Yonex VCORE Tour 97 (330g) Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Just received the racquet today and was a bit nervous still from switching from HEAD after two years. I've played with the HEAD Youtek IG Speed MP and Graphene Speed Pro; excellent acceleration, pop, maneuverability and ground strokes (especially flat shots). They just weren't arm friendly and stable enough. I decided to do my homework and check the market out. The VCORE Tour really stood out to me because of the review by TW and the other players that have or are using it. It was the ideal weight and size i was looking for. After a few hours of hitting, I'm higly impressed! It has tremendous pop, feel, precision, very very arm friendly and solid. It feels light in my hand and is powerful enough to hit put-away shots at anytime the moment is right. I love the top-spin and slice especially, TW was right on the money on it! It does indeed however leave a few shots short if you don't have the proper shot selection, but technique will help that. I look very forward to playing more with this racquet and to greatly improve my game! Thank you TW very very much!!
From: Joshua, 3/14

Comments: Phenomenal racquet! Switched from a Pro Staff 90 and never looked back. Plow through, feel, stability, spin, and serves are just some of the highlights of this stick. I am a 4.5 all court player who strings with Cyclone at 51-53 lbs.
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: Yonex makes quality sticks. This plays great with RPM Blast -- a full bed. Topspin and drive backhands are outstanding as well as slice, which can be a nightmare to a player who hits topspin. Good power on serve. A stick worth trying for any style game.
From: Marko, 2/14

Comments: I was recently playing with the 2011 Pure Storm, and wanted something with a bit more weight. This fit the bill perfectly. I get lots of control and solid plowthrough. The cosmetics can't be beat, and I have so much more confidence on my serves. I am excited to groove my game with this stick!
From: Jay, 9/13

Comments: I recently tried this as a demo racquet to compare it with my current 2010 Wilson BLX Six One 95. My game is old style, flat shots with little topspin and continental grip on almost all shots and serves. I found that this racquet had slightly less power (you can say almost similar) on my forehand and single handed backhand but serves were not as accurate. It also had less feel and plough through compared to my 2010 Wilson BLX Six One 95. So I am going to stay with my current racquet. Thanks to all the folks at TW for an excellent demo program.
From: Dushyant, 5/13

Comments: Not sure what to make of this racquet. I picked it up without a demo relying solely on the weight, swing weight, beam thinness and head light features. I enjoy the plow through offered by heavier racquets and really enjoy my IG Prestige Pro and the old Speed Pro. However, the 330g Yonex Vcore Tour 97 is a beast. It seems just oddly heavy without the effortless plow through which a Speed Pro offers. It may take some time to get used to it and perhaps some lead tape to make it even more head light. Overall, if you enjoy a heavy racquet with plow through which works on slices, serves, forehands, etc, you may be better off investing in a Prestige Pro with a little lead added.
From: GS, 4/13

Comments: The VCore 97, in my opinion, is the only racquet on the market today that has no negative qualities to it. My stick of choice for the past 15 years has been the Wilson Prostaff 85 and 90 series. I've been searching high and low for a player's stick that offers the same precision with better power, spin and a friendlier sweet spot. That is not an easy thing to find. I can honestly say that I found it in this racket. The Vcore 97 has the right blend of power to spin with scalpel like precision. If you are a 4.5 or higher player with modern well developed strokes looking for the perfect players stick the Vcore tour 97 will consistently provide the qualities needed to bring your game to a higher level .
From: Andre, 4/13

Comments: First, there must be a reason why the makers at Yonex decided to print "Ultimate" on this frame. I have never seen this printed on any other of the many frames I have hit with over the years. Could this be the "Ultimate" frame ever made? This is the type of racquet that can do it all. Topspin, slice, flat, chips, drops, lobs, finesse, and so on. You name it for your game and it can do it. This is rare. This frame is also a pleasure to hit with just as much as a Fischer frame is. I'd imagine that a touring pro could just pick this thing up without a modification and use it "as is" in stock form. They also wouldn't need to inject silicone in the handle because the thing already hits like it. After you have played your best competitive tennis and there is no more left have you ever asked "Why do I play this game?" Because with this frame you can play for the pleasure and joy of it. Just because you love to hit the ball.
From: Bear, 4/13

Comments: I'm a 6.0 open player and full time coach (all court player). After searching high and low for the perfect racquet and recently testing Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Babolot, and Donnay, I fortunately found the 97 (330). It is a very comfortable, smooth, super stable, spin friendly, good-feel kind of frame. Made the switch easily and won't look back. A must try!
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I demo'ed the 330g and 310g versions. There is a big difference between them. The 310g I had to move faster through the air to get the same result as with the 310. The 310 was also not as stable as 330. In conclusion, the 330 is the more solid frame with the ability to dictate the game. After my demo'ed I switched immediatly to the 330g!
From: Henri, 12/12
String type: Yonex polyester

Comments: To the Yonex Vcore Tour 97, I just have to say WOW! The plow through and control are amazing. With this stick I can play the opponent with tactics and let him run with my topspin balls from one corner to other, and the best is whenever I want, I can make the winner shot with this stick. I have played and tested different racquets, but this one is outstanding. This racquet performs much better than all the Babolat, Prince and Wilson racquets together. Beacause of the weight of the racquet, there are no vibrations on your arm, unlike the APD of Babloat. The feedback is also excellent, so that I can place incredible drop shots from every position on the court.
From: Thomas, 12/12
String type and tension: polyester @ 57/59 lbs

