adidas Barricade 6.0 White/Black Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought size 10 1/2 and these shoes were a torture for my wide feet. Because of the rubber siding on the big toe side and the plastic 3 stripes on the other side, these shoes just would not expand and break in. However, I love the quality, support, and durability of the shoes and decided to try size 11. This time they are very comfortable and broke in quickly.
From: Carl, 7/12

Comments: I bought these shoes because they were on sale. My feet hate me for it. They gave me freakin' plantar fascitis! I wondered why I had gotten it and my wife was convinced it was my shoes. I doubted it, but we run distance together and my Asics Gel Nimbus 13 had never given me any feet problems during all the hours we'd run. She made me buy Asics Gel tennis shoes after my feet were killing me in the middle of a tournament. The next day in the Asics it was like playing with clouds on my feet compared to the day before in the Adidas. How many times do I have to relearn this truism? You get what you pay for!
From: John, 7/12

Comments: I wore Barricade V before these, and loved them, so I bought the 6.0's. The shoes aren't nearly as great as the V, but overall I still like them. The tongue and small toe-box are a bit annoying, but the style, support, and durability made up for it. They also broke in fairly quickly for me (12-15 hours of coaching, 4 playing).
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I play for my high school team, so that means I put in about 12 hours a week, sometimes more due to tournaments. This shoe was great in the beginning, stable, good looking, basically everything you could ask for. I slide a lot on the court, and when that happens, my toes slam into the front of the shoe. Usually it doesn't hurt too badly, but when I did it with this shoe, the pain became a recurring problem. I would recommend you to go with two pairs of nice socks when playing matches to aid the pain if you are like me. Besides that, this shoe held up to its 6 month guarantee and is overall a good shoe. If you thought the barricades were too narrow when you tried it on, don't buy this shoe, buy the propulse 3s instead. I have those now and they are much better shoes.
From: Mike, 6/12

Comments: These are the best shoes I've ever worn. They are broken in after 12 hours of use.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: Really, I would not buy adidas shoes again. The shoe is just not comfortable and my feet hurts when I use it. It is very narrow and stiff. I play at least three time a week and I will not risk playing with a shoe that hurts me.
From: Andre, 11/11

Comments: I have been a Barricade user for 8 years and normally would purchase 2-3 pairs a year. I have loved every pair I've owned of the II's, III's, IV's, and V's. The 6's, however, are a completely different story. I'm glad I only bought 1 pair, because it seems like the 6 is a completely different shoe from previous models. I've gotten so many blisters and jammed/damaged nails on both feet that I've had to stop wearing them.
From: Andrew, 11/11

Comments: These are very good shoes. They are very stable, comfortable and good quality! I bought two pairs of them which last one year for me(I play 5 days a week). I just bought two other pairs of Barricade 6!
From: Domimnic, 11/11

Comments: Well, I've had my adidas Barricade 6's for four months now, and I believe I can write and honest review. I disregarded all the previous reviews because, well, I guess I'm an idiot. The toe box is definitely an issue to begin with but after I broke them in they began to feel better. In general the shoes are just not comfortable. They feel bulky and sluggish as if I have two cinder blocks strapped to my feet. The laces continuously break (just like my previous Barricade's) and just 4 months in and I've already worn out the toes. I play 3 to 4 times a week.
From: Pete, 11/11

Comments: I switched from the Nike Vapor's to the adidas Barricade's and I have to say that it was the best choice for my money wise, but with the Barricade's I am suffering from my knees shaking after each match. These shoes are too heavy and limit my movement to run down balls. My toes are suffering for the extra effort, and my Achilles are killing me! I don't recommend these shoes at all. I had these shoes for 1 month now with over 20+ hours of playing and I feel like they haven't broken in yet.
From: Lee, 11/11

Comments: I have a narrow foot and this shoe fits okay. The biggest problem with this shoe though is that I can't stand on my toes with it. Every time I jump, or hop around on my toes, the adiTuff material just creases, and digs into my big toe, and is painful. I actually cut a hole in it to get rid of the crease, and now it's fine.
From: Liang, 11/11

Comments: Ordering a 1/2 size up than normal will save your feet. The first pair I ordered was my fit true to size, however it hurt my feet all over and break-in time was long, even If I played everyday for 2 hours. I decided to give the Barricade VI another try and ordered a 1/2 size up and the difference is phenomenal. Break-in time was a couple of days of hitting but in the end, you'll get shoes with a snug fit.
From: Michael, 10/11

Comments: I wanted to love Barricade's as I always have, since the 3's were my first tennis shoe and the 5's my second. Well, they do feel quite grippy and they do have some good cushioning however, they don't "feel" quite right. My feet are either waiting to be crushed (too tight) or they slide around on every stop (too loose). I have very poor feet; quite flat and wide, I always found Barricade's to be forgiving of my feet but these just aren't quite fitting the bill.
From: Anthony, 10/11

Comments: I tried the Barricade 6 and they were so uncomfortable, I had to return them. Previously, I had 3 pairs of the Barricade 5 and they were just fine. The Barricade 6 hurt my feet on the outside, particularly my left foot.
From: Larry, 10/11

Comments: The best shoe for me in terms of stability, durability, and comfort. Break in was 2 hours. They run small, so buy them minimum 1 size bigger. As they might be discontinued soon when season ends, I'll then stack up on them.
From: Andy, 9/11

Comments: I've only played with the Barricade 6.0 Murray's for a total of 2 hours (playing) and 5 hours (teaching). I can tell you now, these are going to take a long time to break in. I was used to the old school Wilson Extreme's or Pro Staff's. They fit nicely and were very comfortable. I know I got the right size because my foot can move slightly inside them if I don't tie them and there is room the toe area. I can see how people that wear normal width shoes would have a problem with these. I have narrower feet than most I would say and so it suits me proper. I wish there was some more cushion support. These are not shoes I would teach in but only play in due to great traction and support while playing. I will definitely be giving them a workout in the next couple days to see whether or not I'm going to buy the other color.
From: Vik, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are the best tennis shoes I have ever had! They are extremely durable. Also, they are very supportive and extremely comfortable. They take about a week to break in and after that are very comfortable. There is nothing bad about these shoes. I give them a 10 out of 10. Great job adidas!
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are durable, very stable and well made but they don't seem to work for everyone. They really hurt my feet and toes, I even tried going up half a size and that didn't help. I would definitely try them on before you buy them.
From: Hayden, 9/11

