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Comments: Very happy with all aspects of this racquet. I added 2 layers of 7 inch strips of lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock and a little lead (4 inches) at 12 o'clock. I then added about 3 grams under the grip at the top of the handle. Added an over grip and strung with RPM Blast, I can not fault the performance. This is a great frame to customize. It has everything I'm looking for in a racquet -- plow through, consistent response, touch, balance, yet still retains adequate maneuverability.
From: Jon, 3/15

Comments: Very impressed with this one. I might like it even more than my Kblade 98 as it's a bit more maneuverable and it has the spin that the Kblade 98 is missing. Strung with poly/NG at 51/55.
From: Vergica, 3/15

Comments: I agree, this racquet is stable and comfortable given the stats. Yonex is coming out with two new frames soon for the US market, a 93 and 97 inch with a 16/21 string pattern. I look forward to those frames being tested by Tennis Warehouse and made available for demo and possible purchase.
From: David, 2/14

Comments: Very maneuverable, surprisingly stable for it's weight/balance and very comfortable. Lacks plow through, so maybe not a best choice for singles, but very good at doubles. String pattern is dense, so access to spin is a little bit low, but I cannot say that it's very demanding racquet at all considering this is control-oriented stick. Strangely enough, the slice worked very well for me while topspin not as much, but that's probably due to a multi in the demo that I got. Very good serving stick, though I serve mostly flat, so might be trickier for those relying on heavy spin on serve. I see some people mentioning that grip size is larger, but I personally didn't notice that. My main playing stick is the Yonex Ai 98 which has similar weight and other specs, but I cannot say that they perform similarly. Ai 98 provides much more access to spin, generally quicker through air and produces a 'heavier' ball, but response off the string on flat shots is better with this stick. Also, the Ai 98 feels a little bit more stable when you play a hard hitter as this stick does get pushed around a bit, but still much less than any other stick in same weight/balance range. Even though this stick is much stiffer than Ai 98, it's less powerful, so you need to control your swing a little bit less than with Ai 98. All in all, this was a very pleasant play-test for me (a 4.0-4.5 player) and I consider procuring one as a doubles stick in addition to Ai 98.
From: Alex, 11/14

Comments: After much time with a 4 1/4 grip and a 4 3/8 grip, I have finally made my decision. Winning combination. 4 1/4 grip since Yonex runs a little big, Syntec Pro replacement grip, overgrip, and a nice co-polyester. My favorite, by far! Thanks T-dub!
From: G, 9/14

Comments: I wanted to add another thing about this stick to correct previous comments. The grip size is actually pretty accurate. I'm usually a 4 3/8 and I'm no different with this racquet. What I did with my stick was take off the very thin Yonex replacement grip and added a syntec pro replacement grip. With a Yonex super grap overgrip, it feels amazing. I love this racquet! I also have a 4 1/4, but now it feels too small and actually a little heavier because of the smaller grip. Cheers!
From: Johnny, 9/14

Comments: Update to my post from 5/13 about this very maneuverable stick. I enjoyed this racquet, but after hitting with harder hitters I feel that it gets pushed around a bit and is in need of a bit of lead tape at 3 and 9. The feel (stiffness) feels great and not too rigid. Lastly, I felt the upper hoop of the racquet plays a little dead and muted since it needs a little more weight up top. Anyway, still a nice racquet, but the Ezone Ai 98 is an even better stick.
From: Johnny, 8/14

Comments: I have been searching for my "perfect racquet" for over 3 years now, and my search has finally come to end. I must admit that I bought Yonex Vcore Tour 97 based on specs and reviews of other members of this site. It turnd out that it was amazing decision! I absolutely love just about everything about this racquet. It is not stiff as I imagined it would be. I mean it is stiff but super comfortable and it has a great response. Also it feels much ligter than 310 g but it has great stability. I'm a baseline grinder and this racquet is just fantastic for that kind of a play. It allows me to create great angles and when I wan't to finish the point I can do it from all areas of of the court. Also because of it's great maneuverability I can defend with ease when I need to strech for the ball. Overall it's amazing racquet and I would suggest it to all type of players. It has a great combination of power and control. I strung it with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 at 24/23 kg. And yes, it looks fantastic! I have finally come to a point where I can't blame the racquet anymore when I lose the point, I know what I can do with it, I can blame myself.
From: Verdan, 3/14

