Yonex Vibration Stopper Dampener Single Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: Probably the best dampener that is out there right now. Weighs in around 4 grams and is notched very well where it slides up to the bottom cross string and into the 2 center mains. Even though the price is cheap, you can tell this dampener was thought out when it was made. Dampens very, very well without taking feel away from the ball so it doesn't feel too deadened. Love it. Yonex gets a 5 out of 5 on this one.
From: Mitch, 5/16

Comments: Feels and looks like a high quality product -- not just a piece of rubber like others. Yonex has actually put some thinking into the design because it locks into the strings. Because of the design, it felt like it stiffened up the feel on my racquet vs. my old Wilson dampner.
From: KP, 10/15

Comments: It is a great dampener. Like some have mentioned, it locks in the strings, one cross and two mains. The rubber quality is top notch, but be aware that this adds 4 grams. So if you're senstive to swingweight change or adding more in the hoop, then that's the only drawback.
From: Jake, 8/15

Comments: Great dampener compared to the other choices out there. My only caveat is that it works better on the 18x20 string patterns, but tends to get loose and move around on the 16x19 string patterned racquets I've tried it on.
From: Dez, 7/15

Comments: Great Dampener! This dampener has helped in stepping my game up a notch.
From: Ruben, 3/15

Comments: Best dampener I've ever used, and it saved a racquet I was thinking of bringing back cause of vibrations. I have tried every dampener I have from Gamma to Dunlop, Wilson and Babolot and only the Yonex could stop the vibration coming from racquet. Looks great too.
From: Johnny, 8/14

Comments: I have tried several dampeners before settling with this one. The number one reason I like about this dampener is it never falls off and the string bed is muted to a certain extent where it is not completely dampened to lose feel of the string bed. Must have in your bag.
From: Hari, 7/14

Comments: Great dampener. Never falls off.
From: Striker, 8/13

Comments: This is a very high quality dampener that does what it is supposed to do and just doesn't fall off. It never did, not even once, after endless hours of using it for the last four months. Taking it off deliberately, like before stringing, for instance, also requires some skill.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Yonex has contiunally made the best dampener, and not much has changed over 20 years for a reason. Their dampeners absorb so much more stringbed shock and vibration than any other leading brand. The inside of the dampener is notched down a bit inside the rubber so that the strings lock into place and the dampener does not float, which also adds to the increased tightness and fully-dampened stringbed. I've tried them all since a young age, and nothing feels as good as a Yonex dampener. The best.
From: M., 11/12

Comments: Solid dampener. My favorite so far.
From: Adam, 9/12

Comments: Best dampener I've used. I've tried almost every one out there. This one never falls off. Looks great too.
From: Raj, 9/12

Comments: This dampener is the best I've ever used and I've used almost every popular brand. The design has notches on the inside of the dampener on three sides and it will never fall off, even when your strings break it will stay on. It also looks pretty cool.
From: Kevin, 6/12

Comments: Best dampener I have ever used. Every other dampener I've used has fallen off at least once a week, but this one hasn't fallen off in 3 months. I highly recommend it!
From: David, 4/12

Comments: This dampener met all my requirements for a dampener. They are: the dampener is easy to install, doesn't fall out, gets rid of the ping, and doesn't look ridiculous. Can't go wrong with this one!
From: Tyson, 10/11

Comments: Great Dampener! Very solid. Have been using it for about 2 years. Rarely falls off, and the times it has fallen off were due to severe mis-hits. Highly recommended.
From: Giovanni, 4.0 player. 6/11

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