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Comments: Arm friendly but still has good feel. Overall, a very solid, stable racquet even for the 320 grams strung range. Only downside is I found free groundstroke spin hard to come by, excellent on flat shots and spin serves. If you don't mind the average spin it generates, great racquet -- I highly recommend a demo.
From: Dennis, 12/15

Comments: I have been on a quest to find a racquet to maximize my game for a while now. I had been playing with a Dunlop Aerogel 200 Tour for the last few years. My forehand and serve were great with that racquet but my backhand was atrocious and I just couldn't generate any power. I demoed a Wilson Steam 100, Juice 100, Dunlop Biomimetic 500, and Babolat Aero Pro as well as the Yonex Xi 98. Each racquet had major flaws except for the Yonex. The Steam was terrible at the net, I sprayed balls all over with the Juice, the Dunlop was worse than my Aerogel and the Aero Pro had a bad feel to it (lot of vibration). The Yonex immediately improved my backhand, all the sudden I have more confidence in it than my forehand! My net game took a big step up as well. This racquet has a very solid feel and is a perfect mix of power and control. I had demoed the 98d, but purchased the vcore xi 98 (newer model). The 98d was great but the new one does play better. Great racquet and I highly recommend.
From: Michael, 8/13

Comments: I have been looking to replace my discontinued Yonex RDiS 100 MP since the spring of 2012. Yonex has been a long time favorite of mine - the unique head shape produced great spin and I've always found the build quality of the racquets to be superior to other racquets. Last year, I had demoed the Yonex VCORE 89, 95D, 97, 98D, 100s and EZONE Xi 98 - none of them compared to my Yonex RDiS 100 MP favorite. I had purchased the VCORE 100 S but soon realized that it's just too light and it produces almost too much spin which made it uncontrollable and inconsistent. I thought the Xi 98D would finally replace my RDiS 100 MP and it came close. Here are the highlights: it's an great serving racquet capable of huge flat bombs (even the other courts took notice after hearing the ball smack the back curtain!). Groundstrokes were fairly consistent but I do agree with other reviewers that the racquet seems over-dampened and thus lacking feel. There is adequate spin when needed. I was concerned that the racquet had a "ping" sound even after putting in a dampener - this would just annoy me - could have been the string perhaps but doubt it. Bottom line: this is a decent offering (better that the 98D) but I need more than just a great serving racquet. (I think I'm going to give the HEAD YOUTEK Graphene Instinct MP).
From: Shawn, 1/13

Comments: This racquet seems to be more suited to somewhat flat hitters, as the "D" already implies. I can get quite a bit more top out of my Pure Storm GT, which is not even a very spinny racquet. Shots with the XI land surprisingly deep, sometimes too deep. The sweetspot is large and also higher up in the stringbed, but not as "sweet". Overall, this is not the racquet for me as I had to take the foot off the gas sometimes and the balls had little action to them. On the upside, it has a direct feel to it and good vibration dampening.
From: Patrick, 12/12

Comments: Totally loving this racquet. It has a solid feel and plenty of control. I've been playing with the Ezone Xi 98, and even though liked the feel of it, the VCore Xi 98 has got more spin, which enables me to keep the ball deep with plenty of topspin. Hitting flat is effortless as well. It has great maneuverability at the net and my serves have extra sting now. It's a little bit stiff but very arm-friendly. I can't wait to get my second one.
From: Joel, 12/12
String type: Yonex Poly Tour Spin

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. I play on clay courts. I had gone from Wilson BLX Blade 18x20 to the Head Speed 16x19, and found this Yonex VCore Xi 98 to be the better racquet of these 3. I needed something lighter, more powerful with a crisp feeling and high quality, and that's exactly what I found. It has awesome plowthrough, and I can hit a lot more winners now. The quality is superb, and it is a little stiff but not harsh. Wilson and Head don't come even close to Yonex, and I'm glad I found this racquet here in my country last month.
From: Marcus, 12/12
String type: Yonex Poly Tour Spin

Comments: I play with the Wilson Blade BLX 98 and I wanted to try something lighter, so I demo'ed this racquet last week, however I ended up being a bit disappointed. The racquet itself has a decent sweetspot, great maneuverability, and works great at net as well as on serves. However, I felt that strung up with Poly Tour HS 17 the power level was ridiculously high, resulting in a lack of control. I'd recommend Big Banger Original instead. Another con would be the vibration dampening, as during play the racquet feels crisp and rather comfortable but you will feel it in your elbow afterwards. What I didn't like the most though was the balance, and I just couldn't find it switching from my Blade. One should also consider the thin Yonex handles, which are a matter of preference I'd say. All together it takes some time to get used to this racquet, so I definitely recommend you to demo it before buying. I'll stick to my current racquet.
From: Younes, 12/12

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