adidas Barricade 8+ Green/Black Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought them because they seemed very stylish. I started having black toe nails and experiencing pain. I also started having pain in my achilles. Although, I cannot for sure say the reason was because of the shoes. However the sole is too hard and with not much cushion. I am changing to Yonex shoes in an effort to relieve the pain.
From: JC, 3/16

Comments: Unfortunately, this is the worst shoe I've worn. It just digs into my ankle and results with blood on both feet. I tried everything I could and nothing helped -- plasters, not tying one side as hard, etc. They are going to the bin. Wouldn't even try to sell them as I don't want to hurt others.
From: Ivan, 3/16

Comments: I think the 5th through 7th edition are more stable and more support oriented. I kind of like the claw system just holding up that side of my foot a little tighter, and with these shoes I felt that I am slipping a bit especially with the hard later cuts. Mind you I am using 2 socks and it feels that it is not enough to hold my foot in. I must say I like the light feeling of the shoes but I definitely won't exchange stability for that light weight.
From: Anonymous, 11/15

Comments: I was very disapointed with these shoes as they have no flexibility and they are painful on my toe nails because it's a hard plastic without much cushion.
From: Anonymous, 10/15

Comments: I've played with this shoe for almost a year now. The bottom of the shoe has flattened to nothing now. They had a lengthy break-in period. Also, for a size 11, the shoes weigh more than a pound. Very stable and great with lateral movement, though. I will be switching to the Barricade Boost to get a lighter feel out of the amazing Barricade series.
From: Thomas, 8/15

Comments: Longest break in period ever. First time I wore these on the court, I had a lot of foot pain and cramping, I never experienced that with any shoe before. My advice is to wear them around your house for days before trying to play in them. Now that they are broken in, they are very sturdy and most importantly, they prevent my toes from getting jammed up which happens to me in most other shoes on quick runs to the net. The fit is okay, seems a bit looser than past shoes or the heel material is a bit slicker as my heel can slip with some of the silkier feeling socks that I have. So, I just need to lace them tight during matches. Overall, they are a good value for the price. Styling does look great.
From: Jeff, 8/15

Comments: Compared to the original Barricade 8, I find the 8+ has a higher heel cushion, but I prefer low to the ground feel so I'm not a big fan of this change. The upper is sicker than 8, that gives the shoes a better fit but also makes the 8+ feel bulkier than the 8. Overall, I still prefer the 8.
From: Russell, 8/15

Comments: Design-wise, I love it. Simple but eye catching colors. It fits but is very snug, especially in the middle portion going down into the arch, I like that firm embracing feel, it gives me confidence in my slides and stretches. However, I kinda felt pain on the bottom of my feel the next day. Something that I didn't feel in the previous generation of Barricades.
From: Meako, 7/15

Comments: I broke my elbow in these shoes. The break-in period was way too long. After a month, these shoes had not broken in. During that period I fell badly 4 times while changing directions when the shoes slipped out on me. The last time I landed on my elbow, and had a nice hospital bill, and a couple months off the court. Shoes got sent back. Unless you're playing on super gritty courts don't wear these. Now, I'm wearing the Wilson Rush Pros butI might go through the sole in 4 months but I haven't fallen yet.
From: Nathan, 6/15

Comments: As a long time fan of the adidas Barricade, I was so excited to receive my first pair of Barricade 8+ for Father's Day. My previous 7-8 pairs of tennis shoes have exclusively been adidas Barricades so I am familiar with the support, fit, and break in period. From the moment I put these shoes on I immediately noticed a snug fit. I wrote off the fit to the standard break-in period however after 20 minutes of feeding balls to my son I had to remove these shoes from my feet as I was experiencing far too much pain in the toes. My previous 7-8 pair were the same size as these shoes. The sizing of these Barricades are not at all consistent with the sizing of every and all of the previous models. I'm in the process of re-ordering 1/2 size larger.
From: K Munch, 6/15

Comments: Got these shoes yesterday and played in them the same day. Very comfortable shoes and they require no break-in at all. They are a bit softer than Barricade 8 and do offer a very solid feel. Excellent shoes.
From: Bin, 6/15

Comments: I recommend sizing up by 1/2 size at least. I had to send mine back.
From: Jeffery, 6/15

Comments: The break in time was a bit long. But, overall I believe it is a great shoe and I would definitely get it again!
From: Grant, 4/15

Comments: Worst Barricade shoe I've owned. The break in period was way too long. The fit is much different from last model. Felt like bricks and caused knee and back pain. I have never experienced that feeling before with previous Barricade models.
From: Chris, 2/15

Comments: So I've really only read negative reviews on this shoe and I somewhat disagree with them. The shoe does require a good amount of breaking in, I wore it around the house in my free time for a week before I took it on court. I typically slide a lot on hard courts, similar to Djokovic's style of footwork, and this shoe does have some toe jamming if you don't have a good pair of cushioned socks on. I do not notice the jamming with a good pair of socks. So far, the shoe is super durable and now that it's broken in it feels awesomely solid. Reminds me of the Nike Ballestic 2.3 but probably a little heftier. I would suggest these to a player that needs a durable shoe and wants them to look awesome too!
From: Zach, 2/15

Comments: I've had other Barricade shoes in the past. I know they are a bit heavy but they have always been comfortable. These have been the worst shoes I've ever owned. They are unbelievably painful. It felt like I tied two rocks to my feet. They have no give in them and caused joint pain all the way up to my knees. I put back on my Barricade 5s and the pain went away. I've tried to play in them multiple times hoping they would break in but they remain terribly uncomfortable. I was shocked at how bad these have been. They looked great but looks were deceiving.
From: Chris, 2/15

Comments: No adidas shoe will replace the Original Barricade II -- never. I just purchased a new 8+, played only two sets, called TW because I was totally busting my toes on both sides. Too narrow and limited toe space. Yep, disapointed too the max! No recourse. Beware to long time followers of Barricades!
From: Tomas, 10/14

Comments: These are true to size with a bigger toe box, which I am so happy for. I have been wearing Bercuda 1s, 2s and the new 3s due to the bigger toe box and have been very happy. I wear 10.5 with the Bercuda and I am happy to say the Barricade 8+ I also am a 10.5. What is nice is the bigger toe box. Before I couldn't wear Barricades because my big toe would get jammed and then I would end up with a black toe nail.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: I tried on the 8+s at a store and the fit feels smaller. I normally wear size 11 but sized up to a 11.5. Even then, they felt too tight and narrow for my toes. Still a fan of the Barricade 7s due to their fit and support. Neither the 8s or 8+s have been suitable successors.
From: Luxinterna, 8/14

Comments: Ordered these in size 11 for me and 10 for my son. I have exclusively used Barricade IIs, and he has used the entire Barricade line since IIs, currently using 8s. The three things we both found as to why we won't be using them: 1) The fit is smaller in length than 8s, so we'd need to go 1/2 size larger. 2) Even though they are more flexible in the uppers, they are a heavier shoe overall. My scale measured them at 16.12 oz. (size 10) 3) The arch is strangely elongated and extends toward the heel, making the arch feel really uncomfortable.
From: Todd, 7/14

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