Yonex Wave Grap Overgrip Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been using the Super Grap overgrip for several years and they have been far and away my favorite over any other overgrip I have used. I bought a Wave Grap because I liked the ribbed design. It went on my racquet just like a regular Super Grap and I really liked the feel. Unfortunately I wore a hole in it after about four hours of play. Too bad because it felt great initially. I can't justify the cost of these overgrips when the life is so short so I will stay with the regular Super Graps.
From: Malcom, 4.0. 6/11

Comments: Although I saw overall good feedback for this grip, I am unable to add to it. I have had some trouble with racquet slippage, and I was hoping this grip would fix that; however, I was mistaken. The grip was far too thick for my liking, and, as previously mentioned, diminishes the feel on shots. I'm a baseliner, and this just wasn't for me. It's too thick. On the positive side, the grip was very cushioned and soft.
From: Anon, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I use Dunlop light weight racquet and while playing on the court my hands used to slip so often that I couldn't able to get the right grip until I switched to Yonex Grip. It costs around 300 Rupees approximately $4 and now my game has improved. It is lot easier to hit the ball with this grip.
From: Ajan, Kathmandu, Nepal. 09/10

Comments: I bought this overgrip nearly a year ago and I'm still using the same one! It's unbelievable. I play 3-5 times a week all through the summer too. I'm just about to order a few more for my other racquets. The best grip ever! Just know it is ribbed. I actually use this over a Prince Durarib replacement grip.
From: Doug, Powell, OH, USA. 06/10

Comments: Best grip out there, hands down. It's not for everyone, but if you suffer from racket slippage, then this will definitely help! However, it does not last as long as the normal Wave Grap.
From: Lawrence, Geneva area, Switzerland. 6/08
4.5 aggressive baseliner

Comments: If you have trouble with weak hands and the racquet slipping on you, this grip can really help. Our club doesn't carry this grip, but because I am so excited about it, you see it on a lot of the racquets now! I like being able to manipulate the grooves to fit the space of my fingers when I wrap the racquet. It is really hot here and almost everyone faces sweaty hands at one time, and this grip is very absorbent too. I love it and can't play without it! I like the variety of colors too. The blue looks good on my Head FP4!
From: Monette, Lafayette, LA, USA

Comments: I have been using the wave grap for almost two years now. I love it and cannot live without it. In regards to Anon's comments, I have never gotten a blister from using them. I find the ribs help keep the racquet from slipping in my hand. I might also add that I don't think this wrap takes any feel away from the racquet. I truly LOVE IT and won't play with anything else.
From: Dave, DE, USA, 2/07

Comments: It's soft and well cushioned so it is very comfortable to hold on to. However, the added thickness and rubber cushion takes a lot of "feel" from the racquet making my volley and touch shots not as precise. I am sticking with the Yonex super grap.
From: Steven, Vancouver, BC, Canada 06/06

Comments: This overgrip feels nice and soft, but because of the uneven surface, it gave me blisters, and no other overgrip I've ever used has done this.
From: Anon, San Carlos, CA, USA. 9/05

Comments: This grip takes a bit of time to put on. But I LOVE IT! it is one of the BEST! and its not that much money so if I were you, I would buy this grip.
From:Kevin, Waco, Texas, USA.

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