. It's powerful and just makes the game easier, great spin potential. there's a reason why this racquet is TW's best seller and used by so many guys on tour, it's a great, versatile racquet. It is stiff but the stiffness makes it solid, and you can soften it up by stringing with a good multifilament like Xcel. more maneuverable than the Extreme and way more solid than the Blade and Instinct. Great looking stick as well.
From: John, 7/13

Comments: Tennis Warehouse was spot on about it being very manueverable. Much easier to get it around quickly into different positions compared to my old APD (first cortex version). Seemed confusing, given the specs are about the same. But, when overlaying it over the old one, I noticed the hoop on the new racquet was less wide. The new racquet was actually longer, too (at 27", vs mine at < 26 7/8" -- noticed others saying their old APDs were not fully 27"). I would say this racquet could be an improvement over the old version for those who struggle to volley, or anyone who might find the older one a bit taxing. The power seems similar, but mainly from a faster, easier swing speed.
From: Trent, 7/13

Comments: I just got this racquet about a week ago and I could not be more pleased with how it feels on the court. I am a 3.0-3.5ish player and this racquet has me more confident than i've been in the past. You can swing away, provided your form is still good, and keep the ball in. I had my opponent pinned at the baseline and found it very easy to hit deep shots that hand cuff your opponents especially with topspin. Serves took some adjusting, however I can now hit them with less effort and they have good pop and movement, big improvement to my kick serve. For strings I used Luxilon ALU Rough 17g at 55lbs which is an awesome combo. I didn't get a chance to demo this racquet, it was a blind buy, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a a pretty decent all court racquet with added spin potential. Absolutely no complaints and no arm pain -- maybe it's the 17g strings. I'm just very happy and can't wait to play again.
From: George, 6/13

Comments: Almost everything people said here is true for me as well. Yes the grip size is bigger than expected, to fix this, I replaced the Babolat grip with a Wilson leather hybrid, then the size becomes right. The frame feels stiffer, perhaps because it's new; I was not bothered too much about the lower swing weight. But don't string too high in tension, nothing above 55lbs. I had mine at 56lbs and the ball leaves the racquet very soon so I do not have time to work on the spin. The racquet is also very powerful; my serves had more pace and accuracy. But since it has higher power, I am worried a little about lowering tesion.
From: Jeff, 6/13

Comments: This is a truly amazing racquet! It offers me outstanding control and spin, as well as tremendous power. I am much hitting much harder than I used to and with pinpoint accuracy. The string I use is Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. Highly recommended!
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: This racquet was a dream for me! I was getting so much more pop and spin from it compared to the previous version, which is something that other reviewers have not gotten. I found as though I could really hit the ball hard and have not have it go flying out on me. I play with a buggy whip forehand and two handed backhand.
From: Bill, 6/13

Comments: This is the third APD I have tried. This issue is that strung with a multi, it takes the worst attributes of the previous two and amplifies them. After 1/2 hour of play my wrist started to hurt so bad I thought I had really injured it. I went back to my Wilson 6.1 95, 16X18 strung with a dead multi and I could feel my wrist healing. Not for me.
From: Berto, 6/13

Comments: Actually these are my second set of APD racquets. I first had them 5 years ago and loved them. Unfortunately with time I have developed a tennis elbow and could not play tennis for almost a year. When my elbow was ok to play again I did start playing with Yonex V Core S 100 rackets. I remember missing my APD's a lot. After two years with Yonex racquets I got the new APD's hoping the stiffness problem was solved. Actually, I love playing with these racquets. With the new APD I can hit very strong accurate groundstrokes. The amount of spin I can generate is amazing. I also believe these racquets help me control the ball pretty good. I won important matches and totally enjoyed my results. With APD's I can play my best tennis but, the stiffness is a big issue with these racquets unfortunately. Now my elbow started to hurt again. I have been using Babolat XCell Power, a reasonably soft string type, but even these strings did not help my elbow. I am so sad (because I love these racquets), but I can not play with these due to stiffness. So I do not reccomend these racquets if you do not have iron arms and shoulders.
From: Kemal, 5/13

