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Comments: Played with Yonex as a junior and Yonex has a distinctive feel that I love. When I got back into tennis I went with a couple different Wilson racquets on the recommendation of a friend with the last being the Blade 98S - - it was a good racquet but I missed the Yonex feel. I'm so glad I made the switch and thanks for the best price TW. The controlled power is simply awesome. Very comfortable for a 71 stiffness rating and the sweet spot is sweet and huge. Highly recommend this racquet. Best quality control of any racquet manufacturer.
From: Bill, 3/16

Comments: I got this racquet a couple of weeks ago and have used it in a few singles matches and a couple of doubles matches as well. The standout feature is the precision of all shots, serves and groundstrokes. There is some power in the frame too but comparing it to my 2013 Babolat APD+ I have to make a greater effort with the Vcore Xi 100 to achieve the same pace of shot. I really do like the Yonex racquet enough to order more and have them strung at different tensions. I would recommend this Xi 100 for those who are looking for amazing accuracy. I consistently find that I can pretty much swing as hard as I want and hit the lines. When one is worried about making unforced errors he or she wants a racquet that give them control and precision and this racquet should really help with that problem. That being said, I must disagree with playtester Andy's finding that he had trouble finding his spots. For me, I can hit the lines all match long with this racquet; it's the most remarkable thing!
From: Michael, 11/15

Comments: I have used three generations of the Babolat Pure Drive with great success and was looking for something to help ease the tendonitis in my elbow and shoulder without sacrificing all of my playability. After much deliberation I settled on the Yonex V CORE 100 and have been extremely satisfied with it. I feel like I am able to generate the same amount of power and spin as I did with the Pure Drive with less pressure on my arm. The feel of the Yonex is slightly less forgiving than the Babolat and consequently I feel like I don't defend quite as well when I am really stretched out. On the flip side of this I feel like I have gained a little on serve and on balls that I can tee off on with the Yonex. My net game has remained roughly the same. About my game: I am a strong 5.0 player in my mid forties who plays a defensive counter punching style several feet behind the baseline hitting heavy topspin forehands and flat two handed backhands. I rely on my first serve for cheap points. I use Babolat RPM Blast 16 gauge strung at 52 lbs.
From: Graeme, 6/15

Comments: I bought a new VCORE Xi 100 racquet. On stringing the racquet, a couple of grommets broke. Literally tore apart and leaving the string vulnerable to break anytime. Maybe Yonex should look at Head Speed Pro grommets for the strength and durability and quality. I'm disappointed.
From: Siddharth, 2/15

Comments: If I already wasn't in love with my good old Wilson 7.3 Hammer Ti racquets, this Yonex would be my go-to racquet. The feel was absolutely crisp, friendly on the arm, and not very jarring if you missed the sweet spot. Plow through was excellent on all my strokes, especially the volleys. The player provides the proper technique, and the racquet does the rest of the work for you. I was amazed at how easy it was to hit the ball, even those coming at me at rocket speeds. At 11.1 oz it was right in my spec range. As of this writing the price is more than I'm willing to pay, but I'll definitely keep my eye open on this racquet. Enjoyed it!
From: Steve, 3/14

Comments: Love this racquet! Great combo of power and spin. Also very easy on the arm. I decided to try this one when my Head Youtek Extreme cracked. Will be ordering another one soon!
From: Beth, 3/14

Comments: I normally play with a thin-beamed racquet with better control and maneuvability. And I also tried the PD/APD and loved them for the spin and power, with the trade off of versitility. With recommandation from a Yonex user, I got this one tapping my inner power/topspin tennis. I think this racquet is close to the APD for spin. After some experiments I placed lead at 2 and 10. It has good spin and power for both baseline strokes and serve, and decent volley. I find myself hitting heavier drives with a slightly lower ball trajectory. The feel is stiff but comfortable. In its stock form the swing weight is low and has a sense of hollowness. This may be a unique Yonex racquet feel need to adjust to. One feature I do not enjoy is the handle. It feels firm and at least half size bigger. But the original grip is so thin that it is very hard to downsize. Also, I hold forehand grip very low, and find the small butt cap really uncomfortable. Overall it is a good topspin racquet with a different feel from Babolats. However, if you are sensitive to grips and buttcaps you probably have to customize it instead of keeping the stock form.
From: Jay, 8/13

Comments: I tried this racquet for few days as a demo. My main racquet is the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick. I quickly noticed both have almost the same feeling. Great balance with a free feeling of hitting through the balls. I would say the Yonex VCORE Xi 100 has a slightly smaller sweet spot (or different shape of sweet spot than the Babolat) so it is more unforgiving for off-center hits especially on the volleys. I felt hitting close to the sideline seems slightly easier than with the Babolat. It might be due to the shape or thickness of the frame, hitting a slice spin serve felt a bit difficult. I love the dark red and white color.
From: Tetsuro, 8/13

Comments: I have been playing with the older version of this frame and had added about half an ounce onto the frame. I ordered this VCore Xi 100 and played some doubles today. I found the racquet was a great doubles racquet. It has some serious pop when volleying and I could generate great spin and power on my ground strokes. I was expecting to have a little bit of an adjustment learning curve serving but the racquet was excellent hitting the corners and delivering kick serves. I love the frame and would recommend it to any 4.0 to 5.0. who wants to improve their punch and maneuverability up at net.
From: Michael, 8/13

Comments: I have played with the RDIS 300 and then the VCore 100s. The XI 100 gives you more power, with similar control. A little stiffer than the 100s, but much more solid, specially on the upper side of the raquet. The 100s I had to add weigh to get the stability I wanted The Xi has a more solid feel, and stands better against hard shots. I'm using AluPower Rough, 16, 24Kg.
From: Ignacio, 7/13

Comments: This is the racquet. I'm a former user of the Babolat AeroPro Drive, and I switched to the Yonex Vcore 100 S and it was a whole new world of difference. Now I'm playing with the Vcore Xi 100 that was my Christmas present, as I got 2 of them. This is what I call a real Christmas present, because this racquet is just much better than the older one. It feels a lot more solid with more control and power. Basically everything else is the same, but it plays a lot better which surprised me. I'm also using Yonex Poly Tour Pro that goes really well with this racquet. I play second class tennis here in Brasil.
From: Marcio, 1/13

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