Comments: A dear friend gave me a pair of Barricade Vs for Christmas. I knew when they wore out I'd have to buy new ones and I've never spent that kind of money on shoes. So, I bought the Barricade 6s. I'm very disappointed with the way the tongue slips to the sides. I saw Tsonga, I think it was, pulling his tongue over, or trying to, during a changeover. The people who designed that shoe obviously don't play tennis. It's really, really annoying!
From: Steven. 9/11

Comments: I had Nike's earlier and was very skeptical about buying these after reading all the reviews. I do have narrow feet, so I thought it was worth a shot. The first day on the courts was bad. These shoes are clunky and very stiff. The arch on the right foot felt a little high as well. I was already regretting my decision. However, the subsequent days the story changed completely. They've opened up very well and give excellent support for lateral movement. These shoes are definitely on the heavier side, so you need to push your body that extra bit to get to the ball. I am very happy with my purchase so far.
From: Anees, 8/11

Comments: My right great toe nail became black and I could not walk after playing one match. The toebox is way too narrow. These shoes are indeed toe crushers!
From: Mitch, 8/11

Comments: The adidas IV for men were awesome; I wish they still made them. These Adidas 6.0 bruised both my toes. They are way to tight in the forefoot and do not give. I have a brand new pair of size 9 that I don't know what to do with. These shoes would fit perfect if I could only cut off both of my big toes which by the way are still purple and blue! I bought a pair of K-Swiss Big Shots and I have to tell you these shoes are simply AWESOME! Best Tennis shoes for men on the market today!
From: Andre. 08/11

Comments: They're not as good a the V's. I still have an old V and they feel so much better than the 6.0s. I don't like changing shoe models and I have been with adidas since the 3s. Hopefully the next ones will be better. But I'm on my 3rd pair of 6.0s. I am adopting the "better to stick with the known devil than go looking for the unknown angel." I know I still prefer the 6.0 to Nikes.
From: Sitparan. 8/11

Comments: These shoes are the best shoes that I have ever had. The arc starts a bit high but after an 1-2 hours of wear they mold into your foot. The only major problem is the big toe part on my right foot, experiencing a lot of foot jamming and are a bit sore afterwards.
From: Kevin, 7/11

Comments: The shoes were a perfect fit for me and felt very comfortable after a few hours on the court. The stability and traction is amazing! I think I'll have to pick up another pair before they discontinue this model.
From: Milos. 07/11

Comments: There is one word to describe this shoe: clunky. It is a bit on the heavy side but is comfortable. I did notice some foot pain after 3+ hours of daily play.
From: Ryan, 7/11
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: The is an amazing tennis shoe with great arch support. They did feel shockingly stiff at first, but I had read the reviews so I knew that was expected. As it turns out, I didn't have to break them in. I just walked in them for about 5 min and then started playing. About 10 minutes into playing, I forgot that the shoes were even there, and I was moving around quickly and efficiently. I felt extremely light like I was a teenager back in high school again.
From: Greg, 7/11

Comments: These are not comfortable at all! If you think this is an upgrade of the Barricade V, forget it! They take forever to break in and even after 20 or more hours of usage, they still feel way too tight/hard in the arch. These are also narrower than the Barricade V's.
From: Andre, 7/11

Comments: This is a great trainer - for me personally, the shoe fits more like a glove than the V. This is because of the slimmer toe box, which provides an even better fit and stability. I've had no problems with blisters or the high arches, breaking in definitely helps avoid this (walk around with these, or try to "crush" them inwards with your hands to speed this up).
From: David, UK, London, 7/11

Comments: Adidas certainly doesn't read the customer feedback of Tennis Warehouse. Ever since the Barricade 6 came out, I have voiced out my view that it is way too narrow for comfort (at least for me) vs. the B5. Lucky I bought 6 (yes, 6) Barricade 5s before they sold out and I still have 4 pairs left.
From: Marv. 7/11

Comments: I have used these for 3 1/2 months but now have to send it back for guarantee. Used them every other day.
From: Andrey Chaldyshev. 7/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for 3 months now. Well it's comfortable but my right toe is starting to "rot." Not durable for me.
From: Anon. 7/11

Comments: I have been loyal to Barricades from the I to V models. But man, the 6.0 is way to tight and stiff for me! After 2 weeks they still didn't break in. Lots of pain in both feet ( specially arch) and black toe nails. Well this is not the tennis shoe for a medium-wide foot. Good cushioning and most of the benefits of any Barricade but not comfortable at all. When buying it go half size up. Big disappointment. Now I have switched to the Head Prestige Pro which is much more comfortable not as durable as barricades but is a great option.
From: Carlos. 6/11

Comments: I've been buying Barricades for years now, and I usually love them. They've always fitted consistently true to size, but I'm going to have to eat the money on this model of the shoe. The sizing has changed. They are shorter and narrower than previous generations. I've given them several plays to break-in, but they're killing my toes. Too bad. I usually love the shoe.
From: Michael. 6/11

Comments: I've been a fan of Adidas shoes since trying the Barricade IIs (had 2 of them), V's, and Response. All great shoes for the money. They're durable, comfortable and very well constructed. I was thus extremely disappointed with the 6's as they seem too wide. My foot keeps slipping and stubbing my toe. Tightening the laces help a bit but then they get too tight, then my feet start to hurt. Another thing is the cushioning feels good the first 2 weeks but now it feels strangely lumpy. Maybe I just got a bad one but I'll have to look for something else or maybe try a different lacing pattern.
From: Norman. 6/11

Comments: Bar none the best tennis shoe I've ever owned. They are incredibly durable and feel like they are made out of used tires. I am a pretty big guy (6' 4" and 240 pounds) and I've given these a good beating and they still look and feel great. I've also had back surgery and they have just enough give to help. This is the first pair of adidas I've ever purchased and now I'm a huge fan. As long as they continue with this kind of quality I don't see myself ever buying another brand of shoe.
From: JP. 6/11