Comments: I decided to buy the new APD after a friend suggested I try his. I have played with a Wilson Hammer for the last 10 years but the new APD is a beast in comparison. I took a long break from tennis after playing in the juniors and when I returned, I found it hard to play some of the shots I really enjoyed. The new APD just suits my game and all of those shots are back in my game, much to the dismay of my hitting partners. I can play with lots of topspin or hit hard flat shots from the baseline off both wings with a ton of power and consistency. Slice backhands and forehands punch through a lot quicker than with my old racquet. I find it easy (and really enjoy) whipping back half volleys from the baseline and mid court. Flat serves are harder and my kick serve has more spin and pace on it. Volleys are nice and firm but I am often just following a good approach to the net to put away a weak return. This is by far the best racquet I have ever used and I can now enjoy tennis like I used to. One word - awesome!
From: Ngahiwi, 5/13

Comments: I have been playing with the previous version of this racquet. This new version feels lighter then the previous one to me, so I can more easily swing fast and out. It also feels slightly stiffer then the previous model. Shots are crisp although I feel this racquet has less plow through and may be slightly prone to twisting when receiving against certain types serves.
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: This racquet made tennis fun again! I'm probably a 4.0 player with a semi western forehand and two handed backhand (continental grip with eastern grip for the off hand). Switched from a 2010 Youtek Speed Pro because I'm not a spring chicken anymore. With the 100 square inch face, it has a huge sweet spot and is very light, maneuverable with plenty of access to spin and power. With the right string, it doesn't feel stiff and friends have commented that my shots have more power, consistency, depth and spin. I recently switched to a semi-western forehand and it seems perfect for this swing. Serves, overheads and volleys are easy with this racquet. Pleasantly surprised with how stable this racquet feels and never feel like I'm getting pushed around. I had to experiment with strings. Demoed an ADP with multifilament at 58 lbs and didn't like it because it was too bouncy. Also tried it with polys at 60 lbs but the poly did not have much spin as it should and felt too stiff. Finally found my perfect setup at 55-56 lbs with Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17 which had plenty of control, spin and power. I think any low powered poly would be great with this racquet. Tennis Warehouse recommended Kirschbaum and I am very happy with it. Never thought I would like a 100 sq inch wide beamed racquet, but I love this racquet.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: Just demo this racquet! I have been through quite a few and this stick rocks! I have a modern topspin stroke and I was amazed at the spin this thing generates. Both topspin and slice work well. It serves flat bombs and any variety of spin. It's not for everyone and you will have to experiment with string. My first set was horrible and had to be cut out on day one. The X-cel 17 is great and comfy at 57lbs. My favorite is Vokl Cyclone18 at 50 lbs and that kicks things up to insane! I had arm issues with an old racquet, but none with this one. Find what string and tension fits your game and swing away!
From: JD, 4/13

Comments: My demo was strung with a poly and weighed exactly 11.7 oz, which I don't consider light or heavy, but it did not play nearly as light as people are saying in these reviews. It felt like a baseball bat in my hand. The grip was also bigger than normal. Coming from a more traditional thin/flexible frame, I just couldn't seem to adjust to the heft, width and stiffness. Balls in the sweetspot were comfortable and very muted, but you pay a price on mishits. The power was difficult to tame unless you use heavy spin - which in turn created a slower, loopier ball which was easy to track down by my opponents. I never felt like I could step into a short ball and put it away, it forces you to use heavy topspin or the ball will fly on you. And whether this is a good thing or not, I found that I only needed to swing about half my normal speed in order to keep the ball in play. It threw my timing off, but it's something you could adjust to. Volleys and overheads were good. With a wide and stiff frame like this, all you have to do is get your racquet on the ball and the point is over. Spin serves were good, but not heavy, and I could never dial in a hard flat serve. Overall the racquet felt to big and unwieldy for my playing style. It seems best suited for somebody that plays 10 feet behind the baseline and wants to hit loopy groundstrokes all day.
From: Alan, 4/13

Comments: I wrote one of the first reviews on this racquet, and to make a long story short, I talked badly of it, mainly in the vein of it not being as much of a player's stick, losing some swing weight and all that etc. I just bought it for the second time, and I'm in love with it. Embrace the lower swing weight and use it to your advantage with some great head control, and that translates to some very precise controllable serves. Second serves really benefit from the maneuverability, and just about every stroke can be easily manipulated with the extra English you can put on the ball in this more whippy incarnation of the AeroPro. I think this frame benefits from a firm low powered poly (I put Tour Bite 16L at 54lbs. My usual go to is Volkl Cyclone 17). I recommend anyone to try this racquet. It's everything that a Pure Drive should have been. And in closing, it is literally a morph of the PD and APDGT. Oh and I got it in a 4 1/4. These Babolats do run a little large. Try both sizes before you buy. Trust me.
From: Danny, 4/13

