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Comments: I did not have a good experience with this string. It is very soft in my opinion. I bought a reel and strung it up in my Volkl Organix 10 Mid and got maybe 5 or 6 hours of play out of each string job before they broke. Not buying again.
From: Philippe, 1/17

Comments: My tennis coach told me about this string and how good it is. I put it in my Wilson Ultra 103S at 51 lbs. I am very impressed with the feel, power, comfort and spin. I would recommend this string for any level of player.
From: Mike, 12/16

Comments: This string did not work out for me. I got a few packs and strung it as a hybrid in two racquets and then in a full bed in a different racquet. Maybe it was the gauge or just not to my liking, but in each racquet, it felt super stiff, which is weird because it is rated as a soft string according to numbers as well as the review. I felt I lost a lot of power when I used this in either configuration but obviously more so in a full bed. I kept trying to use it because it is supposed to add a bit of spin (with the proper technique and all) but I found it to be just slightly better than other setups such as a round poly. I think if they made this in a thinner gauge, I'd try it again. However, until that time, I won't be using this one again nor do I recommend it.
From: Ian, 7/16

Comments: I was using a Yonex Ezone Ai98 strung with Yonex PTP125 at 50 lbs. I was getting good control and spin however the strings lacked power and it was tiring to have to generate most of it on my own. I also started developing mild tennis elbow which led me to find a new string. Strung my racquet with Quadro Twist at 52 lbs, on the first day I noticed an immediate boost in power and depth on my shots, but slightly less control than with PTP. Took it out for a second day and boy, was I impressed! I had gotten used to the strings and was getting good depth, easy power, control was fantastic and I was getting my shots safely within the lines while hitting winners. My regular hitting partner noticed a difference, I normally fight out a pretty close set with him but just demolished him 6-0 yesterday. Happy to report that I had no arm issues despite a long session, but the only negative is that I didn't notice it to be significantly more spin friendly than the PTP, if anything I felt the PTP had more spin, especially on my serves. Overall, I believe I have found my next new string.
From: Adrian, 6/15

Comments: I don't always agree with the TW youtube reviews but I have to say that their review of this string was pretty spot on. I just purchased a new Blade 98 18x20. I currently use an APD and I love it but wanted to try a more control oriented racquet so I strung this up in the Wilson Blade 98 at 53 lbs. I have to say I really love this string. I don't typically go for polys because the feel of multis and hybrid set ups are plusher, which I tend to prefer but I've been wanting to get into polys and Cyclone was a nightmare for me. But I like this because of its softness which was just amazing. Spin is great, not off the wall bananas as I expected though. Control isn't as perfect as I would like, so I might do what the review said and bump it up a pound or two next time. I'm going to buy a few more sets because my local shops don't carry it. I imagine this will become a very popular string. Top 3 string for me!
From: Jay, 4/15

Comments: Love this string at 57 lbs in the RF97. I will up the tension a couple of pounds and try a hybrid with gut in mains, just because I am curious. But I am really happy with this string in a full bed as it has natural gut like feel on its own with the spin benefits of a poly. Tried it side by side with Luxilon ALU Power in the same frame and prefer Quadro Twist. The first shaped string that has impressed me.
From: RT, 3/15

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and recently switched to the Graphene Speed Pro. Been trying out my usual favorites at around 50 lbs -- Solinco Tour Bite, Cyclone, Lux Spin and had settled on Lux Alu Power as I felt the 18x20 needed a little extra pop that the Alu Power offered over the other strings. However, I really enjoy Shaped//Twisted Polys, so after the positive TW review, gave Quadro Twist a test. The Tour Bite, Cyclone and Lux Spin are very spin friendly Polys, but the Quadro Twist is in its own league -- an absolute spin machine and really noticeable, hence worth leaving feedback. Quadro twist is a lot softer then the other strings mentioned, so I upped the tension to 53 lbs and that added enough control. Plenty of power -- it really suits the 18x20 string pattern.
From: Dominic, 3/15

Comments: Lively and comfortable. More comfortable than RPM Blast, but also a little more lively. In fact, a little too lively. I did string it at 55 lbs, the same as I do for RPM. Perhaps if I had strung it at 57 or 58 lbs, it would have worked for me.
From: Ross, 2/15

Comments: Love this string. Nice power and spin. I have been using RPM Blast which was good but this was better. Tried Luxilon ALU Power/Hurricane Tour hybrid and this blew that away. I was able to hit great slice backhands and low liner shots in doubles. Very happy with this string. Strung it at 52/50 lbs. Got it on sale during Christmas. But I will be paying full price for this one. The control was great!
From: Chris, 1/15

Comments: I agree, this is a lively, good feeling string. It provided average spin, not exceptional. The lifespan was pretty poor however. I strung at 56 lbs on my Wilson Steam 105S. Perhaps the open string pattern on such a stiff larger head was too much for the string. The strings showed a lot of notching and broke pretty quickly, probably within 6-8 matches/3-4 weeks. I'd recommend on a racquet with denser string pattern.
From: Ed, 11/14

Comments: This is by far the best string I have ever played including natural gut. Great feel, nice power and extraordinary control from all areas of the court.
From: Tim, 10/14

Comments: I only have three words -- My new string!
From: Sunshine, 10/14

Comments: Good string but I feel the whole "massive spin" is over rated and I'm not getting massive spin at all (strung at 56 lbs). But I do like it and it gives good spin. The feel is great and softness is great as well. I am very happy with it. It does play better then RPM Blast. But for $12.50, you can't go wrong. I am going to wait and see how Big Hitter Black does compared to this string so I will know what one is truly better. But overall, good string -- power control and spin are great. Worth a try for sure.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: I am into my fourth week playing with this string and it is holding up very well. Really nice feel and not harsh at all, however more then that, the feel is crisp and with touch. You feel better connected overall. It is medium powered and probably not for a flat hitter. If you can generate your own power, prepare well and have longer strokes, you will get huge spin and very heavy balls. String is also great on volleys. I have tried lots of polys including the icons LUX ALU Power, Babolat RPM and others. This one is truly a step ahead and does not seem to have a weakness.
From: Shereef, 5/14

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