Comments: I have been loyal to Adidas for years, but the last good pair of shoes that Adidas made was the Barricade IV. I bought the Adidas 6.0 and it hurt both my feet. The shoes are TOO NARROW. Do not waste your money on these shoes!
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I have owned many pairs of Barricade V. Barricade 6.0 truly disappoint. They are too narrow, hurt my feet and overall feel unstable on my foot. My feet hurt after playing for even half an hour with them. The Barricade V was an exceptional shoe made given all the choices by other makers and I wish adidas would bring back the V.
From: Adam. 6/11

Comments: Some like it some don't. I personally love it. A little bit of adjusting to needed but once your feet get used to them, they're great. I've wore Nike previously, but adidas definitely has more quality hands down.
From: Roy. 6/11

Comments: Bring back the Barricade 5's please. The 6's are too narrow for a medium or wide foot (I am medium). Like others have reported below, I had a toe problem as well, even after plenty of break-in time. I went back to a pair of 5's that I own and there is no longer a toe issue. I can see how the 6 will be good for some people (narrow feet), but I do not recall seeing so much negative feedback on the 5's at all! I wish I could find some more 5's, I'd buy several pairs to hold me over for a few years!
From: Todd, NH. 5/11

Comments: I have been a fan of Barricades since they came out. I have had over 15 pairs of Barricades and many other adidas models. However, my last three pairs of Barricade 6s were kind of getting old. I decided to order the new green/ black model that I think is very nice indeed. To my surprise, the shoes are no longer the same. I do not know what those guys who say these are comfortable been wearing. These shoes are the most awful shoes when it comes to comfort. I always opt for half size larger as I use Dr Scholl sport insoles wit always two pair of socks. I have tried all combinations and these shoes have given me big blisters on both big toes. I am off to write to the manufacturer and will be sending them back tomorrow.
From: Saeid. 5/11

Comments: Regardless of the comments posted before me, I'd like to say these are just fantastic. Yes, they are a little uncomfortable at first but after having them for 2 weeks I have broken them in and I love them. Of course everyone's foot is different and what is comfortable to someone might be the opposite for another individual. I love the durability and traction is fantastic.
From: Marko. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: The 6's and the 5's are great for playing however, I lost both toe nails when the the sole was losing its traction. I switched to K-Swiss Big Shots and comfort is good and traction OK. I hope my old faves Lotto comes back strong, best shoes I've worn.
From: Neal, Derby, Ks, USA. 5/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing. The traction,lighter weight and durability of these shoes are the best but I had one down side. When I was playing a tournament I slid on the court and some of the padding on the ankle sort of fell apart. I don't know if it is just me or just a false built shoe. Overall, I think it's the best shoe on the market today.
From: JS, USA. 5/11

Comments: Such a HUGE difference in fit between the V and the 6... I put the 6's on barefoot and they are still way too tight. I got these as a warranty replacement and I am bummed out. I am due to get another pair from adidas (free from warranty) and I am starting to wonder if going up 1 size will be enough. It may not be. I will post the results once I get the shoes. In any case, adidas needs to bring back the V. If they don't, I will be looking for other options. Which is a shame because I have bought 5 pairs of these shoes and been a loyal customer up until this point.
From: Ed. 4/11

Comments: I purchased these shoes about a month ago and I am very impressed. I have slightly narrow feet, but they are very comfortable. The shoe comes with a six month outsole guarantee but I will have to play pretty hard to wear them out in six months.
From: D, Wisconsin. 4/11

Comments: The first day was all right, then afterward I felt pain on my right toe (joint area). After a long hard look into this problem, I conclude that it's due to the hard plastic technology in the front, where it bends it creates a "V" shape. I tried many things to soften it up but that did little to fix it. It is still plastic/rubber after all, what more can I change to its properties? I thought mine was just a unlucky production error, but as it turned out I'm not the only one with near broken toe. So the story is, don't buy sports shoes just because they looks good!
From: Pat, Taipei, Taiwan. 4/11

Comments: The Barricade 6 is very narrow with a tight feel, especially in the upper lace area. It's just completely uncomfortable out of the box with an extremely long break-in period. I would not recommend this shoe at all and will go back to K-Swiss.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments:These are my first Barricades and I'm loving them. Great support with minimal break in, stiff at first but loosen up fast unlike Ballistecs 1.3. I bought them 0.5 size larger due to some feedback here, but would probably be ok with regular size. Wearing two socks to compensate. They're comfortable, grip the court well, great support and nice design. I have medium width foot and they fit me great. Previous shoes were Asics GR2 (excellent except durability), Ballistecs 1.3 (too narrow and stiff forefoot, Vapor 7 (light and comfort, not enough support).
From: Ricardo, Geneva, Switzerland, 03/11

Comments: This is the first of many shoes I've worn where it was impossible for me to wear. I've worn pretty uncomfortable shoes, but I was always able to get used to them and break them in. This is a STIFF SHOE and was narrow! The metal around the eyelets for the lace setup is annoying and digs into the top of my foot. I could imagine at least a month period for me to break them in properly, but it hurt so much after 2 weeks I had to get rid of them. Just not the shoe for me...
From: Oliver, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I've never worn barricades before but the 6.0's are a great shoe. They really lock my heel into place and stabilize my foot on lateral movements. The cushioning in the heel is comfortable and forgiving and it allows me to transition from heel to forefoot very easily. The traction is wonderful and the durability is yet to be tested but I'm confident it will surpass the 6 month outsole warranty. Overall a great shoe on the hard court!
From: Chris, Bangor, Maine, USA, 03/11

Comments: I'm a loyal Barricade wearer (II & V). I love my V's but do find them a little bulky/wide. I recently purchased the 6.0 but got nervous after I read all the feedback after the fact (i.e. bad fit, blisters, tight toe box, etc...). However, I became optimistic after some of the feedback from those with narrow feet and high arches liked these shoes. Well, I just wore them for the first time tonight and I love them! While the II is my all-time favorite shoe, I think 6.0 will end up being better after they are broken in. They are a little stiff out of the box, but I like that they are narrow and have a little bit lower profile than the V's. I definitely felt like I was quicker around the court with these shoes. I feel bad about all the bad feedback on these shoes but can certainly see how those with wide & flatter feet will not like them. I have very narrow feet and high arches and they fit me perfectly. Overall, great stability, light, and great traction. I imagine I'll be picking up more of these.
From: Kevin, Libertyville, IL, USA, 03/11