Comments: Absolutely blown away at how incredible this racquet is - it's mind blowing compared to the Head racquets I've been using for the past several years including the Instinct MP and the Radical. Amazing feel, control, spin and absolutely effortless power compared to any other racquet I have ever played with. I'm so glad to have finally discovered and made the switch to Babolat and feel like I have discovered all over again how much I love tennis. Anyone in the market for a new stick has absolutely got to try this racquet, it's simply incredible.
From: Matt, 4/13

Comments: I tried several different poly strings in this racquet including RPM Blast at 55lbs (it felt too rubbery and a little too much power), Luxilon 4g at 54lbs (good but had trouble controlling and gaging depth) and several other polys. Then I tried Solinco Tour Bite at 54 lbs and still had a little trouble controlling depth. This is a very powerful racquet! Then I tried the Tour Bite at 57lbs. It felt very stiff at first but after 2 or 3 hours of hitting, it loosened up and felt much better. I could swing as hard as I possibly could without fear of going long. Now I really like this racquet with this string setup. Note: I hit with an eastern forehand grip and a one handed backhand. If you have a big topspinning western forehand grip I would suggest starting at 54 or 55lbs. Hope this helps.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: I agree with Alex. There is a lot of confusion regarding this racquet. I have all versions of the AeroPro, and after playing and experimenting with these racquets for two months now, I may be able to clear up some confusion. First at around 55 lbs poly string, the racquet has more power, feel and control when compared to the 2012 model and the TW review is spot on. Lower than 55 lbs, the racquet has a lot more power, same feel and less control. At 58 lbs and above there is less power, more control and maybe a bit more topspin. At stock weight, the racquet provides incredible topspin, but not much plow through for flat shots or slices. Add about 10 to 20 grams at the 9 and 3 position, the plow through increases, but the topspin suffers. In summary, this racket can be anything you want it to be.
From: Eric, 3/13

Comments: All these reviews are pretty much useless, as a group. Alex (claims to be former tour player) says the 2013 version is a deterioration due to less control. I've seen this type of review when the '13 AeroPro just came out. Main reason I've stuck with the '12 version. Many other reviews, including one by Chris (3/13) state, more or less, the opposite (less power but added control). Granted reviews are inherently subjective, however, there has to be a better, more meaningful standard for reviewing tennis rackets. By the way, the TW reviews are not much better as you'd be hard pressed to find a racquet that the good folks didn't manage to like. Looks like demo'ing is still the way to go given the noise (well-intentioned or not) that passes as reviews.
From: Steve, 3/13

Comments: At first, I strung this stick with Dunlop Black Widow at 55 lbs and I couldn't hit with it because I hated it. I stood on the strings to lower the tension, and it felt amazing! It feels cleaner than the older model. I'm a junior at the 4.0-4.5 level. I have mine now strung with Head FXP Power and it feels amazing. Highly recommended.
From: Matt, 3/13

Comments: The new AeroPro Drive is a significant deterioration on the older model. I was a tour player and this raquet is all but for good players. The softness of the frame makes it like a yoyo/slingshot that prevents any degree of real control. If you are an average player you will like it as the ball explodes and you feel more power. But if you are a good player with good timing and ability to generate your own pace/whip, this raquet lacks the stiffness, control and the balance you would need (i.e., ball does not stay on the racquet long enough to produce real spin). Further, the increased head heavy weight is also a negative for groundstrokes/top spin players. I am suprised that Babolat does not make a version of this that is really suited for good players (i.e., a racquet with a stiff frame, no fancy yoyo/cortex/woofer that takes away feel/accuracy, but a heavier racquet that is balanced more towards the grip to enable control and fast whip).
From: Alex, 3/13

Comments: Babolat rep came by our club, I had the good fortune to demo this racquet. Coming from 10+ years of Wilson usage, I had the opportunity to thoroughly test a number of Babolat models. Pure Drive, Storm, Aeropro Drive. I normally would not even consider switching to Babolat. But now, I think this is probably the sweetest racquet I have ever used. By the way, I own the BLX Blade 2013 93, BLX Pro Staff 90, Head Speed Pro Graphene 100 18x20 (used by wife). This racquet tops them all. Only other racquet I would consider is the Wilson Steam 99 S.
From: GS, 3/13

