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Comments: Lively and comfortable. More comfortable than RPM Blast, but also a little more lively. In fact, a little too lively. I did string it at 55 lbs, the same as I do for RPM. Perhaps if I had strung it at 57 or 58 lbs, it would have worked for me.
From: Ross, 2/15

Comments: Love this string. Nice power and spin. I have been using RPM Blast which was good but this was better. Tried Luxilon ALU Power/Hurricane Tour hybrid and this blew that away. I was able to hit great slice backhands and low liner shots in doubles. Very happy with this string. Strung it at 52/50 lbs. Got it on sale during Christmas. But I will be paying full price for this one. The control was great!
From: Chris, 1/15

Comments: I agree, this is a lively, good feeling string. It provided average spin, not exceptional. The lifespan was pretty poor however. I strung at 56 lbs on my Wilson Steam 105S. Perhaps the open string pattern on such a stiff larger head was too much for the string. The strings showed a lot of notching and broke pretty quickly, probably within 6-8 matches/3-4 weeks. I'd recommend on a racquet with denser string pattern.
From: Ed, 11/14

Comments: This is by far the best string I have ever played including natural gut. Great feel, nice power and extraordinary control from all areas of the court.
From: Tim, 10/14

Comments: I only have three words -- My new string!
From: Sunshine, 10/14

Comments: Good string but I feel the whole "massive spin" is over rated and I'm not getting massive spin at all (strung at 56 lbs). But I do like it and it gives good spin. The feel is great and softness is great as well. I am very happy with it. It does play better then RPM Blast. But for $12.50, you can't go wrong. I am going to wait and see how Big Hitter Black does compared to this string so I will know what one is truly better. But overall, good string -- power control and spin are great. Worth a try for sure.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: I am into my fourth week playing with this string and it is holding up very well. Really nice feel and not harsh at all, however more then that, the feel is crisp and with touch. You feel better connected overall. It is medium powered and probably not for a flat hitter. If you can generate your own power, prepare well and have longer strokes, you will get huge spin and very heavy balls. String is also great on volleys. I have tried lots of polys including the icons LUX ALU Power, Babolat RPM and others. This one is truly a step ahead and does not seem to have a weakness.
From: Shereef, 5/14

Comments: I've been playing with this string for many weeks now. I must say I'm very impressed. The access to spin is extremely generous and the feel is great, unlike some of the other spin strings. So far the tension maintenance is very good and its holding up nicely. I would certainly recommend this string to anyone that's looking for a high quality spin string that also has exceptional feel.
From: Chris, 3/14

Comments: This string is exceptional. The best spin of any sting I have used to date. The sting is lively, and has excellent power and precise control. I'm USPTA pro and have been in this industry as professional instructor since 1970s. I have tried many stings some good, some bad. This one is at the top for me. Great job YTEX!
From: George, 2/14

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