Comments: These are a perfect fit for me! The toebox felt tight at first, but after breaking them in the Barricade 6 stretched perfectly my foot. The arches are great, and the heel hugs the back of my foot very well. Will try and buy as many of these in my size as possible, might possibly be the MOST comfortable shoe I have ever worn after the break-in period.
From: Dan, Fremont, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Shoes were comfortable, but they have given me blisters in my arches several times. I have worn Adidas and Nike in past without any problems so the Adidas Barricade 6.0 must have some design issue that is causing me arch blisters.
From: William, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 02/11

Comments: I received the initial pair of 6s from the 5 trade in. I love them immediately and bought another pair recently. Personally I found the 6s are perfect for my feet. I like the 5s a lot but a little too wide and I often got tripped wearing them on slower hard courts, not a pretty sight. Nothing like that happened before with all other shoes. The 6s are definitely narrower than the 5s and I guess it is not for everyone. Everything else is great, just like the 2s and the 5s. Overall, I still love the 2s the most. I guess my barricade ranking preferences would be 2, 6, and 5.
From: Brian, walnut, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: These shoes won't see a court on my feet. I see a lot of guys wearing the Barricade 6 so I thought I'd give them a try. I share an opinion with many others, tight in the toe box, arch too far forward and generally uncomfortable for me. For the money, there are plenty others to choose from.
6' 4" - 200 lbs. 55 years old, 3.5 Level, 5 times per week
From: Gary, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, 02/11

Comments: The shoes are awesome when it comes to design, but terrible when it comes to comfort. It gives me blisters on my arches, and I am not even flat footed. I guess it's due to the lateral movement on court, because I use it for my daily 4KM runs without a problem, though it is uncomfortable.
From: Jeff, Singapore, 02/11

Comments: Now that tennis season has begun to start back this year, everyone I play with still wears their barricade V's. Everyone is asking where to get more of the V's. Of the guys I have asked who have tried 6.0's, everyone says Barricade 6.0's HURT their feet, including mine. Too narrow in toebox, arch is also too high. Adidas: PLEASE bring back Barricade V, as is. These were a perfect fit for us.
From: ACM, Dallas, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Very stiff shoe, took 4 weeks approx to break in. Tight at the forefoot by the toes. Tongue of the shoe keeps moving to the side then hurts your foot because of it. Very unforgiving shoe; hard on your knees and shins but very stable and good arch support which is vital. I think the Barricade 5's were the best shoe ever made. People can't wear a shoe that hurts. Please revamp this shoe Adidas you blew it!
From: Craig, Westmont, IL, USA, 02/11

Comments: I've worn barricades 2-6. The 6's were probably the most uncomfortable Adidas shoes I have ever worn. A break-in period was required for this pair. It took about 2 weeks of walking around and light running in order for me to break it in. After broken in, it still felt very uncomfortable after playing; I feel some soreness on the sides of my big toe and little toe on both feet. It also felt as though there was less padding (comfort) in the toe area, on the sides and on the top. By far, I think the 4s and 5s were the best pair. The 6s were below barricades standards in my opinion.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: GREAT shoes. Wore them right out of the box with NO problems. I have not experienced the stiffness or inability to break in others have mentioned. I did buy the shoe 1 size larger but the feel is fantastic. Excellent traction and offers the comfort of the Adidas product. I highly recommend this shoe.
From: Russell, Orlando, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: Bought this shoe 6 months ago. Had the same experience in the 2nd comment above. Pain in my right big toe first time out. It was so bad I thought I had the wrong size but it was ok. So, I put the shoe in a stretcher for a few days. After 3 weeks I wore them to play and after 1 set I was in pain and had to stop. So, I finally decided to set them aside for good. I was playing at a club last week and the tennis pro was wearing a pair. So, I told him about my problem. He told me he knows about it and orders his Barricade 6 shoes 1 size bigger. e.g. he is a size 12 and he ordered a size 13. I wish I had known that before spending $130-on these shoes.
From: Guy, Bradenton, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: Another long-time Barricade wearer who found the Barricade 6 too uncomfortable to wear. I should have known when I had to go up a 1/2 size because of the narrower toe-box it wouldn't work, but being a Barricade loyalist I really wanted to wear the new shoe. My foot just never felt comfortable in this shoe and the arch support felt like it was too far forward from where I needed it. The pain I felt in my arches from wearing them got progressively worse despite an extensive break-in.
It's a shame because it's a great looking shoe and I really liked the new lacing system.
From: Anon, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1/11

Comments: Warning!!! Be careful with these shoes, the Barricade 6. First let me say that I've been wearing the Barricades exclusively for years, from Barricade II, III, IV, to V without any issue. Until recently, when the V is discontinued, I naturally moved to the 6. After 3 weeks wearing the 6, I got real pain at the joint area of the big toe and the foot (left). I didn't do anything wrong or hurt myself on the court. The pain occurred the day after I played. I refused to believe that it was the shoes. It took a few days of resting and the pain was gone. I continued to wear the shoes for several more weeks and just after playing last weekend, the pain came back. This time, it is more severe. It's been four days already and I am still in pain. The pain is from the same area, the joint of my big toe and the foot (left). The front foot is swollen in redness. It is very hard to walk around. While sitting here and writing this comment, I am thinking if I should go to urgent care to check it out. I just don't know what is wrong with the shoes or whether I've got a defective left shoe because my right foot is fine. So, just want to share my experience with these new shoes and I wouldn't dare to try them on again.
From: Henry, San Diego, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Had the V and was impressed. Due to their good looks, I bought the 6.0, very disappointing as they feel life no cushioning under foot and my feet get very hot perhaps due to the more snug fit. A 2 hour match feels like you been playing all day. Wished I had bought the V�s again. Have actually gone back to an old pair of shoes that I felt were not that comfortable but compared to the 6.0 feel great.
From: Kevin, Auckland, New Zealand, 01/11

Comments: The shoe looks good and seems more durable than the Barricade V but it is a bit uncomfortable and has a long break-in period. I always had an annoying problem with the shoestring breaking on the V but this problem has been reduced with the 6.
From: Dave, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I've had this shoe for about 4 months now. I have the 6's in black and they rarely got hot. Very good ventilation. As for the sole, I play about 5-7 days a week for at least an hour and a half and the sole is killer. I only have about an inch of wear on it (which isn't deep into it at all). For the width, sooooooo much better than the Genius, which squeezed my foot A TON. I have a medium-narrow width and the fit is extraordinary. I definitely recommend this shoe if you are looking for durability, fit, and looks! Took about 2 days to break in. Adidas, you never cease to amaze me!!!
From: Carter, VA, USA, 01/11