Comments: For me, the newest version of the AeroPro Drive has continued to improve the power, feel, and control of the series since the generation II (cortex) version messed it up so badly. The racquet feels more stable than the previous GT version, along with having greater feel. And despite the higher stiffness rating, the racquet feels softer. The power also seems to be slightly lower than the previous version, which isn't a bad thing as the added control allows me to take a bigger swing at the ball more often. My most improved shot while using the 2013 AeroPro Drive is my backhand. I am able to hit much more consistently with the newer version than with any of the previous (minus the original, non-cortex version). All in all, a step in the right direction from this Babolat racquet.
From: Chris, 3/13
String type and tension: RPM Blast Team at 62 lbs

Comments: I got this racquet when it first came out after demoing it for a week. I've been using it for a little over 4 months and I can't play with anything else now. My serve has more pace and spin, my groundstrokes consistently land deeper in the court putting my opponent on their heels, and I'm enjoying the plow through. This racquet has severely improved my ability to add power to my groundstrokes. Since I started using the APD, I have tried the Head Graphene Speed MP, the Head Graphene Instinct, and most recently the Wilson Steam 99. Everything else feels like a toy now. Nothing I pick up gives me the same depth and consistency on my groundstroke and bite on my serves. This racquet for me was a game changer. I currently have it strung with Babolat Roland Garros Xcel at 57 lbs.
From: Josh, 3/13

Comments: In the right hands, this is a killer racquet, no mistake about it. I think I have tried just about every racquet out there and this racquet has it all - it is lightning fast, stable, gives you power with control and has a ton of feel. I am so impressed with it that I don't have words to describe how good it is. Super!
From: Ken, 3/13

Comments: An improvement over the previous version. More power and control. I could not feel any difference in the swingweight compared to the previous model. I do not understand how the racquet can have the same weight and balance, but with a lower swing weight as described in the review. I am a 5.0-5.5 player and I believe that if you do not like this racquet it is becuase you did not give it enough time to adjust to the extra power or there is something wrong with your swing. Because of the extra power, any imperfections in your swing will be amplified. For example, if you hit hard and flat, the ball will go a little bit faster and a little bit longer. A simple correction is to hit the ball sooner, and with a little bit more top. If you hit floating slices, well then the ball will float a little bit longer.
From: Eric, 3/13

Comments: I have always been an old school player's racquet guy using a Dunlop 200g, Wilson 95 and a weighted up Blade as well as the Head Prestige. Now being on the wrong side of 40 and still playing at a competitive level I wanted to try something more forgiving and demo'd this among many others. Wow, what a nice racquet. Great feel, huge sweet spot, easy power. I am not a spin freak but have solid strokes and play an all court game. This racquet suits my game style fantastically. My regular hitting opponents have commented on how much heavier my ball is. I am a 5.0 player and definitely recommend this racquet.
From: Ross, 3/13

Comments: I just got my new APD and I love it. I have not had any issue with arm comfort at all, after a few 2+ hour hard hitting sessions. I'm in my mid-30s and am a 4.0 player who just got back into the game after many years off. I was using a Dunlop Quadro and felt I had grown out of it, so I upgraded to this. Huge difference. I strung this racquet with Volkl Cyclone at 56lbs and I can now take big swings and keep it in the court. Compared to my other racquet (which is much lighter) this has sufficient weight to be stable, but the head comes around so quick I can really rip some top spin. I reviewed and demoed several racquets, decided on this one, and am not disappointed in my choice. Bottom line is, if you have a modern topspin type of swing, you'll like this. If you prefer to hit a flat, heavy ball, you might want something a bit heavier. Also, I agree that the grip feels 1/16 bigger than advertised.
From: Mark, 3/13

Comments: I had been playing with the 1st generation APD since it first came out (with mods of 13.9 oz static weight, and 355 SW). When this 4th Gen APD was available, I decided to give it a try, hoping that it would convince me to get rid of my old sticks. I was very disappointed, just as I had been with the 2nd (Cortex) and 3rd gen (GT) sticks. This new racquet, although quite "spinny," does not have much plow through, which is needed to flatten out balls. Service returns are mediocre in comparison to my old stick due to the fact that it's too light. I have to put more weight behind the ball to make a penetrating return, wheras I don't really have to do that with my old racquet. I'm going back to my old faithful! I am a certified instructor and a 5.0 player.
From: Jay, 2/13