Comments: I am a 4.5+ player and have recently switched to the Yonex Vcore from a leaded up Head YOUTEK IG Radical MP. First impression -- I was surprised how stiff it felt strung at 52 lbs Solinco Tour Bite. I reduced the tension to 40 lbs now it's much more comfortable. I agree with most of the other posts regarding its great control, more spin, better serving pace and spin, great accuracy, fast volleys and good power -- once I lowered the tension. I have also added some weight at 3 and 9. It also looks like a well made racket. What more could you ask from a racquet change? Happy I gave it try, got another one on order, but lets not rave to wildly otherwise we give away our secret weapon!!
From: James, 2/14

Comments: Currently demoing this racquet and I absolutely love it! Currently I play with the BLX Six One Tour and was looking to move to a lighter racquet with a larger head. Gained maneuverability, serve speed and control, quicker hands at the net and on returns, more spin and pop on groundies. Lost a little stability with volleys but the larger head size makes it more forgiving and have noticed better feel on touch volleys. Would definitely recommend this for 4.0+ players with an aggressive playing style and fast swing speed.
From: Aaron, 2/14

Comments: Great racquet, definitely better than 330g version. Its fast, super maneuverable, great on serve, slice, volleys -- everything feels so great, you just simply can't get enough of that stick. Played with a Babolat PD before and I am so happy I switched.
From: Paul, 2/14

Comments: Great control racquet . Enjoyed the power and feel on groundstrokes and 1H backhand slice. It felt great on volleys. I almost made the switch if not for the serving. I was unable to get any pop on my serves.
From: Raj, 10/13

Comments: Vcore 97 makes the difference. Solid construction, made in Japan. I added 3 grams of led tape at 2:30 and 9:30 and some under the cap to even the balance. It is a solid stable frame. Serves are huge (15% more speed and 20% more accurate), in my sucjective opinion. You can hit very powerfull groundies, great topspin, very good control on ball placement with a very forgiving sweet spot.
From: Konrad, 9/13

Comments: I'm a division 1 college player that grew up playing with a Wilson 6.1 Classic 95 as a current weekend player I'm trying something lighter and a bigger frame. I've tried the Babolat used by Nadal but it was a lot of pop for my game style, which is serve and volley agressive type. I've tried this Yonex 310G and I loved it. I strung it with Wilson M2 Pro at 55 lbs. Nice blend of power, control and manueverability. I recommend this racquet.
From: Ray, 8/13

Comments: Switched recently from the 330g version and honestly it was the best decision I made. I gained the maneuverability while maintained everything I loved about the heavier version. I also gained more racquet head speed for more topspin. The slices however are not as good as the 330g, for whatever reason the ball just doesn't cut through the air just like the heavier big brother 330g.
From: Duke, 8/13

Comments: Update from my post a few months ago. I still like this racquet, but it is pretty dead in the upper hoop and does require some lead. It is also pretty muted. I'd recommend at least 17 gauge at a lower tension.
From: Johnny, 7/13

Comments: After 17 years of demos I have only recommended one racquet -- the Prince Tour Diablo Midplus. Now it has has come down to my highest recommendation: the Yonex 97 Tour (310g). I am a certified stringer and have chosen Gensis Heptonic 18g 1.14 at 57lbs. This stick does it all, shut the book it's time to play.
From: Joseph, 6/13

Comments: This stick is awesome. I switched from a Slazenger V98 Tour club that was chewing up my arm. The Yonex is comfortable and stable, while supporting spin and power. I distributed three grams of Babolat tungsten tape at 10 and 2 to balance out adding a heavier Wilson Shock Sensation grip. TW strung it well at 52lb with Technifibre Bi-Phase x1 16g. Thank you TW and Yonex for providing me with a great racquet and set up.
From: Robert, 6/13

Comments: Up to now I have been using Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90. Love the racquet for its feel and touch shots. The mass and stability. Hate the laboring precision required to hit solid shots. On the dead run or on the defense. Even tennis God Federer has trouble and is a frequent shanker using it, who am I to demand more? Originally I bought the VCore Tour 97 (310) out of curiosity. Disappointed by how unstable it was comparing to my BLX PS 90. But did notice I was shanking less. Better pop and bigger sweet spot. (Sweetspot of Vcore tour 97 plays like it is 107 si, yet the hoop is only a tad bigger than the blxps 90. About 4 mm or 0.2 inch bump out for the squarish corners otherwise the hoops are about same size. It is not some huge behemoth one imagined it to be.) But still, I was uncomfortable with the stock specs as would take me a long time to adjust. From TW's website, I learned I can customize the racquet. I decided to customize it to the combined specs of my two favorite racquets. The BLX Pro Staff 90 for serve and volley, touch and feel shots. And Babalot Aeropro Drive 2013 for groundies for the modern game. Strung weight 12.6 oz (blxps) for stability. 4pts HL (aero) more plow through. 316 swing weight (aero) for manoeuvrability. Eureka, followed TW University's instructions to a T. All I can say is wow.
From: GS, 6/13