Comments: "DISLIKE"...I read the reviews before buying and knew I shouldn't buy this shoe but stupid me went out and bought them any ways. I've been wearing B2's & B5's for years and I have tried to "LIKE" the B6's but they're just not comfortable... period. I don't have time nor do I want to "break in" tennis shoes. B2's & B5's out of the box are good to go all out....wasted my money, but I'll have the fanciest lawn mowing shoes in the neighborhood this summer...
From: Mike D., Powder Springs, GA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This shoe has a very impressive design. The inside of the shoe is also very comfortable. They are so soft, you can hardly feel them. GREAT JOB ADIDAS!!
From: Edgar, Glendale, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This shoe is horrible. I have never had so much pain in my life. I have severe flat feet, and this shoe makes my flat feet worse. Honestly, I thought they were going to be good and all, but after the break in I have experienced severe pain.
From: Killian, Topeka, Kansas, USA, 01/11

Comments: A very nice shoe, which for me required no break-in whatsoever. This is my seventh pair of Adidas shoes since coming back to tennis about 2.5 years ago, and the narrow fit of Adidas in general is a winner for my C width feet. The fit is very secure in the heel and mid-foot, and I can really scoot around the court in them. They are a bit wider than the CC Genius and Genius II up front, but it hasn't been a problem in the first 7 hours on the court. In addition, they are more stable and feel just as quick as the Genius, a shoe I thought was just about perfect from a mobility standpoint, and if they last longer I think I may just join the list of people who are Barricade customers forever.
From: Curtis, Monument, CO, USA, 01/11

Comments: I bought a pair of 6.0 for my son in 07/10. Considering he plays about three times a week and a tournament every month, the sole holds up pretty well. It's a lot better than 5.0. One disappointment is that the inlay at the pivot point of the shoe is worn out on one foot.
From: Patrick, Richmond, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes actually do suck compared to the previous version. I've never had pain with a tennis shoe before, but these actually do cause me pain. The three silver bars on the side are part of a hard panel that digs into the side of my right foot when I play. Near the rear of the shoe, the material is softer, but when it comes near the toebox there's this hard panel. So whenever I put pressure on the ball of my right foot (which basically occurs with every movement on the court), there's no cushioned feeling - just an uncomfortable plastic feeling. I guess the panels are intended to provide support, but they actually just cause me pain that radiates all through my right leg into my glutes!
It doesn't make any sense that I would need to buy a larger size to avoid pain when every other shoe I've ever bought fits correctly at my size. The shoe is just poorly designed, in my opinion. I'm hoping they'll break in, but consider staying away unless you want to drop a lot of coin on a shoe that will actually impede your game.
From: Joe, 01/11

Comments: This shoe definitely runs small and narrow. I bought the same size that I have from Nike, Wilson, Prince, New Balance and K-Swiss. These shoes are killing my feet, partly because they are too small, but also because they need a lengthy break-in.
From: Bill, Portland, OR, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've had my Barricade 6.0 for over 6 months now and have been extremely happy with this shoe. I have a slightly wider forefoot and was hesitant to go with this one in the beginning because of all the negative feedback at first about the narrow toebox. I haven't had any issues. In fact, I prefer the snug fit, and there still feels like I have ample room, with no discomfort at all. It's less bulky and lighter than the V and streamlined very well. Stability, as always, rocks, and durability cannot be matched. Have noticed that they are pretty squeaky on the court, but to have this type of traction, worth it. Break in period was shorter than any Barricade I have worn in the past. Nice job Adidas. Look forward to the direction you are heading.
From: Mike, Dousman, WI, USA, 12/10

Comments: This is another great shoe from Adidas. I just got the black and green colorway. They are comfortable right out of the box. The lateral support and traction are both superb. The arch support is perfect and there is lots of cushioning, yet the shoe feels low to the ground. These work on clay and hard courts. Plus, they look awesome. This shoe sets the standard for all other tennis shoes. This is a 10 out of 10. I will definitely buy more of these.
From: KM, Tallahassee, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: I love this shoe. I don't know what people mean by the shoe is too narrow, I have a wide foot and these shoes fit me perfectly. (this may be because I'm a 12.5, but I'm wearing a 13). These shoes are very comfortable and I love the way they look. P.S.-for comfort in any tennis shoe, make sure your wearing tennis SOCKS, you wouldn't believe the difference they make.
From: Peter, IL, 12/10

Comments: Great shoe for a narrow foot. True to size excellent arch support. Excellent shoe right out of the box. Minimal break in period. Good grip on the hard court. Highly recommend this shoe.
From: Dave, NJ, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've been a loyal wearer of Barricades. But these hurt my toes! Need more room please! The barricade five were perfect. These shoes hurt, not enough room for the toes and also the tongue hurts and keeps moving. I will say the support is very good compared to any other shoe on the market. If you can bear the pain every once in a while then get these they are still by far the best for support and stability.
From: Steven, GA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Got this from the B5 warranty. All I can say is this shoe is very uncomfortable. The heel is VERY narrow and I don't get the same feel as with the B5. I will be switching to Nike next time.
From: Anon, 12/10