Comments: Long story short, this racquet is not as good as the previous model. Very sad because everyone was expecting an upgrade but its hard to upgrade something that is already so good! I'm sticking with the old for sure!
From: Rafael, 2/13

Comments: I'm a big fan of this racquet. At first I wasn't too happy with the lower swing weight, but it really does make up for this by being a lightning quick stick to swing. I use Luxilon Big Banger Original at 53 lbs and I can put some real stick on the ball. I don't have any problems with plow through and I get huge amounts of topspin on the ball off my ground strokes. I get a lot of pop and spin on my serve and it volley's like a dream. Some players seem to find the racquet a bit too stiff, but its no more stiff than the 2010 APD in my opinion. This is a racquet developed for use with modern strokes and might not be overly satisfying or useful to a player that prefers a head heavy racquet and uses a continental grip. I've not experienced any arm or shoulder problems. I am an adult 4.0-4.5 player. If you have modern strokes and prefer a lighter racquet, this is the stick for you. If its too light there is always lead tape.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I was anxious to try the new version of this racquet. However, so far I am very disappointed with it in contrast to the previous model. Why did Babolat change something that didn't need fixing? Seems like the particular changes they made to the racquet is an effort to grab a wider range of players at various levels. They dropped the swing weight and it is too light now. There is noticeably less plow through with this racquet then with the previous version. This racquet tends to get pushed around on return of serves unlike the previous version. Because the racquet is noticeably stiffer the ball doesn't pocket or sit on the strings as long so less rather then more spin potential, control, touch and feel. Although the racquet is stiffer, I have not found it significantly more powerful then the previous model which is not needed. I originally strung this racquet with the same string and tension as I did with the previous model. I am going to try dropping string tension with hopes of finding a happy medium. If I can't, I am going to stay with the previous model and get rid on this one. I don't recommend this version of the racquet.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: This is a great racquet overall. My only "complaint" is I ordered a 4 3/8" grip, but it feels like a 4 1/2". My suggestion is order a size lower than you normally would for this one. Other than that this racquet is well ahead of the curve in technology.
From: Spencer, 1/13

Comments: Overall, this is a great racquet, although it's rather stiff, so I would suggest you start off with a lower tension. I found power from all areas of the court as well.
From: Steven, 1/13

Comments: I don't know if it's just me but the grip seems to feel slighty bigger than the AeroPro GT. This is a nice stick, although it's very light, so I will add tons of lead to this ASAP!
From: Billy Bob, 1/13

Comments: Coming from an IG Radical Pro, this racquet feels amazingly quick. I get almost all service returns back and it is great at the net. Groundies feel great but I have trouble from time to time reigning in the power to keep the balls from flying long. I'm currently playing with a hybrid set up and I dont have any arm pains (actually had pains with very flexy Radical). I am excited to find the right string set-up for this stick because I know that when I do, I will be very tough to beat!
From: Daren, 1/13

Comments: I really like this version of the AeroPro Drive (2013). My serve is better, with more accuracy and penetration. My groundstrokes are heavier and my slice backhand goes where I want. I win easily over my regular partners and they told me that my shots have more power and are more near the lines. The control is amazing. Overall, it's the ideal racquet. My only reserve was the stiffness of this racquet. After two hours of play, my arm burned a little bit, even with multifilament strings at 56 lbs.
From: Guy, 1/13

Comments: I'm an intermediate player and a lot of my activity consists of practicing with my kid, who's promising and has been winning USTA tournaments. I had been using old racquets from the 1990s, but after demoing last year's AeroPro a few times, I went for it. I am middle-aged and always play nylon multifilament strings. My racquet's strung with blue Babolat Xcel, using a Wilson gel vibration dampener. Comfort is supreme. Actually, I sometimes get a stiff shoulder and right arm from my computer and mouse. Playing with this racquet actually improved it. Any muscular discomfort left from too many years of push-ups and too many years of sitting at a computer is cured by "open book" stretches, but the point is this racquet is much more comfortable than my mid-1990s Head and late-1980s Wilson Profile. One reason I think is because the AeroPro is fairly light weight and also is head light, so this racquet is very manueverable. Although I can feel the stiffness - to which I'm accustomed because I was an early adopter of the fat beam with the Profile 3.6 in the 1980s and have always loved the free power - it's not at all uncomfortable. The Cortex seems to be working so well that it's curing my computer mouse-elbow! I wouldn't try it with polyester, which I oppose any way as a bad idea, when gut and Xcel are available. I'm a recreational player and want my elbow to last. My playing style is to hit with topspin on ground strokes on both sides when I'm set up, generally slice high backhands, slice when I'm running and barely making it, and vary between flat and slice on the serve. Despite having played dating from the early 1980s when Connors was still going strong, I don't hit flat. I hit a lot of topspin when I can, and also my winners are generally power topspin shots on either side. For every shot from this one obviously intermediate player, this racquet works great! At times, the racquet feels supernatural, with just everything falling in. The additional spin from the aerodynamic design keeps shots in when I'm barely getting there.
From: Patrick, 1/13