Comments: This is an absolutely amazing racquet! Just one side note -- the grip size seems to run one size large. My old racquet was a Wilson Blade 98 with a 4 1/4 grip size, but I had to get a 4 1/8 grip size in this Yonex frame, which is basically the same size as my old Wilson stick. Overall, the VCore Tour 97 (310) is an amazing racquet!
From: Johnny, 5/13

Comments: As a person who dedicates a large part of his life to tennis, I have naturally spent a good deal of time searching for the perfect racquet. I have tried them all, almost exclusively what are often referred to as "players frames," and have had the most success and longest tenure with the Head Prestige series to date. I am very particular about my frames and have always found cause for continuing the search for the perfect racquet. I had grown comfortable with the very real possibility of my search continuing ad infinitum and recognized that I had grown complacent with the familiar feel and psychological comfort that the Prestige series had provided me. That is until I demoed the Yonex VCORE Tour 97 (310). I will be the first to admit an unfounded prejudice towards Yonex frames. Goofy head shape, relative obscurity compared to the Head, Babolat and Prince brands and dare I say a reputation for being a frame favored by the fairer sex. Alas, the joke was on me. Sublime groundstrokes with the perfect amount of power and supernatural accuracy and control provide unsurpassed baseline potential. The head-light characteristic, coupled with the inherent maneuverability allow those that venture to the net peace of mind and unhindered possibilities. Serves were epic and I suspect would be more so strung up a couple pounds looser providing a bit more pop. Still, kick serves jumped off the court and the string bed allowed for epic spin provided one had sound technique. Cosmetically you could not ask for a more profound level of craftsmanship. The frame is constructed as well, if not better, than any racquet I have ever hit with and is frankly stunning to look at. I find little trouble with the smaller grip flare on the Yonex racquets, and to be certain, would not have noticed provided I had not read of some complaints here on the forums. I honestly thought twice about posting this review and alluding to the fact that I have come to terms with this racquet being the very greatest manifestation as such of all time, as I could do comfortably without my competition discovering what I have uncovered. I would be quite satisfied with the brand continuing to be viewed with some of the aforementioned stigmas that it carries as I could live forever with the advantage that this frame will provide me; however, the TW community has afforded me a great deal of assistance in a number of arenas and if one person reads this and can experience the tennis nirvana that the Yonex VCORE Tour 97 is, then I have done my due diligence here. Strung mine with Kirschbaum Competition 17L at 52lbs.
From: Ess, 4/13

Comments: Just wrapped up my demo with this racquet. I have always liked the way Yonex's have hit, but there has always been one thing that they have lacked. Usually that trait was maneuverability. This VCORE 97 (310g) is absolutely amazing! All the great comfort of the Yonex head shape in a quick package. It is fast and really holds up stability wise to heavy shots. It lacks a bit in put away power, but more than makes up for that in control and defense. I'm making the switch.
From: Justin, 4/13

Comments: For those familiar with Yonex frames, let me add to all the TW testers favorable reactions to this frame. If one is looking for an "upgrade" from a lighter frame like the RDS003 this one should be fine. If finding a current model that plays similarlly to the RDX500 MP is a requirement, absolutely consider this frame. My initial impression is that it feels VERY much like the RDX. Specifications, as most probably have already discovered, do NOT always translate well to 'feel.' A perfect example is the Yonex RDiS 200. On paper, one would expect it to play much like a slightly heavier RDX500 MP. Not the case. The RDiS 200 has a harsh, unforgiving way to it.
From: Mark, 3/13

Comments: Demoed this with the Volkl X10 (325) and this one didn't stack up. The racquet felt a bit "tinny," for lack of a better word and perhaps a bit stiff for my liking. Cosmetics were good and it is a pretty racquet, but the Volkl was a more plush feel and better all around for my playing style. Pretty good pop on serves, but the weight and balance was off and I couldn't adjust. I suspect the 330g version would feel more solid and be a bit more to my liking.
From: Eric, 3/13

Comments: I have been testing this frame for a week or so now and feel pretty close to making the switch from my Prestige Pro. I play mainly doubles these days and was looking for something lighter and faster with some added pop on the serve. With the Tour 97 I have been serving and volleying great and believe that this will get even better over time. I am still adjusting to the lighter weight on my ground strokes, but I have hit some absolute screamers and believe that the adjustment will come. I was going to hold out for the heavier version but believe I would lose the speed which is a key feature of this frame. The paint job looks great close up, and the "Made in Japan" angle really adds to the appeal. If you are looking for a fast, more user friendly player's frame I would highly recommend that you give this one a try.
From: PlayBrave, 1/13

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