Comments: Once these shoes are broken-in, they are fantastic. I was a B5 user, and then I got these for the warranty. Great improvement. They are snug fit and true to size. Playing for a week to break them in was the worst part. Couldn't run cause it was too stiff. But it is worth a wait. And NEVER go all-out while breaking them in.
From: Brandon, Temecula, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've just compared the Barricade VI to the V model. Adidas succeeded in making the shoe more streamline and less bulky. The toebox is considerably narrower in the VI. Tennis-toe will occur more frequently in the VI compared to the V. Traction in the VI may be superior. There is no tendency to roll over the ankle in either model. Both have a glove-like feel. The VI is a step up in performance, at the expense of comfort in the toebox. This is a shoe for the advanced player with D to 2E width feet, depending on the size. To prevent tennis-toe, I recommend wearing two pairs of socks for maximal protection. I bought a large quantity of V's before they were discontinued. When I wear though my supply, the VI model will suffice, although not ideal. The V model remains my shoe of choice.
From: Ken, Coralville, IA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I wanted to like these shoes, and have been a loyal Adidas Barricade wearer of each model that's come out....but lordy, could the toe box be any more narrow? At first, they feel really good and you instantly feel like they are an improvement over previous Barricade models. The padding is plush, the looks are killer. However, once I started playing, I quickly realized just how that narrow toe box would impact my feet-and not in a good way! With each quick stop, my big toe rammed into the side of the shoe and I quickly had a throbbing big toe, which turned into a black toenail. So, foolishly, I purchased another pair, but in a size 1/2 larger. Unfortunately, the same thing happened and being 1/2 size bigger, the flex point was not where it should have been. In comparing the shape of the 5 vs. the 6, the shape difference is obviously different in the toe. I'm sure this shoe works great for some people, but having been a loyal Barricade fan over the years, this one didn't work for me. I only wish I wouldn't have shelled out for a second pair, but having believed in Adidas over the years, I was certain a 1/2 size larger would work.
From: Jeff, New York, NY, USA, 12/10

Comments: Enjoyed the 5's--thin insole made me feel more impact, but had pretty good wear. Went over to the Head Speed Pro, and they had a bit softer insole, but I wore through the outsole in half the time of 5. Well 5's are no longer to be found, so I decided to try the 6--BAD CHOICE. These are the Luxilon of tennis shoes--stiff, hard and uncomfortable but do a great job if your feet can handle them. I am an 11.5 D and have found that when laced up snug, either the arch digs on the inside or the edge of the sole behind the third stripe digs on the outside. If I loosen the laces, I find my foot slides around inside because the shoe is so stiff. Next stop may be a thicker insole to try to raise my foot higher inside the shoe. I believe Adidas competitors must love this as their loyal 5 customers start flocking to other brands.
From: Kris, Los Alamitos, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Am a 39 y/0 4.5 player on a good day. Went through 2 pairs of Barricade Vs over a year. They were a bit heavy but durable, comfortable, and I was very pleased. Bought Barricade VI, and have found the forefoot to be too narrow, causing pain that I didn't have with the Vs; the shoe is stiffer overall and doesn't have a natural flex point where toes meet foot; and I wore through the outsole in 2.5 months without playing more tennis than usual. I agree with those who think the Vs were a better shoe than the VIs, by far. And, yes, I noticed Murray was wearing the Vs and NOT the VIs at the World Tour Finals. That says a lot.
From: John, St. George, UT, USA, 12/10

Comments: It tickles me to see all the comments about having to loosen my shoes, buying a whole size larger, wait two weeks then maybe they'll break-in, if you hold your mouth just right and it's warm sunny day they feel just fine. These shoes work for some and are totally wrong for others. I'm one of the others. The worst shoe I've ever worn bar none and I've been playing since I was ten and am now fifty eight.
From: David, Dallas, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: AS Charlie Brown would say "GOOD GRIEF!" That's all the new sixes have given me. Never had foot problems before.
From: Mel, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: I think Adidas should seriously rethink construction of B 6.0. These shoes are much less comfortable than B. 5.0 (too narrow, toebox construction resulting with renewing blisters, I must tape my toes not to get hurt!!). I don't think changing size is solution (too much loosens on the heel and results in less stability). I decided to go back to B 5.0 (little heavier and less stable, but much more comfy). It's a pity they (probably) are no longer produced.
From: RAFAL, POLAND, 12/10

Comments: In order to be fair (see my previous post) posting this message. I figured how to make my feet feel more comfortable just by loosening the laces. No pain after that. After all, these shoes are still great and better than any others. Somehow Adidas improved durability to previous edition (Barricade V) (see my review) or B-V was not good enough. Extremely comfortable and solid support. Still do not like the price.
From: Bedrock, Santa Barbara. 12/10

Comments: Had these shoes since they came out. The good ol' blue version back in '09. Since the beginning, the shoes were way too narrow and too stiff. Caused blisters and 3 black toes. After less than 1-month use, I shelved them on top of the dryer. Swore never going back to adidas or Barricades.
More than 15 months later, I decided to change the insole to a much thinner one, suddenly the shoes fit like magic. It was much softer and roomier. The best qualities in the barricades- fit, agility, support, cushioning came back.
From: Gs, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I really love this shoe!! I have been a loyal Barricade user since my previous favorite red/black Barricade III shoe but these are definitely by far the best model. Thank you Adidas!!
From: Victor, Seattle, WA, USA, 11/10

Comments: Seems like a lot of people in the below reviews like the B5 more than the B6 ... Add Andy Murray to that list. See him wearing the B5 in the London Tennis Masters Club... Adidas, please bring back the B5 side by side with the B6. ... What on earth are you waiting for?? ... Until I wear out my B5 and switch to another brand?
From: Marv, 11/10

Comments: The Six is absolutely the worst shoe I've ever worn, like a torture device created just to hurt my feet. I've got several pairs of the fives, some I paid big bucks for at the mi adidas custom web site, and the fives have been wonderful. Too bad I can't get the Fives anymore. Well, here I go again on a search for the perfect shoe. PLEASE Adidas bring back the Fives!!
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: I love this shoe, I had the V's but felt they were a bit bulky, heavy/big. The 6's are just right. My first pair were white, they pinched in the bending of the front part of the shoe, but not in the Black and White version. Maybe it was the compound in the white rubber? Anyway with a little break in time, they are my new favorite shoe. All around great.
From: Anon, Studio City, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: Being a big fan of the V�s I decided to try the 6.0�s, let me tell you that was the worst mistake I've made in a while. I'm just glad I didn't special order from mi adidas like I did with some of my Fives. When I tried these shoes on I had to get a whole size larger to fit my foot. They're stiff as a brick and the stays on the side of the shoe cut into my feet. I've never suffered such foot pain in a tennis shoe before! Lighter doesn't matter much when torture is at play. I almost rolled my ankle last night when taking a lesson, my pro loaned me his extra pair of Head shoes to finish my lesson. The kicker my pro wears an 11 shoe and I wear a 9 & half, the size 11 was still better than those horrible Barricade sixes. Anybody that tells you these are great shoes are getting paid by Adidas to say so, whoever designed these shoes should be fired.
From: Danny, Linden, TX, USA, 11/10