Comments: When I first got the racquet, I strung it with ALU Rough, and it was horrible. I never have a tennis elbow problem, and this racquet gave me one. I went back to the previous GT version for a while, and decided to give the racquet another try with softer strings. And this time, it was fantastic. I can swing faster with this frame, hence, more spin and power compared to the previous GT. Also, volleys and slices are much better compared to the previous GT. Having both of racquets strung with the same soft strings, the new 2013 APD is really a huge improvement over the previous model, and it really bring my game to the next level.
From: Karl, 1/13
String type: Topspin Cyberflash mains / Prince syn gut crosses

Comments: Incredible controllable power. So easy to get around, as it feels incredibly mobile. I have a one- handed backhand and I have never hit it more consistently and with more power. I didn't want to like this above the other player's frames that I tested, but ultimately, I couldn't deny the results. This is my go-to frame. By the way, it's totally comfortable, and I have no arm soreness at all. If you have arm soreness with this frame, I would guess that it's a matter of technique, not the frame. Just don't string it up in the low 60's or beyond with poly.
From: Jaspar, 1/13
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 55 lbs

Comments: Jonny's comment below hits the nail on the head. It's a great racquet for people who hit big loopy strokes with extremely low to high technique. I would even consider it a "fun" racquet with respect to spin generation. But when you want to flatten out a ball to put it away, it gets uncontrollable and frustrating as you watch the ball sail long. And visually it's a thick-looking widebody frame. Overall, there are more pros than cons to the racquet. It's great for serving, power volleys, overheads, and heavy/loopy groundstrokes. It's not so great for touch shots, feel, slice, or taking a short ball and ending the point. I also noticed that Agassi was using the AeroPro Drive for a few matches on the PowerShares Series events with Courier, Mac, etc. By all accounts he looked terrible and had difficulty putting the ball away. When he eventually switched back to his Radical OS at the San Jose event, nobody could touch him, as he was crushing absolute winners from the baseline instead of hitting high loopy tospinny groundies with the Aero Pro Drive.
From: R.R.N., 1/13

Comments: Old school players need not bother with this racquet. This APD 2013 is built around the platform of one designed for extreme spin technique. If you get this and try to hit driving flat shots as your staple, there are others better designed for that. The lightness of the frame and aerodynamics allow for a lightning fast swing speed with solid torque upon contact. It will not cater to old school technique unless maybe with massive amounts of lead, but then you would be defeating the purpose it was designed for. Agassi switched back to Head, after trying to adapt to the Babolat in the Masters Series. This improved his game greatly. On the other hand, if you equipped Rafa with the same Head racquet, it would hinder him as well. So, if you are into the Nadal school of offense, you will probably find this racquet a must.
From: Jonny, 1/13

Comments: I'm very disappointed. It plays and feels just like the Pure Drive but with less power. Also, I can't feel the ball which makes it less fun to play with and makes it harder to judge when going for your shots. Overall, it feels extremely muted and weird. Don't bother with this one.
From: Sam, 1/13
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 57 lbs

Comments: I own two AeroPro GT and was very excited when the newer version came out. I bought it without demo'ing it first. Big mistake! I strung it with Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour on the mains and Natural Gut VS on crosses. It feels lighter and plays differently than the GT sticks. Yes, control is somewhat better but there is very little power in this stick and it feels flimsy and unstable comparing to GT version. I suggest to demo it first and then decide whether or not to drop $200 on it. In my opinion Babolat failed to deliver an upgrade of a great AeroPro line. I am selling this stick and will continue playing with GT version.
From: Svitlana, 1/13