Comments: Amazing racquet! I was using Head Prestige MP, had a little affair with Head Prestige Pro, came back to the Prestige MP and then there was the Yonex VCore Tour 97. What a racquet! It was love at first glance, and if you're looking for control, accuracy and heavy topspin in a rock solid racquet with impressive feel and uber comfort, look nowhere else. The 97T is the best of the 2 Head racquets in one racquet with the square head, the sweetspot is 10 times bigger than either Head racquet, with much better control. It's amazing, these square head racquets, I never played with Yonex before, but now I am an Yonex guy, as this is really the best racquet I played with in my entire life. Do youself a favor and play with this racquet, if you are at least a 5.0. I am a 5.5, and I play leagues in 6.0 level (K-Swiss) and 5.0 USTA.
From: J.P., 12/12
String type and tension: Yonex Poly Tour HS @ 48.5 lbs

Comments: I had one week to choose between 4 racquets: Yonex VCore Tour 97, Wilson BLX 18x20,Head Prestige IG MP and Dunlop Biomimetic 200. I have to say that of all these racquets this is clearly a winner in every department, the power of this racquet is amazing with control and accuracy and spin all in one racquet. With the BLX, the sweetspot was really small, it was harsh feeling and had no power. With the Prestige I found also a small sweetspot, excellent accuracy, good power but awful topspin and it was a very slow racquet with this horrible feel, not completely hollow but not a stable racquet as well. The comfort wasn't that great either. Dunlop Biomimetic 200 was by far the most weird racquet, beautiful but the head was so long it became a slow, low powered, very tiny sweetspot, no topspin, great for flat hitting but that's it. It had a hollow feel with too much weight, along with being surprisingly unstable. The Vcore 97 was a much better racquet overall. I really love the comfort, thin beam, just a darn great racquet. I have already bought 3 and all of them weigh 333g with the same balance (very good quality control). The only thing I found was at the net, it is not fast, but overall my choice.
From: Rick, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power Rough @ 54/51 lbs

Comments: This is an excellent racquet (the best there is) for a competitive players. I'm a satellite player (18 y.o), coach, 6.0 NRTP, 2-handed backhand, with an aggressive all- court game, currently ranked 1000+ on ATP. The Yonex VCore Tour 97 is out of this this world! It's perfect, as it does anything and everything superbly well. I was offered sponsorship by several companies where I teach, but chose the Yonex because of how great it is, by far much better than any other MP. I'm also a first time Yonex user. For the 5.0 and above this a must! Impressive quality too, as I received 10 racquets with only 4g difference between the lightest and heaviest.
From: L.K.
String type and tension: Yonex Poly Tour HS 1.30 @ 53lbs

Comments: We have this racquet in two versions with the same name. The difference is on the weight. One is 310g and other is 330g (the one you analysed). Please, TW and customers, do the tests, and analyse the 310g too, because in Brazil it's the only model we can buy here. Thanks a lot.
From: David, 10/12

Comments: After superior customer service provided by Tennis Warehouse's own Mike Marquez, I would like to return the kindness by providing a review for this racquet. I currently use the Volkl PB10 Mid, although both racquets are demanding physically, I wanted to switch to a racquet with more control and a larger headsize to offset the shanking shots I have with the PB10 mid. I found the 97 Tour to have SUPERIOR control on the baseline with the spin to keep the ball in. I felt the spin potential was slightly better than the PB10mid, but the driving ball/plow-through are very similar! I loved this racquet at net because it had the same control I saw during groundstrokes. Where the 97tour racquet was noticeably weaker than the PB10mid were the serves. While the control was there to place the ball where I want, I didn't feel that I was able to get as much topspin on my second serves and the weight of the 1st serves were not as great as with the PB10mid. My friends noticed the difference in the improvement of my game while using the 97 tour. They said my groundies had more spin and control, coupled with the stiffness rating of 64 added more pop. The comfort level of the 97 tour was sublime. I am happy to say that I will be making the switch.
From: Duke, 6/12
String type: Yonex Synthetic
Headsize: 97
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I just hit this frame for about 15 minutes the other night. I'm familiar with Yonex and currently play the ti80. I also did an extensive play test (several hours) with the V-Core 98 about 8 months ago. Yonex makes interesting stuff in my opinion. Anyway, this frame is maneuverable and balanced with really nice plow through. I'd say it had improved plow through over the v-core 98.. The V-core 98 gave me a twinge of elbow trouble and hit sort of "hollow" for me. By hollow I mean, the racket sounded like it was doing more than it was. This new frame gave me better functional weight on the ball and I didn't get the sensation I was going to have that elbow issue with this 97" frame. I favor heavy low power frames and my ti80 gives me better mass and slightly faster swing speed than this 97" for whatever reason. Also, i prefer the ti80 because it gives me a bit more flex which translates into perhaps more feel and ability to shape the ball. The 97" is more comfortable though. But, we're splitting hairs. I was impressed with this frame. I liked it better than the v-core 98 and it's now on my list of frames I'll go to when the world runs out of ti80's.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: What a great surprise, this stick has excellent comfort and control, very maneuverable in spite of its weight, probably as a result of the racquet balance. Excellent spin production, I usually use multis, but demoed this with a poly string, and no arm issues at all. Just ordered two, definitely worth to demo.
From: Tapatio, 5/12

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