Comments: I am a big fan of Barricade starting from very first edition (about 10 years). So I'm using both (6.0 and V) time after time. Can state that there is clearly a difference between V and 6.0. My own experience confirms complains of those who are saying that shoes are narrow. Yes there is less room for fingers, no doubts. Switching from V to 6.0 may lead to some pain in heel as well. I used my 6.0 for a week or so and started experiencing some pain on both feet. Now wearing V again. Decided to read reviews to find out if this problem happens only with me. So, you all know the answer.
About arch support - The arch support in 6.0 is better than in V and more similar to older model, for example to Barricade II.
From: Bedrock, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I commented on these shoes in September after few hrs play, so few more comments after 2 months use. The soles look like new, so definitely the most durable shoes I have ever used. Traction and court grip are outstanding as well. My Achilles problems are gone, so elevated heel seems to help here.
The hard, "round holes" plastic side got much softer, but only after about 15 hrs of breaking in. I can play now for 2hrs+ without getting pain in big toe area. However, the soft plastic on other side got much to soft and stretchy: I can see plastic bulging out when sliding out to wide balls. The claw in this area of the sole should be higher to counteract this or plastic made stiffer.
Ventilation looks good but does not really work, even in English weather. I would not want to play in these shoes during English summer, never mind in California. While it is possibly to lace up the shoes to achieve excellent level of support, the "sweet spot" for this is tiny. I keep re-lacing my shoes 2-3 times during play to get right tension (otherwise my feet get numb), which was never an issue with other shoes.
Overall definitely the best shoes I have ever used, but with redesign of few areas, as described, they could become even better.
From: Andrew, London, UK, 11/10

Comments: I actually don't understand the several good comments about this shoe below. It is really narrow, stiff and not comfortable. I will never recommend this shoes to my friends. Even with my narrow foot, it is a little pressure on tongues and middle foot. Who's foot is fit on this shoes? I recommend Nike air max breathe. Maybe some people with good comments on this shows has never worn Nike air max. Only one thing on this shoe is that it's good looking.
From: Kevin, Auburn, AL, USA, 11/10

Comments: I agree with many of the negative reviews above. I simply "tried on" these shoes and simulated a little tennis movement in the store. I can't believe how high the arch is....I don't know why people call that arch "support' It's so high (particularly in my left side as well) that it feels like a rock is pressing into the arch of my foot...I mean literally, it just plain hurts. A little too narrow as well. I mean why change a shoe (barricade V) that everyone was raving about. We loved the Barricade V BECAUSE it was everything the beloved II was BUT way lighter. Please bring back the V's or make the 6.0 with a lower arch.
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: I have been loyal to the barricade shoe for as long as I can remember; this version however, was disappointing!! I always wear an 11.5 size shoe and have semi wide feet. The toe box for this 6.0 version was extremely narrow and just never stretched over time. The barricade V's were the most comfortable; I'm gonna have to look for them again....hope this helps
From: John, AZ, USA, 10/10

Comments: I've been with Adidas from the Feathers to Barricades V and I switched to the Barricades 6.0 without a thought. These shoes are great, the positives are all there as described in the reviews. But the tongue of these shoes keep slipping to the sides, which resulted in the lace cutting into my foot causing discomfort. The Barricade Vs do a better job in this regard. Also beware, the toe box become much narrower than in the Vs. To me, that's also a negative. Except for the two negatives above, Barricades 6s are very solid shoes, a lot lighter than the Vs while the good features remained.
From: Da, China, 10/10

Comments: I find the Customer Feedback really useful so I hope my comments will help others decide on the right shoe for them. I came across Barricades a couple of years ago by accident - quite literally. For about 6 months, I'd been experiencing continual heel pain and soreness above my ankles that caused me to hobble for a couple of days after a match. I wasn't very bright and kept playing so, of course, this kept aggravating the condition. My reality check came the morning after I played my usual Thursday Night Mens Comp and found I couldn't walk. I was reduced to crawling, which is a little pitiful; so I feared the worst and assumed that I'd landed awkwardly the night before and unknowingly had cracked the bones in my feet. Through gritted teeth, I managed to find my way to a foot doctor and prepared myself for confirmation that I was facing an extended lay-off. To my amazement, the podiatrist reassured me that I wasn't going to die and that it was just inflammation caused by Achilles tendonitis as well as plantar fasciitis; and what's more that he could fix it. I rather liked the sound of that! Turned out he was a keen tennis player himself and looked after a lot of tournament players; so this problem is more common than I'd realized. He recommended that I buy myself a pair of Adidas Barricades. I'd never heard of them before (but then I'd never heard of plantar fasciitis either) but I followed his recommendation and picked up a pair the following day. Unbelievably, the moment I tried them on, my feet felt better and the next day I'm running round the tennis court without any pain or discomfort. (Remember that's 2 days after I thought I'd cracked a bone in my foot!). I've not had any problem since and to be on the safe side I got my podiatrist to fit me with orthotics. Those Barricades were the 4 series; and I've been so impressed that I have since got a 5 and now the 6.0 model in order to rotate (and also because I was terrified that Adidas would stop making them - I'm not so concerned now that I see how popular they are). The TW staff review is worth reading because their comments are right on the money. I am mightily impressed with their structural support and the traction. You can slide and prop with confidence because of the excellent ankle support and also it allows you to instantly change direction on synthetic grass tennis courts (these are common in Australia)
From: Andrew, Sydney, Australia, 10/10

Comments: I played a lot of good tennis in these shoes; they break-in with little effort and flex well with all of my movements. However, I play tennis on hard courts daily and I was able to wear the outsoles almost completely out within 4 months. With all of our space-age polymers out there you'd think they could make a shoes that would last longer and weigh about an ounce... 8/10
From: Joseph, Knoxville, TN, United States. 10/10
(Joseph, these shoes come with an outsole durability guarantee if these are your originally purchased pair. Please consult the Customer Service link for more information on durability guarantees or give us a call at 800-883-6647. -- TW Staff)

Comments: The new Barricade is definitely worth the money and is one of the best shoes I have ever worn. True player's shoe, break it in then you're ready to go. A must by for Adidas fans and anyone who likes to play tennis at a high level.
From: Jon, CT, USA. 10/10

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable to play in. If you drag your toe like me while you play, they will hold up pretty well!
From: Ally, Nashville, TN, USA, 10/10