Comments: I play with this racquet 2 times per week, and I string it with RPM Blast at 54/52 lbs. I think this racquet is the best topspin racquet that I have ever used (I've used the Radical MP and Blade 98), but it's a very stiff racquet. After 2 weeks I feel the RPM Blast gets a dead feel, so it makes the racquet more stiff.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: I demo'ed this racquet last week, and I have to say this is the best racquet I've hit with. The upgrades done to this racquet make it a weapon of choice. I could generate much more spin, power, and control than with my Babolat Pure Storm Team. I've ordered mine, and it will be here next week.
From: Josh, 12/12

Comments: I like the feeling of this racquet. It's softer than the previous version and more forgiving on off- center shots. It feels nice with my slice backhand shot. My only reserve is about the stiffness of this racquet, as with other Babolat racquets.
From: Guy, 12/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 58 lbs

Comments: I did a demo with this racquet. I was not overly impressed with the feel of the racquet. It's too light for me. I needed a fast swing to get power with shots. IMO, the racquet is not worth the hefty price tag.
From: John, 12/12

Comments: The racquet looks nice and provides a lot of spin. However, I have owned and played 10 different models/brands. I think the apple lands closer to the tree with Head or Wilson. With Babolat, I found myself having to customize them with lead tape, special strings/hybrid combinations, different tensions etc. All the Head and Wilson racquets I have purchased play great off the rack.
From: Reggie, 12/12

Comments: I'm not impressed at all. I played the previous model for a year and half twice a week because I wanted to be like most players. However, I always felt that the AeroPro felt very hollow and really lacked at the net. I struggled hitting a flat, heavy shot with it. I switched to Head Youtek Extreme Pro, and oh boy my world changed, as I could do it all. Now the new AeroPro 2013 comes out, and I had to try it. This one is lighter and stiffer than the past model. The spin is great, but since this model is so light you have got to have a fast swing if you want to generate any power. After all I'm not impressed, and I think the only new changes are that it's lighter and has new graphics, but it's still hollow feeling.
From: A.C., 12/12

Comments: I've hit with this racquet a couple of times, and it feels great. I'm a heavy topspin hitter, and this racquet allows for plenty of spin while still being able to power through the ball and drive it through the court. It does seem to have more power than the previous model, as at first plenty of shots were landing long. However, that could have just been because I was rusty. The control with the racquet is great now.
From: Andrew, 12/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code @ 55 lbs

Comments: I agree with Tom's comment. Where I live, it's at 4,500 feet of altitude. I use the previous GT version strung at 56.5 pounds, and now I need to try 1 more pound to tune the racquet with RPM Blast as I've lost control. The new GT feels very much like the AeroPro Drive or something like that from like 8 years ago, which was 320 grams (it was similar to APD but with red letters).
From: Rafael, 12/12

Comments: When you read all the reviews online, they are very mixed. Some absolutely don't like this racquet, and others say its the best they ever played. I believe this is due to a combination of a player's style coupled with string selection and tension. I own two of them, with different strings, and I can see where I still needto find the right tension to allow for maximum control. The RPM Blast at 55 lbs feels good, but your timing has to be spot on, or you lose a lot of control. So I believe it is a great racquet that needs fine tuning to suit an individual's style.
From: Tom, 12/12

Comments: This racquet is super lightweight and has super maneuverability, power and spin. I just bought two of these racquets. They are my first APDs and I love them. They are awesome.
From: A.K.K., 12/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 54/52 lbs

Comments: This is my first review. I was impressed by this new AeroPro 2013 frame. Last season I hit with the previous AeroPro and since that iteration I can discern that the new 2013 frame does have its differences. One difference is that the frame does feel more mobile to me. I can whip the thing around and get the frame on some fast 50-80 mph groundstrokes. I like it for this. The thing feels like a topspin baseball bat. I like that too. I can also hit jumping forehands on the run and from my baseline and they go deep all the way to the other baseline with dipping spin. The frame hits a great flat ball too. Somehow the feel does feel a bit different. It does feel more crisp. Serves are fast either flat or topspin. The thing has some substantial power but it also has its control to couple it. There is one thing that players need to know about this frame. It has been designed for new school stroke production. That means that players who get the racquet "back and down" from the get go might have a problem with this frame. Those who keep the racquet cocked and out in front and then explode in a circular motion brushing the ball low to high with the follow through over the shoulder will find that this thing is simply a "topspin machine." It has been designed for the modern stroke of tennis at full throttle. The other night I was out of breath because I hit the ball so hard with it. Anyway, this is a great frame. I'm gonna start experimenting with string set-ups and tensions and dial the thing in!
From: Bear, 12/12

Comments: This racquet is amazing. My serves used to be 60 mph, and now they are 80-100 mph!
From: Voulagh, 12/12
String type: Luxilon ALU Power

Comments: If Nadal is really going to use this racquet, then I will continue to search for the correct combinations of weighting and technique to allow me to effectively use it also. At this time, I really like it, but I've somewhat been struggling with it for 2 weeks. There are moments of brilliance, and moments of disillusionment. Sometimes it feels big, light and vague, but other times when you hit it just right, it all works together to create a great power shot with little effort. I added 5 grams of lead at 12, and it became more playable to me. I trust the expert opinions of the TW testers, so I'm not giving up on this, but there are times when I can't find my 1H BH, and I throw it to the ground in frustration.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: This is a very nice looking racquet. This racquet is very light with fast swing speed. It cuts through the air like butter. The racquet gives less feel when hitting the ball because it's so light and stiff. Next time I will string the racquet looser than 58 lbs. Overall, it's a very good racquet that offers great maneuverability during matches.
From: John, 12/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16g @ 58 lbs

Comments: I play with the original AeroPro and I have 1 GT racquet, but this racquet seems to play differently. The 2013 APDGT swings much lighter than the previous versions and there seems to be less mass in the hoop. With the lighter swing weight and less mass in the hoop there is a noticeable difference in plowthrough and power. The 2013 can still hit deep topspin baseline balls but it lacks hitting a heavy ball. A little bit of lead at 12:00 would help the 2013 out in terms of plowthrough and power.
From: Angelo, 12/12

Comments: What a disappointment. They changed the swing weight from 330 to 316 and it has taken the player's racquet feel away. Now it feels like the Pure Drive. But that's a shame because we did not need 2 Pure Drives. The swing of the racquet is just too whippy now. There is little to no plowthrough. And changing the headlight balance from 4 to 5 did not help things. I am going to sell this racquet and just keep using the GT version. This line of racquets is more suited for beginners- intermediates.
From: Dan, 12/12

Comments: This racquet is absolutely spectacular. I've been using the past AeroPro Drive models my entire life, and I would have to say this is the best one yet. There are major improvements compared to the GT model and the Cortex model. In this newer version, the feel is a lot better with more crisp shots, the control was definitely improved, and the groundstrokes are a lot more flexible. Serves are excellent with more pop. One thing I noticed was that it was a lot easier with the new AeroPro to flatten out the balls compared to the previous models. Overall, it's a very solid racquet with a similar feel to the Pure Drive, and I highly recommend this racquet, especially for previous AeroPro Drive players.
From: Peter, 12/12
String type: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17g

Comments: Awesome racquet. I string it with RPM Blast 17g and love the feel/power that it brings. I upgraded from the Wilson K Six.One 95 and can attest that this racquet is a whole lot better than my previous one. I will stick with this racquet for a while.
From: Simon, 12/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 56 lbs

Comments: It gave me great spin and the power was amazing. This is the best racquet from Babolat, but I recommend the Wilson K Six.One 95 16x18.
From: Benjamin, 12/12
String type and tension: Luxilon mains / Wilson NXT crosses @ 53/62 lbs

Comments: The only thing that I am really worried about is grip size. Babolat says it is 4 3/8 but I felt it was bigger than that.
From: Vignesh, 11/12

Comments: I hit with this racquet in early November, and did not a whole lot of time with it since it's not my preferred stick and my friend wanted to demo it more. Compared to the previous model, there's not a whole lot of change in terms of power and spin. It still offers that generous sweetspot and great spin potential, which I always liked the Aero Line for. In terms of feel, I really liked the improvements Babolat made with their Active Cortex. It really makes the racquet play more solid and crisp, although it still has that distinctive Babolat muted feel. There is one interesting spec difference though, the swingweight has dropped from 331 to 316ish. I couldn't tell much, but it was as stable as the previous version (which was adequate enough). It's a great racquet for many, and will be very popular once it is release. On a side note, I love the cosmetics.
From: Anon, 11/12

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