Comments: This is a very nice shoe. I have mainly used Nike and Asics tennis shoes and after seeing the Barricades worn in the U.S Open and by my friends, I decided I would give Adidas a try when tennis shoe shopping. I was initially concerned about the heaviness of the shoe but after a good 1st practice session in them, I did not notice them being heavy at all. Traction is great, I have worn these on hard court and astroturf/synthetic grass and have had no problems. They are very sturdy and my feet have had no overheating problems at all. I haven't tried any of the other Barricade models so I can't compare but I think Adidas has made a good shoe provided that you go half a size bigger than you usually would when buying these shoes. They have a nice black color-way too.
From: Tom, New Zealand, 10/10

Comments: Great shoe! More comfortable than Barricade V, my feet are not narrow, but these fit perfectly. Highly recommended, a nice addition to the Barricade line.
From: Pete, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I am 6ft 2", I weigh 190lbs, I'm a big guy, and a huge toe dragger, my friend recommended this shoe for me and it's the best buy I've ever made for tennis shoes. They have lasted me longer than any other shoe I have worn. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone.
From: Cameron, Kaufman, TX, USA, 10/10

Comments: Big step up from Nike Air Courballistic. Solid shoes, very comfortable once broken in. A bit heavy but solid support in all directions including the arch.
From: Subbu, Palo Alto, CA, 10/10

Comments: Love these shoes! They are, like most of the barricade models that I've worn, very durable and the tread doesn't wear down very fast. I do like the new adituff on the sides, I recommended these shoes to my friend due to his bad luck with durability due to his toe dragging and he loves them too. He hasn't even gotten close to wearing them down. Over all a great shoe!
From: Dylan, Kaufman, TX, USA, 09/10

Comments: These shoes are amazing! I have high arch and narrow feet. Despite my brother's warning to take an extra pair of shoes to work so that I can switch out when the shoes become uncomfortable while putting in the hours to break them in, I chose to stick it out for the 9 hours and I was fine. I put in a half hour of hitting on these afterward (took them off for half hour once I got home and changed to more comfortable clothes) and the feel on the tennis courts was amazing! They feel comfortable as it is and to think that they are supposed to get better blows my mind! My younger brother got these shoes first and he recommended that I get them. I guess he must have liked the previous Barricade 5s that he had to have these! Thanks Alex!
From: Armando, Brawley, CA. 09/10

Comments: I always had Barricade IVs and swapped to Nike Ballistec 1.3 and then 2.3 when barricade Vs came out as they cut into my ankle and rapidly gave me Achilles pain. Now I have gone back to Adidas VIs and they feel great! They are lighter with great traction. I agree that the fit is radically different which may force some people away but for me they have reduced my plantar pain due to better arch support and are a snugger fit with no ankle rubbing. I find the ventilation not an issue. I was nervous with these at first because they are the stiffest shoe I have ever owned at first but after 2 weeks of general use and gentle hitting they really have molded well to my feet and I won't play with anything else now. Just played 4 county singles matches in two days and have no pain the following day - these really are perfect shoes for the serious tennis player provided you can handle the narrower fit and higher arch support.
From: Simon, London, England. 09/10

Comments: These shoes are excellent! They fit my feet perfectly and felt comfortable from the get go. I worn them for the first time to play a club match and my movement on the court was amazing. I still have my Yonex SHT-107 and they are very nice, but these Barricade 6's are awesome.
From: Trey, London, England, UK, 09/10

Comments:This is the first time I used Barricade and I just hope that this "breaking in required" will eventually happen. I played twice in them and had to take them off after an 60-70 minutes because of discomfort, especially in the toe box area. I did not have to break in any other (top of the range) tennis shoes in the last ten years, so it is quite disappointing that Barricades are so different. I hope to be wrong, but there could be some design issues: There are no flex groves in the toe side of the sole and the same applies to very hard, perforated plastic on the to side of the upper. Because perforations are round, there is no natural flex line in the area where toes join the rest of the foot. I am not sure why it had to be done like this because external side of the upper is made from very soft, forgiving plastic. There are many positives though: Shoes are build too last (I have never seen such deep and solid threads on the soles of any shoes) and they have the elevated heel, which helps with my Achilles problem. The grip on the court is the best I ever experienced and they feel very stable. Assuming this break in happens soon, Barricades could turn out to be one of the best shoes I ever used, but if not then it is money down the drain. However, I still think that Adidas should redesign perforations using different hole pattern to create flex lines to follow natural flex areas of the foot. Why to fight nature :-)
From: Andrew, London, UK, 09/10

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. A massive improvement on the already excellent Barricade 5's. They are everything the 5's offer in a lighter, more supportive and comfortable low-to-the-ground feel. I have had them for 2 and a half months, and aside from the odd scuffs and marks that high level tennis produces, are still in like new condition, with barely any wear on the outsole or toe box. They feel slightly narrow at first, but after break in (a period of 1-2 1/2 weeks) they fit my foot like a glove. As an added bonus, I think they also look better than the older versions of the Barricade. Overall a 10/10, I will be sticking with this shoe for a very long time.
From: Mike, Ontario, Canada, 09/10
NTRP rating: 5.5

Comments: Hands down the best tennis shoe on the market! I've tried them all and spent hundreds of dollars in doing so! Nike doesn't even come close to these. Nikes to me are too soft and cheaply made. These are high quality and give the support you need like no other shoe on the market. You need good arch support or your feet will hurt and you will feel tired and not realize it! I'm a 4.0 player who plays 3 times per week. I'm like Nadal. I run down every ball, and these shoes are perfect. Get them and save your feet. FYI: They need about 8 hours of break in. Play well..Good Luck!
From: Steve, CA. 9/10

Comments: Very disappointed with this shoe. The arch is too high, I replaced it with another more comfortable insert. I have been a big fan of the Barricades but this is a complete deviation from the past, and in the wrong direction. Poor comfort, poor ventilation, and complete different sizing.
From: Bill, Roanoke, VA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I am actually not too impressed with this shoe. I think it is really heavy and very tight through the midfoot, which typically I don't feel in the Barricade. I also think they are really hot..I only wear thorlos so I don't get blisters or slide, but right now in NC this shoe is too hot to wear. They look nice, but I think I'll have to save them till after fall.
From: JMH, NC, USA, 08/10

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